Halloween Tournament 2021!

Games Sep 8, 2021

Yes, it's that time of the year!

Get your pumpkins out, don your scary, slutty outfits and pull your scariest face as we dive headfirst into the Halloween tournament for 2021!

Along side this tournament, we also have the amazing costume competition taking place as well! Who will prove the spookiest of us all? Find out more over on our Discord server!

We're already a fair few matches in and it's been one hell of a show already! Sign-ups were fast and before we knew it, the divisions and matchups were all set. 4 divisions, with pairs of sexfighters going head to head, dick to ass, pussy to mouth, all for the glory of winning the coveted Halloween champion title!

Our four divisions consist of:

The Pumpkin Division!

Here to spice things up (get it? Pumpkin spice?... okay, I'll see myself out), this division brings some sexy to the proceedings with Foxy & Weiss Schnee VS Darkice & Charly. With them, we have Ben Bravo & Alissa VS Damn Silky & Mara!

Next, we face the blood-chilling terror of:

The Vampire Division!

Facing off, we have Luan & Shirley VS Shaco & Winston. With them, we have JayJay & Isabelle VS Leon & Deanna!

Hear that rattling? That's the sound of:

The Skeleton Division!

Here we will witness Dylan Boyle & Alice VS ld176 & Chaste, along with Michael & Sara Vs Romantic & Svetlana!

Double double toil and trouble / Fire burn and cauldron bubble... oh snap, it's:

The Witch Division!

These battles will see Evil Kiwi & Diana Adams VS Hope & Diane. Closely following, we have Axel & Jenna Croft VS Lord Milov VIII & Amathyst!

Our contenders have until the deadline of September the 16th to complete their round 1 matches and we hope that the division finalists will be set by the 1st of October!

We know the fighters, the stage has been set, now is the time for action!

Jumping right into the spooky spirit of things, we saw Winston taking on Luna in the first match of this scarousing tournament!

Luan Vs Winstonina

Getting settled in their room, they don't hesitate in using their magical talents to start things off in earnest. Winstonina quickly finds herself magically collared, cutting off her vampiric powers. But this doesn't seem to phase her, as she plays the part of the saucy little minx, teasing Luan with her body, which he promptly proceeds to claim, ripping her expensive-looking dress off to grope her breasts. Declaring his intent on getting rid of her sorry ass, they press on and against each other as the fight heats up.

Each of them confident that they will tame and drain their opponent, they tease and use each other's bodies, sucking and face fucking and taunting, steadily working up a sweat as our rivals try to dominate one another. Winstonina shows off some seriously impressive cock sucking skills, though Luan makes her choke on it for her trouble. Enraged by this, the vampire empress forces him down and rides him hard, pulling an early cum from Luan as he can't hold back, cumming deep in her tight ass. Pushing him harder, Winstonina teases and sucks Luan's thick cock as he recovers, waiting for his moment. Soon, her guard lowers and he makes his move, bending her over and fucking the vampire hard from behind, kissing her as she screams in pleasure, cumming all over his cock as she has no choice but to take it hard and deep.

Down to one last orgasm to decide a winner, they attack each other ferociously, Luan once more having Winstonina bent over and fucked, only to have her push him off and stroke his cock fast, both of them resisting each test put before them. But willpower can only get you so far and Luan took advantage of the collar he had slapped onto the cursed vampire's neck early in the fight, attaching a leash and fucking her hard and rough. Seemingly, this is the way Winstonina likes it, as she can't hold back her orgasm and caves to the sheer pleasure inflicted by Luan's mighty cock!

The fight was over but the show didn't end, as the audience had their way with the newly found vampiric fuck toy, getting used and abused on the bed as the crowd has their fill. You can see it all in full detail right here

Alice Vs Ld176

Our next battle saw Alice and Ld meet in the arena. In a maid outfit, Ld hopes to end a bet and secure this win to be done with the dress once and for all. Starting by spanking Alice good and proper, she retorts by teasing him with her delicious ass, showing that she can take it and then some.

