Halloween Tournament - First week done!

Games Oct 5, 2020

Hi guys, second update from me on the progress of the Spooky Sexy Skeletons Sexfight Stravaganza 2020 (wow that's a mouthful)

Going into the second week, lets check out the standings in each group and see where everyone is as we approach the home stretch of the group stage.

We've had a good number of games since my last post, so let's go over what has happened in each group.


Group A:

Not so many matches completed here, so not much to say about this group, other than unfortunately Jay has retired and it seems that Justin may have done as well... As a result, the group is wide open, and anyone can take it. So good luck, and play your matches!


Group B:

This is my group, and I'm obviously hopeful that my 2-1 record will do me well, however Franky and Sanzo can definitely take the victory from me or force a tiebreaker... One to watch for sure!

On the girl's side, Anna is in a very similar position to myself, with the early lead but no guarantees of her progression to the next round, with all the girls (barring Miss Switch who regrettably retired) being able to take the group


Group C:

My my, there are some talented ladies in this group! Well played to Octa, who has managed to reach that 3-0 sweet spot, making her likely to take this group for the women, even though there is still a possibility, given that she loses her next match, that all three girls can force a tiebreaker or outright win it.

Similarly for the boys in the group, any one of them can win. I felt a little bad for calling John out in my last post, so going to take this opportunity to congratulate him on his win over Sasha - good job buddy!


Group D:

The group with the most games played - and some incredible games too! Maverick has consistently impressed and somehow has managed to go  4-0 in the group stage, setting the standard very high. Incredibly though, he is not yet guaranteed to win the group, as Overseer can force a tiebreaker by winning his last match.

On the girls' side, PerfectPet is hoping to scrape through with her 2-2 record, although Alya could very well force a tiebreaker by winning her next two games. Unfortunately from this group, Archi, Evilthorn, Charly and Alissa are all unable to take the 1st place spot, and so we offer them condolences and thank them for participating and making the tournament enjoyable for everyone!

There's the recap folks - I shall also continue to offer up a few select game logs for people to check out if they feel so inclined. (as a side note, when posting your logs if you feel that your game was particularly memorable or fun please write something to that effect when you post it - will make it more likely to be featured in this section of the blog!)

Game 1: Maverick vs Charly 2 - 1 https://www.erofights.com/game_histories/182830/read_logs

Obviously had to post this - the game with which Maverick seals his perfect group stage run! Very well done, and well fought by Charly too.

Game 2: Ramona vs Pavel 2-1 https://www.erofights.com/game_histories/182091/read_logs

Fans of matches made very interesting by rng... look no further! To quote the fine winner, Ramona: "I swear I must be blessed by the god of RNG or something"

Game 3: John Steed vs Sasha 2-1 https://www.erofights.com/game_histories/181477/read_logs

Breaking his loss streak, and in such style! Well played John, and very well roleplayed by both of you!

Well that's it for now folks - see you at the end of the group stages where we can wrap up the first stage of the tournament, and perhaps look forward to what the next weeks will have in store for us!



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