Lesbian Wrestling Tournament 2022

Games Jan 15, 2022


It's the best time of the year, time to see sexy ladies throw down in a battle of dominance and superiority. We have assembled some lovely fighters and have already begun pitting them against each other to see who will claim the title of this year's Lesbian Wrestling Tournament!

But WHO are these ladies, who has destiny called forth to partake in this epic battle?!

A light shines down onto centre stage, revealing our combatants:

Lisbeth Rose
Andromeda Sterling
Erin Quin
Countess Sasha
Red Mystery Girl
Alexi Ng
Jack the Ripper
Miss Jenna
Original Brooke
Bimbo Ariana

Our fighters are lined up and ready to go. But before we delve into the battles taking place, let's see what's at stake and how it's going to be laid out.

The winner will get:

150 EF coins

A free Signature move for Lesbian Wrestling Ring.

A special winner's badge.

Format: Straightforward 16-player single-elimination tournament. Four rounds, with 16/8/4/2 contestants respectively.

Round 1

1. Lisbeth Rose VS Huhu
2. Hitomi VS Red Mystery Girl
3. Jack the Ripper VS Annabella
4. Shirley VS Andromeda Sterling
5. Alya VS Original Brooke
6. Bimbo Ariana VS Countess Sasha
7. Erin Quin VS Miss Jenna
8. Day VS Alexi Ng  

Obviously, if fighters are done before the deadline, even better. The matchups are not to take place in this exact order but they will fight each other until only one remains. As the second round fixtures are set up, I will bring you more information as we drool over the sizzling action taking place in the ring.

If you want to stay up to date on the tournament proceedings as they happen, head on over to our Discord and our new Reddit page!

Some matches have already taken place, so let's see how the battlefield is shaping up!

The first battle took place already on Wednesday - showing Annabella taking on Jack the Ripper.

Starting of confidently, Annabella wishes them both a good fight where the better her will win. Seemingly sure that Jack doesn't stand a chance, the fight goes into full swing, with some lewd touching and some camel clutching. Teasing and licking ensues as dirty talk flows, with both opponents slowly stripping out of their skimpy clothes.

Getting worked up and flexing what they have, the fight becomes more intense as tops are pulled off, pussies and asses are fingered and, as panties come off, strap-ons are pulled out and slid into holes. Both giving as good as they are getting, Jack the Ripper takes the lead by fucking Annabella's ass to a powerful anal orgasm. Annabella tries to break even with a vibrator on her opponent's pussy but can't quite hit the mark. Soon, they both go to town on each other, fingering each other's asses, determined to make each other cum, both resisting their opponent's efforts.

Anal Orgasm!

Annabella finally reveals a huge twist as she buries her strap deep into Jack's ass, slapping her ass as she fucks her doggy, making her cum hard all over the strap. Taking a moment, they each go at each other, not holding back until they are spent and hanging on by a thread. After all the efforts, Annabella pulls a special and puts Jack on her back, eating and licking her pussy as Jackie tries to finger her in return. Despite her skilled fingers, Annabella's tongue takes control and brings her to a shuddering orgasm.

Eat her pussy better than she fingers you!

Claiming victory, Annabella advances to the second round.

The next match saw Hitomi Vs Red Mystery Girl.

Two first time contestants in a Lesbian Wrestling Tournament, they size each other up carefully, Hitomi appearing more cheerful and bubbly, whilst Red takes on a more vigilant approach. With some pushing and shoving, clothes seem to fall off quite fast and before long, Red is trying out some new tactics, taunting her opponent whilst scissoring her, piling on some dirty talk on top of that. Hitomi responds in kind, running Red's breasts and pussy all at once, getting her worked up and suddenly flush with pleasure.

Finger her pussy and massage her breast (special)

From there, it gets hot and heavy, with Red using the new tactics learned from her coach to fuck Hitomi hard and rough, displaying her to the audience as they moan in unison. Tit-smothering, dildo fucking, endless teasing, it all starts mounting up as Hitomi gets Red in the corner, licking and eating her pussy relentlessly. Despite getting off to such a good start, Red is soon made to get off and cum in the face of Hitomi, ceding the first orgasm of the match!

Corner cum success!

