Halloween Tournament 2021: Sexfights Strike Back

Games Oct 13, 2021

It's time once more for me to regale you with some tales of erotic battles that took place to decide who gets to wear this years' spooky crown!

But, an unfortunate word first. It is sad that I have to say this, but Diane and Caleb were using an exploit to gain an unfair advantage during the tournament. Number 7 in our code of conduct explicitly forbids this, so they have been subsequently disqualified from the tournament.

Now, to look into greater detail at what we are here for: Sexfights!

Luan Vs Isabelle

Two Marvel legends meet in the sexual ring as they partake in a Hentai battle to decide who goes forward. Luan wastes no time, immediately rubbing his opponent's pussy as his opening gambit. She responds by flashing him, getting him even more ready as he pulls her close and fondles her some more.

Teasing and dirty talking to one another, they don't stop rubbing and touching as they both get hotter for each other. Getting down to it, Isabelle gives Luan a loving blow job, taking his huge dick past her lips, all whilst he makes her hungry for more cock.

Soon, they can't take much more and start fucking, her pussy taking it hard and dip as he feels it tighten around his thick shaft. Pinning her down and fucking into her harder, she feels every inch of him as he used her as a sex toy. Folding her into a mating press, he tries to make her cum but she holds back, taunting a little as she titfucks him in response.

Eager for more of her pussy, he gets her on all fours and fucks her doggy style, ripping an orgasm from her sex as her eyes roll back. After cleaning him up, she gets on top and bounces her pussy on his cock, making him cum inside her tight pussy. Pretense is dropped and they fuck like animals, Luan pinching her clit, followed by Isabelle sucking his cock with all she has. Soon, he locks her in a full nelson and fucks her into an intense orgasm, making her squirt all over.

Before she can rest, he is in her again, trying to wreck her completely. She once more gets on top and tries to ride him to orgasm. But despite how good she rides, he holds back and goads her to ride him some more. She follows up by doubling down and riding harder, faster, giving it her all to make him cum. And finally, she milks him dry with her tight pussy, leaving him spent as Isabelle advances!

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Evilthorn Vs Mara Bee

The Fox and The Bee meet up for a hentai battle and quickly the little buzzy bee uses her feet to full effect, showing them off after declaring that she needs something from the Kitsune to make more honey. Despite his claims that he is not affected, his tails take down his pants against his will, suggesting that this may not entirely be the case.

The teasing gets hotter, as the fox claims that once he has her honey, which is good for overall health, he will go to her hive and take all the honey, including that of the queen bee. Not pleased with this, and after finding her clothes torn off by a spell, she tackles the fox down and sits on his face, demanding that the fox boy pleases her then and there.

Mara very much enjoys using her feet on his cock, knowing just how much he loves it as she traps him under her body. Shivering and shaking in pleasure, Evilthorn fights back valiantly and they continue to tease and fuck each other. Things heat up after a sexy blowjob with eye contact, followed by the fox picking up the bee with his tail and thrusting her straight onto his cock, trapping her in place as she's forced to ride his cock. She gets free but simply rides him at her own pace, both becoming flush with arousal.

Mara takes an early lead as she strokes his cock whilst rubbing her feet all over Evilthorn's face, leaving him shaking as he cums all over her. Bouncing back, he repositions and fucks her in the ass, pinning her down as he uses her. But Foxy needs her honey and fills both her holes with cock and dildo, bringing her to an amazing orgasm, before he tastes her honey for himself. After some sensual back and forth, Mara rides him again, making him cum instantly. Despite such a feat, he repositions and fucks her doggy style, determined to take all of her honey. With all her strength drained, she cums hard on his cock, surrendering all her precious honey to the fox.

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Weiss Vs Hawt Dawg Damned

So many tiebreakers, so little time!

Another Hentai match takes place between Weiss and the hawt dawg, to decide who takes the next place in the tournament. Gearing up with some teasing and some feeding of lovely cream, they take off as Weiss shows off, even after getting tied down and stripped.

Dawg implements some magic and strips themselves and the crowd, then suddenly gets the tip of a strap-on shoved into his mouth, teasing him delicately. Before long, the teasing ramps up as she slides a finger into his ass, getting some lewd moans from him. With some magic from each contender, those cheeky tentacles come into play, slipping into each other, whilst Weiss puts her feet to use and strokes his leaking dick.

The fucking and back and forth keeps up until Dawg summons yet more tentacles and fucks her harder than ever, making her cum hard all over them. Exhausted by all the fucking and the spell usage, they collapse together and take a moment, before Weiss summons her strength and mounts Dawg, bouncing on his cock and forcing him to cum hard inside her pussy.

After some intense teasing back and forth, Weiss snaps her fingers and binds Dawg in place with tentacles, fucking him roughly. Despite his attempts to resist, he cums again, signing his defeat as he is thrown into the tentacle pit.

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Shirley Vs The Composer

The teacher and the composer face off once more, reigniting a fierce rivalry to settle who is the greatest fighter and advance through this tournament. These two waste no time in this hentai battle, as they are soon naked and fondling and caressing each other as they recount their previous battles, having an intimate knowledge of each other.

There is no holding back with these two, getting into it hard and heavy, fucking each other with wild abandon, testing each other's limits again and again. Before long, Shirley is on him, choking and fucking him hard, forcing the first orgasm from him early on in the match. Spurred on to fuck harder, Jay grabs her and lifts her, fucking her in a full nelson, resulting in her cumming hard all over his cock. After some rest and Jay goading her, he chokes and fucks her until she cums again, putting her in a dangerous position.

Going at each other relentlessly, she bounces his pussy on his cock, dirty talking into his ears, making him cum hard deep inside her, filling her up as he is drained completely, ceding the win to Shirley!

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Damn, I need a break after all that. Stop by again sometime for more stories of amazing sexfights as we push towards the final.



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