Just a Normal Morning

Personal Dec 26, 2020

I wake up whimpering. Maybe I had an erotic dream. I don’t remember. I’m still sleepy. But the annoying thing between my thighs is wide awake. Or rather in overdrive. Damn!

I reach for my mobile. Only an hour early. That’s good. I roll onto my side, my arms to my chest, my thighs to my belly. It’s nice and warm under the blanket like that. But my ass is exposed in this position. I think about somebody fucking it. Fucking myself. I don’t have much experience with anal and I don’t particularly like it. But I’m used to thinking all kinds of depraved stuff when I’m horny.

Rolling onto my back, I spread my legs. My panties are soaked as usual. I start playing with my tits. They are soft and warm. It feels so nice. Encouraging. My right hand slights down to my panties, and through the fabric I rub and circle and tap and pull and push. My breathing gets heavier. The nice thing about waking up early is that I can take my time. I can enjoy every single touch to the fullest. I’m not in a hurry to get to the edge.

But no matter how slow I go, I climb upwards and eventually I reach the mountain ridge. I moan. I sweat. Thus far and no further! I put my hands behind my back and watch the pending orgasm slip away. I’ve seen the promised land, but I don’t want to set foot in it.

I woke up horny. Now I’m even hornier. Mission accomplished. I reach for my mobile again. Seven minutes to the time I want to get up. I smile into the darkness. Just another normal morning.

A normal morning for me at least. But when I see what seems to be “normal” for other people I get really upset. Not about the masturbation gap. But about the ridiculously low numbers overall. 26 hours a year? That’s less than five minutes a day on average!

Did I really get the equivalent of a “normal” masturbation week just for my morning edge? I know I masturbate more than usual because I’m staying home more during Corona. I assume between 90 and 120 minutes per day on average. Twenty times the “normal”! If this is how “normal” looks like I don’t want to be normal. Being “normal” like that is a ghastly idea to me.

“Superdrug online doctor” doesn’t sound like the most reliable source. Did they just ask people on the street? Maybe some respondents were ashamed and underreported dramatically? Do they all have a wonderfully fulfilled sex life? Or am I so far out that I just can’t fathom what is “normal” any more?

It may not be normal to sit naked at my desk except for panties, fighting the urge to touch my oversensitive pussy, writing about my masturbation habits and experiences to encourage others to masturbate, and looking forward longingly to my next edging session. But it doesn’t feel detrimental. It feels life enhancing.

I am a gooner girl. I will probably not feel “normal” ever again. I certainly hope so. To send a message I’ll treat myself to another edge just after posting. It’s just another normal morning.



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