Furious and determined, Red doubles down and attacks Hitomi, fingering her wet pussy, calling her a slut as she takes over the flow, using her almost like a sex doll as she taunts her whilst fucking her. Hitomi manages to handle it but is clearly surprised, expecting this to be fun, instead finding her fiery opponent to be utterly relentless, giving off some of the best dirty talk I've heard in a while, constantly telling Hitomi what a slut and Jobber she is.

Soon, the scores are bought level, as the relentless assault from Red brings Hitomi to the brink, unable to hold herself back as she cums all over her fingers, squirting hard as she finds herself drained of energy reserves, soaking the mat with their lews juices.

Finger Orgasm!

Red had other plans, however. Despite feeling it herself, she keeps the pressure up, fingering and kissing Hitomi over and over. This tactic yields fruit, as Hitomi is barely able to keep up, acting more out of desperation than an effort to retake the lead. Too exhausted to mount either a defence or an offence, Red strikes and gets her back in the corner, eating her pussy until Hitomi orgasms yet again, covering her face in pussy juices.

It seems like victory is in hand for Red, with her opponent both physically and mentally drained. Hitomi desperately tries to get Red off with a pussy battle, unable to force that effect as Red just keeps taunting her, the words ringing in her ears, keeping her off balance. It has become a war in the ring, as Hitomi Strap-on fucks her rival to orgasm, still unable to make her stop dirty talking despite Red cumming her brains out. All each fighter wants to do now is beat the other. Enraged, Hitomi finally manages to get Red on the floor and finishes her with a pussy smother special. After a valiant effort and both suffering from poor exhaustion, Red can hold back no more and her arms fall down, letting the victor use her face as she gives in. But not before reminding Hitomi that she is still a cumdrunk, jobber slut, DESPITE having just been beaten. Having enough of this, she mounts Red's face again and pins her, having enough of her talk. Fading out, Hitmoi finally takes the win after one of the gruelling LWR matches I've seen!

The next fight saw Shirley Vs Andromeda Sterling in an epic match!

This is a daring tournament match for Shirley, as she needs to win this match to move forward in the tournament AND she needs to win to keep that belt in her possession! A double whammy!

No holds are barred as they charge at each other from their corners, throwing each other to the floor to gain the upper hand early on. Shirley manages to get into Meda's panties quite quickly, getting a feel for how wet she is. Not letting up, they break out some true wrestling moves, including the bronco buster and a figure 4 lock in. They were trying to break each other in every way that they could. Calling in friends from the audience to double team each other, finger battles taking place between the two rivals, nothing was held back as they vied for dominance.

As the fight heats up, both fighters score an orgasm, with Shirley taking the first blood and Meda bringing it back by licking her opponent's pussy in the corner, making Shirley cum in her mouth!

Cum in her mouth!

Fighting on, Shirley soon finds herself on the defensive, shocked as Meda is able to resist another orgasmic attack. Despite being the champion, her opponent had found herself in a strong position and seemed determined to keep it. Taking it in her stride as she is fucked hard by Shirley's strap-on, Meda taunts and seems to think that soon the roles will be reversed and Shirley will be the Jobber. Having other ideas in mind, Shirley flips the odds by eating out and licking Meda's pussy, making her cum hard, despite her efforts to hold back!

Feeling a breaking point approach, our fighters resume their attacks, tribbing and fingering each other, with Shirley calling in a friend to double team her foe for some fun. They give as good as they get, licking and sucking, stopping for nothing. Soon, Shirley senses weakness and tells Meda that, despite her training, it was time for her to cum and end their battle. Locking her into wrestling pin, she finger fucks Meda hard and fast, pushing her to the absolute limits of her endurance. Holding on, she tries to fight it but alas, Shirley proved superior as she forces Meda to cum on her fingers, draining her completely and ending the match!

Wrestle fingering (Special)

The match ends with a happy ending, a standing ovation for the two lovely ladies and a sensational match, with Shirley advancing to round 2!

Watch this space as we see Miss Jenna, our own impossible girl, take on Erin Quin, a first timer in our LWR tournament. Will the newcomer break Jenna under her heel? Or will Miss Jenna make Erin submit and lick those delectable feet?

And if that's not enough, the gorgeous Countess Sasha will face off against Bimbo Ariana. Despite having claimed the LWR title 7 times, The Mad Countess is yet to win a tournament. Will this be the one to turn that around?!

Find out right here in the next roundup of our LWR tournament of 2022!



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