LWR 2024: A talk with Linlin!

Interviews Dec 23, 2023

Hello Erofighters! 2023 is ending, but we know how to kick (or better, superkick!) off 2024! In January, the annual Lesbian Wrestling Ring tournament will be held, and your favourite bunny reporter Charlotte just had a wonderful talk with one of LWR mode maintainers: Linlin!

Charlotte: What do you love most about LWR mode?

Linlin: For me, the fact that the mode treats everyone the same (outside of the kinks selection), as well as fluidity of the game, smoothly progressing from foreplay into active domination, never forgetting the wrestling aspect if folks are into it too.

To steal someone else's words, I'm a competitive switch, and want not just to dominate, but see that fire and desire to fight back from my partner — and LWR leads the easiest into that, considering it treats everyone as a switch on a mechanical level.

On a more personal note, I'm a fan of the mode being less focused on toys, bondage and hypnosis, preferring a more intimate and body-on-body approach on my partner."

C: In your opinion, what are the best roleplay scenarios you would like to play in a LWR game?

L: Honestly, despite stylistically only accepting actions that happen in arenas/rings/gyms/similar environments, I'm much more a fan of fights happening outside of that, whether for spontaneous or plot reasons.

For example: sneaking up on someone in showers/lockers is a classic, but you can have so much more. I have done a few "detention" scuffles, a horny teacher punishing someone for a completely false pretence, only to reveal her intentions in the evening when the two are left alone in the classroom. Fighting over the last item in the store, whether it's some special underwear or sex toy, or even something much more mundane and non-lewd. Office setting lends itself well too, turning those pesky job interviews and business negotiations more erotic.

And if going into private play over public, you can certainly find enough brattiness at home; or in a fantasy setting, whether two adventurers not being able to split the loot, or more combative scenes, dungeon fights or bandit ambushes.

C: What do you expect to see from the upcoming tournament?

L: Remembering last year's roster and what I've seen lately in the field - lots of heated action and steamy roleplay, tons of butting heads and rowdy dirty/trash talking.

While a lot of rivalries are of friendly type, no grudges held outside the ring, the moment people get on the mat they suddenly let themselves go and let their emotions flow free and raw.

...Oh, We also have a special announcement from our LWR mantainer!

Keep an eye on the Tag Team LWR! 2024 will be a year filled with surprises on that side, if you're a Patreon supporter you'll be the first in line to try what we're cooking for you, so stay tuned! And if you want to lend a hand, feel free to ask me!

Thank you for your attention, I suggest you to start train your bumps and bums, give a read to the rules, and get ready to rumble!



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