Finding their rhythm, they tease and torment each other, Alice seemingly inching into the lead as she fingers her opponent's ass. Startled but not stopped, Ld bounces back and takes her panties off, slipping his boxers down as well to get the fight heated up. not wanting to wait, Alice mounts him and rides with her tight ass taking in Ld's cock, only for him to flip them over and pound her at his own pace. Despite being fucked hard, she keeps grabbing his cock, stroking and teasing it, trying to throw him off his game. Yet Ld fucks hard and deep, making Alice more and more aroused as she takes him, avoiding a strong orgasm as he fucks her against a mirror. Not long after, however, she is put face down and ass up and fucked harder as revenge for the ass fingering she gave LD. In her favourite position, she can't hold back as she cums hard on his cock.

Catching her breath, she gets back on him and bounces on his cock, forcing him to cum all over her ass, bringing the score's level again in such a short amount of time. Nearing the end of this tantalising battle, Alice plays some wicked cards, pegging Ld to make him cum but not hitting the mark. Barely giving him time to breathe, she calls in help and has a friend lick and suck him as they fuck him wildly. With monumental effort, he stands tall and handles them both, resulting in the friend licking Alice's pussy as Ld pounds her back. As he recovers, Alice pounces once more, tying and vibing Ld, who couldn't take anymore, forced to suffer a ruined orgasm, paving the route for Alice as she advances in the tournament.

See it all unfold right here.

Detective Darkice Vs Weiss Schnee

This fight was a favourite of mine, the smooth detective against the feisty heiress, accused of theft and strip-searched in his office. Pulling down her pants, he gets a swift kick before her hands find his belt, pulling his pants down, trying to hide her guilt, no doubt!

Getting fired up, the detective frisks the heiress a couple more times, finding her wet and wanting as the pleasure interrogation begins. Kissing and touching all over, Weiss shows off her harness, snugly fitting her tight, sexy body, which allows Darkice to rub his cock on her wet sex, getting the interrogation going. Stripped completely, they go at each other, using toys and raw, uninhibited fucking to make the other break. Taunting ensues as they fuck, Weiss trying to take advantage as she grinds her ass on his lengthy cock, only to be fucked from behind and forced to orgasm.

Both of them taking a few moments to recover, Ld tries a quick cold shower, only to find Weiss on him again, forcing his cock back inside her, trying to get him to blow before he can cool down. Forcing on his back, she squat fucks him hard, feeling his cock pulse before he slides out of her, cumming all over her face, denying her his seed but taking an orgasm from him to bring them to a stand-off once more.

The teasing goes into overdrive, with Weiss showing off her curves, dancing naked as Ld cools off, pinching her nipples and kissing her as he regains strength. Despite pinning him down and fucking him, Weiss feels her body weaken, letting Ld take the advantage as he lifts and fucks her, bringing Weiss to thunderous orgasm as she breaks, surrendering to the detective as he continues the interrogation, fucking her silly before taking her to his special interrogation room to extract all the info and orgasms he could from the defeated heiress.

See this interrogation take place here, imagine it as a noir detective flick for added effect!

Damn Silly Vs Alissa

Our next bout saw Damn Silly taking on Alissa. Wasting no time, they sensually tease each other, with DS seeming a bit distracted by his opponent as he makes her suck his finger, only for her to suck a dildo in return. They kiss and caress each other, gently stripping each other down as they explore one another eagerly.

Using her feet to full advantage, she lets her lover fuck her soft soles, slowly seeing him become captivated by them before she sucks his cock. DS controls the pace but loves every second of it. As he plays with her feet, she fingers his ass, amping things up a little bit as DS struggles to maintain control, to not give in to the pleasure she laid down on him. Alissa knows she can break him, make him give in to his hungriest desires, using all her allure to seduce and enthrall him.

