LWR Tournament Round-up

Games Jan 29, 2022

More ferocious battles, more close calls and more orgasms took place in the ring as we approach the semi-finals of our tournament. Let’s see who stood the test of might and who succumbed to pleasure in the fights leading up to today!

A match-up that I'd pay to see, Alya Vs Brooke!

The creator of LWR herself faces off against perhaps one of the brattiest brats to ever brat!

Putting these two together will result in many things, one of which is guaranteed: trash talk. And that is exactly what's present right from the get-go. Starting by rubbing each other's pussies and trying to keep each other down, Alya takes control as she puts Brooke on the floor with a good old German Suplex!

Teasing one another as they get stripped, Alya makes Brooke squirm as she rubs her crotch through her panties again and again. Loving the feeling, Brooke pushes off with some old fashioned punches to the gut, though still finds herself on the end of a strap-on as Alya does all she can to get her hands all over Brooke. But let's be honest... who can blame her?

As the battle heats up, with plenty of scissoring and licking and many attempts to dominate one another, Brooke tries to take over by slapping Alya's amazing ass whilst fucking her with a strap-on. Alya smiles as she takes it, before rolling Brooke off of her and getting her caught in the top rope. Licking her pussy as she is helpless, Brooke gets overwhelmed and cums hard on, panting in ecstasy as she's hit with waves of pleasure. But she's not even free a moment before she slides a dildo into Alya's pussy, getting her revenge as she makes her cum!

Lick her on the top rope (Special)

With all these twists and turns, they take a break as they be cute and lovely together on the mat, gathering some energy before Brooke lets her brat show once more, smothering Alya's face with her ass. Both overly horny and ready to go, the grappling resumes as they go at each other, teasing and taunting, trying to prove who the jobber is between them. Brooke moves in for a daring chance at victory, licking Alya hard on the mat. But all Alya does in return is close her legs around Brooke's head, flipping once more and getting her down, fingering her pussy hard and fast. As Alya nibbles all over her, Brooke can't hold back and surrenders her orgasm, shaking in bliss as she is reduced to a quivering puddle.

Alya takes this match and Brooke as her new toy, taking her away to bed and taking the win to progress to the next round!

Next up, we saw Huhu take on Annabella!

Stating her eagerness to meet Huhu in the ring, Anna starts by showing off her impressive body, which her opponent seems to greatly appreciate. Right before she tackles her down and traps Anna in a Legs Choke-Hold. Managing to escape, Anna follows up by fingering Huhu through her panties, making her let loose some lovely moans and groans. Despite enjoying those fingers, Huhu breaks free and the fight starts to pick up.

Huhu traps Anna in a Single Leg Boston Crab, keeping her trapped as she touches her now wet pussy over her panties. Anna, feeling herself getting distracted, licks her lips and starts to get lost in the moment, before pulling back and breaking out, returning the favour to her opponent by placing her in an Armbar hold, with some fingering as well. Now locked up together, they continue to rub each other's pussies, both getting worked up as their arousal builds.

After some teasing distractions from Lisbeth Rose, Huhu turns things around, getting Anna stuck in a Pinned 69, enjoying the delicious taste of her sweet pussy. Getting loose as much as she can, Anna tries to fight back, grinding against Huhu. Both of them feeling the heat, they break apart, only to enter into an intense finger battle, their pussies dripping onto the mat. Toys are soon introduced as they fuck each other with strap-ons, both determined to make their foe break. As fingers slip and slide into holes, Anna gets Huhu into the corner and fingers her hard and deep, bringing her to orgasm!

Left shaking and struggling to get back into the fight, Huhu tries to take a moment, only to find herself at the mercy of Anna's strap, which is promptly thrust deep into her ass. Blocking the Strap, Huhu puts her foe into a special position, licking and sucking her pussy and clit hard, whist Anna tries to resist the pleasure as she fingers Huhu in return. In an astonishing effort, Anna takes it and gets Huhu off again, making her cum all over her fingers!

Wrestle Fingering (Special)

Desperate and struggling, Huhu recovers what she can and makes another risky move, holding Anna in a pin and fingering her madly. All whilst whispering "cum" into her rival's ear. Holding out for so long had worn her down and Annabella could resist no more, letting out a shuddering orgasm.

Going all out, they kiss and finger and Strap-on fuck each other, both of them almost forgetting there was a tournament to win. Initiating battle fingering, they both quiver until Huhu taps out, having to take a minute penalty of hard and rough ass fucking from a strap. Taking back control, Huhu pushes the strap away and gets Anna in a scissoring pin, rubbing her in just the right way, sending her over the edge and cumming hard under the stronger pussy!

Scissoring pin

Lost in pleasure, Annabella is taken into the warm embrace of Huhu, the two of them left cuddling in the centre of the ring. Huhu takes the win and progresses to the semi-finals!

More twists and turns as Shirley takes on Day!

With both a tournament match and the LWR title belt on the line, Shirley has a lot to lose in this fight. But the sluttiest of teachers is never one to back down from a challenge!

Day, on the other hand, intends to fight dirty, starting the fight by punting Shirley directly in the pussy!

After taking a moment, Shirley pays this back in kind as she plants Day down on the ground with a Facebuster. From there, it was a battle of grapples, pinning and stretching each other's bodies, testing their endurance and flexibility. Once the stretching was done, off came the clothes, stripping each other as they taunted and dirty talked, neither one of them backing down.

Getting the audience involved, Day has them pull out as many Strap-ons as they can find and start fucking Shirley into the ground, spreading her pussy as they use her as a toy for a few minutes. But before long, Shirley is free and back on her feet, but not for long, as she pushes Day down and grinds their pussies together. Loving every second of it, Day can sense that Shirley is pent up and ready to pop, so she fucks her pussy with a vibrator, making the teacher cum hard all over it!

Fuck her pussy with a vibrator

Brimming with confidence, Day seems adamant that she's already won. Shirley has other plans, using her slender fingers whilst keeping her foe pinned down as she fingers her like crazy. Despite still being a relentless tease, Day is pushed over her limits and cums hard on Shirley's fingers.

Ready for more, still set to win, Day bounces back and the fight resumes, both fighters fresh and horny off their orgasms. Roughhousing all the way, they slam each other down and finger and lick in their most sensitive areas, until Shirley is choked until she has to tap. As a one minute penalty, Day grinds and scissors their pussies together, moaning as she goads Shirley.

Once they break free for just a moment, Shirley takes a big risk and launches a special move, pushing Day onto her back and eating her pussy whilst Day fingers her back. The struggle is intense and they both give it all they have... and Shirley comes out on top as she makes Day squirt all over the mat!

Lick her pussy while she's trying to finger yours

Besting Day, Shirley pins her with her foot and holds her title belt high. With another tournament win AND title defence claimed, Shirley once more walks away victorious as she progresses into the next round of the tournament!

Damn, these last few fights were full of surprise twists. And as the semi-final approaches, it's only going to get hotter!



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