House rules and bets: Part 2

Games Aug 11, 2021

Welcome back to another article of some sizzling hot ways to spice up your matches. With some help from various members of the community, my quest for more ideas has borne sweet fruit. Take a seat with me as we go over some more ideas y'all like to use. If you'd like to know your community more and meet more of us, slide on in to our Discord server!

One of the more common ideas that get implemented is betting additional rules for the next game, meaning that if you lose that match, your next game is going to be that much harder. On top of that, depending on the specific bet/rule that was implemented, it can become increasingly difficult to get free from the consequences of said rule, causing a rush to free oneself from this cycle. Damian slipped me this bit of information. As someone that isn't into bets and the like, I find it kind of fascinating as to just how far this can go, provided everyone is being safe, sane and consensual in what they are doing.

Up next, Kir provided some information on his own twist on the hypnosis actions. If he doesn't get the number that he needs to break free after rolling the dice, then his opponent is able to choose the action he takes and vice versa. Additionally, if the cum test is applied whilst under hypnosis, then the one to whom it was applied simply must press "cum", as they would have no control over it otherwise. A clever way to make the hypnosis actions more realistic as we play our games!

Rai mentioned the popular action of the victor choosing whether the loser of the match can actually cum in rel life, leading me to remember those I know that are put into denial after losing a match, being told that they cannot cum or perhaps touch for X amount of time or until the loser of that match beats the winner in a following match in the future.

Another feller came along with some suggestions. Someone by the name of Illusion, apparently. Some basics were covered, which is always good to touch on. For example, during interactive, when you're edging, type "E" to let the other player know that you're doing it.

For classic and hentai matches, try to mimic the actions as much as you can. Start fully dressed, then strip as you lose clothes, use dildos to match what action you do or is being done to you and communicate everything that you're doing so you both have fun. During the game, if your cum bar becomes completely full, you become too horny and your mind goes blank. A fun little way to make the game more realistic. This way, you have to do submissive actions or skip turns entirely you're back in control of yourself again.

For a nice and simple bet idea, the winner dominates the loser of the match in the interactive game mode. Gives you incentive not to lose if you prefer to be the one calling the shots. If you're not about that, maybe make your cum tests interesting by edging each time you get a test action. Hold the edge the first time you cum in game, then actually cum when you orgasm a second time in game. And to keep things well paced, stroke nice and fast when an action comes up that you really like. Keeping the theme with self touching, simply masturbate the entire game. Whenever you edge, you have to skip your turn. When you cum IRL, you lose.

Keep in mind that EF has a brilliant beat system, allowing both you and your partner to follow the beats together as you play your games. Use that to dictate the pace and see who falls first. For those that like to use role-play mode, try replacing the cum tests with cards or dice and then choose which outcome goes with each card/dice roll.

That's about all I have for you for now, let us know if you want to see more like this in the future!

Don't forget to check back regularly on the blog for more stories and for all things EF, hit up our Discord.

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