Getting lost in pleasure, they devour each other, sucking and fucking as control switches constantly between our two sexfighters. Heating up, they get aggressive and DS takes the initiative. Despite being enamoured with Alissa (let's face it, who isn't?), he fills her and takes her hard, resulting in her first orgasm as the waves of bliss hit her. With barely a breath, Alissa is on DS, blowing him to orgasm as they moan each other's names. Assaulting each other's senses, they don't back down, giving one another the pleasure they crave, each contender telling their rival that it was okay to submit, to give in to the pleasure.

With the match at stake, DS is compromised as his ass is fingered whilst Alissa blows him once more. With sheer effort and force of will, he resists and fingers her wet pussy to orgasm, rubbing her G-spot as she erupts in pleasure. A warm embrace and a kiss show us the exit of this erotic and almost wholesome battle.

Want to see it all? Of course you do, so click this thing here!

Milov Vs Jenna Croft

Some spicy role-play, as Clara becomes the sister to the one and only Lara Croft for the evening as she takes on Milov, who is mesmerized at the very sight of her voluptuous body right from the start. Settling a debt owed from Lara to Milov, Jenna takes it upon herself to make sure he is repaid and then some. Finding her dress on the floor, we were treated to her stocking-clad legs, which Milov got to thoroughly enjoy as he was teased by them.

With debt negotiations proceeding, Jenna teases in a sultry tone, enjoying Milov's reactions, especially as he can't help but be rock hard at the very sight of her. Playing innocent as she ties him up and straddles him, she takes control early on and mercilessly teases her. Once he is free, Milov can't resist, slapping her ass, touching her body before finding himself inside her, pounding deep.

Jenna's moans fill the room, loving every second of her 'job' as she plans to take Milov's cum as repayment. Putting each other to the test, she mounts him and rides him hard, breaking his will for just a moment as he cums on her stomach. Lost in ecstasy, he flips the situation and fucks her deep. But Jenna stands tall, taking it as she edges and breaks free. After they regain themselves, Milov resists an amazing toejob, retaliating by tying her up and fucking her to orgasm with a machine, a toy that Jenna had bought with her.

Milov tries to press the advantage, having a partner tag team Jenna in both her holes, which sadly did not have the desired effect. Accepting his fate, Milov sees that he cannot best her and she coyly asks where he would like to cum. Before then taking out a strap-on and pegging him into submission and orgasm, claiming the victory!

If debt collection was like that, I'd be financing the Croft twins all the time. See the full details of this debt recovery and negotiation here.

Shirley Vs Shaco

Bear witness to two fierce sexfighters in their element, with plenty of sexy Spanish dirty talk. If you don't speak Spanish, load up Google Translate, these words are worth the read!

Wasting no time, Shaco has Shirley's pants off immediately, only to have the favour returned as she does the same to him, followed by his boxers as they move fast to pleasure each other. With no holds barred, they attack each other, sucking and gagging on cock, spanking ass hard and rough, trying to dominate each other in the early stages of the fight.

Trying to finish each other early, they get rougher, Shaco taking Shirley and fucking her like a sex slave, only for her to bounce back and ride him hard and fast. These two are dangerous in the sexual arena, make no mistake. Shaco brings in a female friend to rub Shirley's clit as he fucks her from below, making her moan as she cums all over them both. Still shaking, she mounts him and rides harder than ever, employing a risky tactic to make him cum hard. And it pays off hugely, as Shaco can't hold it and cums in her ass!

Fuelled by lust and desire, they go all out, using everything they have to make their rival cum. Shaco survives a thigh-job, a feat almost unheard of in the history of EF! Shirley takes his cock as she's made to stay down and still doesn't break!

But all things come to an end, which came to us as Shirley got onto Shaco's thick cock, looking him in the eyes as she naughty talks like a slut, fucking him to orgasm as he cums deep inside her. And with what she was saying to him, I think it safe to say that not many could have survived that!

Congratulations to Shirley and Luan for being the first winning team! Better luck next time, Win and Shaco!

See this electrifying match in full right here!



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