LWR 2022: The fight rages on!

Games Jan 22, 2022

We will soon see the beginning of the second round of this tournament take place but we I have some juicy action to cover with you before we get there!

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We witnessed Huhu Vs Lisbeth Rose!

A surprise attack catches Huhu off guard right at the start, though it doesn't take her long to escape and recover. Once free, they measure each other from across the ring, posing and showing off their fine bodies as they look for an opening. As Lisbeth poses on the ropes, Huhu pounces and pulls her down, taking the opportunity to know her intimately as she massages and rubs her pussy through her panties. Lisbeth manages to escape her opponent's grasp time and time again, managing to strip her off in the process.

Teasing each other with their words, it's clear that neither one of them will back down easily in this battle. As they find themselves sharing a corner, they begin getting down and dirty, licking pussy and fingering ass as they try to wear each other down. A member of the audience, Lucifer, was called on a few times to bail Huhu out of trouble, which seemingly only strengthened Lisbeth's resolve. Despite this, Huhu launches a strong attack, fingering her rival's pussy hard in the corner, resulting in the first orgasm of the match!

Finger her pussy hard on the corner (finisher)

Lisbeth soon evens the scales once taking pause for breath, grinding her opponent hard and tribbing her to an intense orgasm on the mat!

Removing their bras, they become fully naked and face each other for the finale of this epic battle. Having some of the audience help, Huhu goes all out with some tag team domination, fucking Lis hard. She endures it and returns the favour in kind, fucking, fingering and licking her as they both lose all inhibition and go wild. Lis challenges Huhu to a tribbing contest, determined to get her off. But she misses the mark, enraging her further, becoming determined to defeat Huhu like an honourable warrior. Pouncing on Huhu once more, she again tribs her hard and tries to make her break. Again, she falls short and, taking advantage of how exhausted Lisbeth must be, her for gets between her legs, tasting her sweet pussy and licking with all she has. As honourable as Lisbeth may be, it did not save her as she came hard, falling to the mat as she convulsed in orgasm.

Lick her on the top rope (special)

Wiped out by that power, Lisbeth falls and Huhu advances to round 2!

Following this, we had another first time weigh in as we see Alexi Ng Vs Day!

Sizing each other up, Day takes the lead as she rushes straight out at Alexi, ramming her into the turn-buckle in an impressive show of speed. Day counters by grabbing her opponent's ass, shortly followed by pinning her down and taunting as she flexes her strength. A showcase of speed vs power, they get into each other in great style, grappling in the middle of the ring together, vying to get on top. Despite being the speedster, Day flexes her own strength by putting Alexi in a ceiling hold, making her pretty uncomfortable, to say the least. Slipping out of that hold, the two fighters begin to showcase what they got to the audience and each other, both planning the best moves they could use to secure victory and humiliate their foe.

Taunting with an almost imposingly thick strap-on, getting naked and truly ready to throw down, our ladies get dirty as the fingering and licking, taking each other on and not holding back as they both feel arousal build as they touch each other. After some intense rough housing, Day taps out and takes a penalty fucking with that thick strap, bringing her close to orgasm but not quite hitting deep enough. Finding herself drained from the effort, Alexi is caught and trapped in the corner, finding herself getting finger fucked with not nearly enough will to hold back. Surrendering her orgasm, she cums and squirts all over Day's fingers!

Finger her pussy hard on the corner (special)

Wrecked by that orgasm, Alexi struggles to continue on, slowly trying to rebuild her stamina, whilst Day keeps the pressure up as she stays all over her, kissing and touching everywhere she can. Barely able to keep pace, Alexi is used as a toy in the ring, kissed hard and offering no resistance. Dominated by Day, all she seems able to do is moan for her, letting everyone know how much she loves it. But it seems that all Alexi did was bide her time, as she soon found herself in between her rival's legs, her tongue delving deep into her pussy (the action didn't match but the RP was sublime). Built up from everything in the fight, Day shudders as she cums all over Alexi's face, bringing the overall score even but also bringing our fighters to the brink of exhaustion.

Hard finger and nipple lick

Getting a second wind, Alexi makes Day tap out but rather than punish her for the minute penalty, she collapses next to her, using the minute to try and catch her breath. Soon as that minute was over, Day sneaks her fingers into her opponent's pussy, trying to push her over the edge when her defences were low. Alas, that attempt was unsuccessful, though tantalisingly close. Not content with this, Alexi then claws her pussy and gets three fingers inside, fingering her on the floor. Day was determined to outlast her, she knew she could... before she felt a thumb on her clit, pushing her over the edge and into a quaking orgasm!

Somehow still not drained, Day cums hard and shakes under the prolonged assault, taking it until it's time to fight back. Alexi taunts and teases, feeling assured of her victory. But from nowhere, the tables are turned as Day locks her into a tight hold and fingers her hard and fast, holding nothing back as she utterly dominates Alexi's body and mind, using everything she has to get into her head and wreck her defences. Unable to mount any sort of defence, Alexi cries out and surrenders her orgasm, gushing all over Day's fingers once more.

Diagonal Pin and Finger (Special)

Completely and utterly wrecked by pleasure, Alexi is left twitching and writhing on the floor as the rug is pulled out from under her. Made to crawl out of the ring, Day takes home the win and advances!

That brings this round-up of fights to a close for now but there will soon be more sensual battles to come, so don't go anywhere! Or you'll miss it! And if you miss it, we will both feel sad inside and we don't want that!



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