Introducing: Classic 2023

News May 17, 2023

After two months of break, the EroFights tournament season is ready to resume! Now, you may have missed it, but we've reorganized our season calendar, and will be concentrating on mode-specific tournaments! So without further ado, here's our first offering: the EroFights' Classic Tournament, slated to begin in June!

So, what can we expect from the upcoming tournament?

Well, the tournament will feature a lot of the familiar rules in place, in addition to some new ones. Classic 2023 will be - like most past tournaments - a 16 players mixed doubles format, with two teams squaring off in 2 heterosexual matches (with a tiebreaker if scores are tied) across 3 knockout rounds.

To register for the tournament, you will need a character that has played at least 10 matches in Classic and a character that was created 3 months ago. Ideally, all of these requirements should be contained to 1 character, the one you're registering for the tournament, but we will allow these requirements to be spread across your alternate characters.

Now, I can already hear the usual cries of 'But I'm 1 month away from the 3-month threshold!". Well, all I can say is that this is a necessary requirement for tournaments. We can't just let anyone walk through the door and stake a place on limited tournament slots. We are, however, willing to waive the 3-month requirement if your character has played 50 Classic matches.

As usual, we will reserve the right to expand the tournament from a 16-player tournament to a 32-player affair if we get enough valid registrations. If we do not get 32 players, those who register will be added to the reserve list, to be called up if replacements are needed during the course of the tournament, so feel free to register even if you've seen that the slots are full, you never know, you might be called to service sooner rather than later!

A crucial thing to note as well: starting from this tournament onwards is the matter of kinks. Now that most kinks are separated into giving and taking, this has created some imbalances in gameplay, especially for tournaments. As such, it is recommended that you check with your opponent beforehand and match their kinks to have a balanced experience. Indeed, it is now an official position of the organizing staff that players alone are responsible for the management of their kinks. Any complaints that an opponent has access to a wider pool of actions and thus an unfair advantage will not be entertained, and such complaints will be considered unsportsmanlike behaviour and will lead to a tournament disqualification and a 12-month ban on all EF tournaments.

On a final note, for the first time in tournament history, we are offering a prize for a tournament's runner-up. Whereas the champions will get 150 EF Coins, a free signature move, and a winner's badge, the defeated finalists will be able to console themselves with 100 EF Coins!

Hey, it's better than nothing...

That's all the information we have for you today. We will be publishing 2 more tournament pieces in the leadup to registrations, so stay tuned!



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