Lesbian Wrestling Ring (LWR) 2024 Sign-Ups.

Games Dec 27, 2023

As we roll the New Year's, our first tournament of the year is ready to get under way. The sign-ups for the LWR Tourney 2024 will open on the 2nd of January. The sign-up link which will be on the related part of the forum! We’re going to run through some FAQs to make sure there is no confusion.


What is the timeline for signing-up?

There is no timeline, per se. We will keep the sign-ups open until we get 16 competitors, and then for another 72 hours after that.

How are people picked to compete?

We will use a lottery system to determine who will compete in the tournament and who will be a reserve. It will also determine reserve order. If you were a reserve for the Hentai Halloween Tournament and have a wild-card, you can message either myself or Charlotte to use that wild-card for automatic entry.

How do I sign-up?

On the forum (linked above) there will be a thread for the LWR 2024 Tournament. Link the character you want to play as there!

What are the eligibility rules for the tournament?

In order to compete in the tournament, you must:

  1. Have been a member of the site for 3 months
  2. Have played at least 10 games of LWR
  3. Your character must be female presenting (either cis or trans)
  4. Your character must comply with the Code of Conduct.

What if I don’t get selected as a competitor?

Then you will be a reserve. If you are not needed during the tournament, you will be granted a wild-card, guaranteed entry to a future tournament of your choice.

When will the matches take place?

The tournament will start once the draw is made. Players will be given a deadline to complete each round. Any exceptions to this will have to be approved by tournament staff. The tournament will take place over January and part of February.

What if I can’t commit 100% to the tournament?

Then we would prefer you do not enter. While we do understand that exceptional circumstances can happen at any time and that we have reserves. If you cannot 100% commit for the duration of the tournament, it would be unfair to take a spot from another player and we would kindly ask you not to do so.

The Tournament

How do I know who I am facing?

When we do the lottery for the tournament, we will also be doing the bracket for the tournament. This will be posted along with all the competitors on the tournament thread in the forum.

How are matches arranged?

This will be up to you and your opponent to arrange. Find a time and day that suits you before the deadline to have your match

What is required during the match?

We expect some level of roleplay during the matches, it is a requirement for competing. While we aren’t asking for novellas, we also aren’t looking for a few words responses. How long each reply takes is up to you and your opponent, but there should be a few sentences describing your reaction to the previous action and what you are doing during your action. Also, please remember, skipping is not allowed during matches. If we see this, we may disqualify you from the tournament.

All matches should also be fully public (this can be edited in your character’s settings page) to allow others to enjoy some fun, LWR tourney action!

What should we do once the game is over?

Someone should submit the log both to the Erofights Tournament Logs discord channel and also to the tournament logs page on the forum.

What happens if I lose my first round match?

No need to fret, you’re not done yet! You fall down to the losers bracket and will have at least one more match!

What happens if I lose a match after the first round?

Unfortunately, that means you are out of the LWR 2024 tournament.


What do I get for winning a match?

For each match you win during the LWR 2024 tournament, you will receive 30 EF coins! These will be added to your profile at the end of the tournament.

What does the winner receive?

For our amazing champion, we have a plethora of awards!

  1. 300 (plus the 120 coins for winning 4 matches) EF coins
  2. A shiny “2024 LWR Champion” badge for your profile
  3. A signature move

What does the runner-up get?

The runner up will receive 250 (plus 90 extra for winning 3 matches) EF coins.

We hope this has answered any questions you have. If you have any other questions, please feel free to message either myself or Charlotte and we will be happy to assist you!

Have a fantastic tournament and may the best woman win!



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