Marie's Game

Erotica Dec 12, 2020

As Victor laid there, naked and stretched out on the bed with his limbs securely fastened in place, his mind quickly drifted back to the past couple weeks. He had somehow grown accustomed to Marie’s teasing games, but this time she had pushed him further than ever.

The first week started off fun. The day after a wonderful night of lovemaking, which had ended in a very intense orgasm for the both of them, Marie decided to focus all of her attention on him. She stroked and sucked him, taking him to the edge again and again. She told him he would definitely not be cumming that night, but he was more than welcome to beg for it, and beg he did. Beg, plead, whine, moan; he did it all but at the end of the night none of it mattered. After a kiss they went to bed.

The rest of that week was merely variations on that same theme. They fooled around every night and it always involved teasing his cock to the edge. Whether it was a simple handjob or intercourse, a blowjob or stroking him with her beautiful breasts, every night was the same with him begging for an orgasm but being denied, and having to control himself and warn her anytime he got close. She even encouraged him to play with himself when she wasn’t around with the same rule that he was not permitted to cum. Against his better judgement, he often found himself unable to keep his hands off his cock. Especially when Marie would send him a lewd text or image to motivate him to touch.

It was a little out of the ordinary to work him up this hard for this long, but figured the weekend will make up for it once she finally lets him explode. A week is generally the longest she makes him wait between orgasms and assumed this wouldn’t be any different. Turns out he was wrong. Instead the teasing intensified starting Friday night and was practically non-stop all weekend. Late Sunday he thought for sure this would be it as they began making love, same as last week. It was an extreme struggle for him to hold back, needing to go slow and take breaks often. Through sheer determination and adept use of his hands, he managed to last long enough to make Marie cum, but instead of her allowing him to do the same she had him stop and said it was time for bed. Still deep inside her he began pleading for mercy. She had never been this cruel before. As he continued whining and begging, she merely smiled as she watched him, enjoying the show he was providing her. When he eventually ran out of steam she simply said;


Despite how heartbroken he was his cock still throbbed hearing her deny him. If only he could figure out why not getting what he so desperately needed turned him on so much.

Carefully, and reluctantly, he exited her body and laid next to her, snuggling close to each other. Just before she drifted off to sleep, she told him, “One more thing. I don’t want you touching yourself this week, understood?”

He couldn’t help but let out a whimper as he told her, “Yes, ma’am.”

The following week was a complete reversal. His cock was completely ignored. Instead the focus was solely on Marie’s body and giving her pleasure, whether it was a simple back massage, burying his tongue deep inside of her, or simply being a spectator “forced” to watch as Marie would please herself. The only constant all week was his cock receiving zero attention. He was a very obedient and good boy, so he never dared touch himself, and none of their activities seemed to include his cock in any way.

After a week of constant stimulation, being forced to quit cold turkey like this made his need to be touched almost unbearable! He found his hips would thrust involuntarily when they played. Laying in bed he’d find himself slowly humping the mattress or even the blanket, but she put a quick stop to that when she caught him the first time. Soon, just getting hard and feeling the fabric of his underwear was his highlight until she made him stay nude when they were home alone. No matter how hard he begged or what he offered, she continued to deny him even the tiniest of stimulation.

By the time Saturday came he was a complete mess. So when Marie asked if he was ready for an orgasm he was ecstatic. All he had to do was let her restrain him to the bed. He should have been suspicious since it was still so early in the day, but after the past two weeks most rational thoughts were long gone. His body, mainly his cock, were calling the shots right now, so he eagerly agreed. Now helpless, he watched as Marie gave him a slow strip tease. She pranced around the bed, doing her best to put on a show. Victor was an appreciative audience as his cock was already hard and bouncing off his stomach as if it were clapping. Standing at the foot of the bed the last of her clothes were tossed aside.

She began by grazing her nails against the soles of his feet, causing him to jump and giggle, trying to get away but unable to do so. Her hands firmly gripped his calves and they slowly rubbed up his legs to the thighs as she climbed onto the bed and crawled between his spread legs. Inch by inch her hands moved closer to his crotch. The anticipation was killing him and when she finally reached what was his goal only to see them lift up and graze his balls, he thought he would die. He groaned and raised his hips, exploring the air for any kind of stimulation, but finding none.

Once he settled back down, she lowered her head and began planting soft, little kisses on his thigh, again moving up the leg. He felt her hair graze his balls and cock as she moved to repeat the same attention to the other leg. This time when she reached the top she lowered her mouth to the base of his cock. Finally, he thought. But to his dismay she merely blew hot air along his cock as she crawled up his body. Instead of sucking his member she began raining kisses on his stomach and worked her way up his chest, allowing her breasts to drag behind. His cock was enveloped by her cleavage, giving him the most stimulation he’s had all week. He thought he would cum the second he was touched, but this was proving him wrong.

The only thing he released was a gasp and moan as the sensations from her soft breasts overwhelmed him. Unfortunately for him, the experience was short lived as she reached higher on his body, turning her attention to his neck then nibbling on his ears. Moments later they were face to face, lips to lips. They kissed as if starving and the other person was their nourishment. At the same time she began lightly dragging her already wet sex up and down his length, teasing them both. His hips thrust up again, desperate for more stimulation, desperate to be inside her, but each time she would pull away, only allowing the slightest of contact between them.

Marie broke the kiss much sooner than he wanted and rolled to his side. Once again his cock was abandoned. It felt cool as he realised he was covered in her moisture and being dried by the air. “Oh god! You’re killing me!”

She giggled, “Not yet,” and began nuzzling his neck as her hands explored his chest, finding his nipples and gently rubbing and pinching them, causing them to quickly harden. She lowered her head so her mouth landed on one nipple while her hand continued teasing the other. First she gave it a small kiss, then sucked on it eagerly before gingerly nibbling on it with her teeth. She dragged her tongue across his chest to repeat the same routine on his other nipple while her hands continued teasing the one she just abandoned.

Once she was satisfied with the oohs and aahs he was producing and the amount of squirming and thrusting he could muster, she continued kissing and nibbling his body. Exploring every inch she could find, every inch except for the ones he needed. If his hands were free they'd either be grabbing her or stroking himself, at this point he isn't sure which urge would win.

He let one word escape his lips, "Please."

A sly smile crept over her face. She knew she had him, "Please what?"

He groaned in frustration, "Please touch me."

"Babe, I am touching you. I'm touching you all over, what more could you possibly need?" She continued licking and tickling, determined to break him.

"Oh god, my cock! Please touch my cock, Marie! You're driving me crazy!"

Her smile went from sly to wicked, "Oh really? Well if you insist." She grabbed her makeup brush from the side table and began dancing it up and down his throbbing length, causing him to cry out.

"Oh god! Yes, no, fuck!" His hips thrust as high as they could, desperate for more friction, but she kept the brush just barely touching as it continued its dance, driving the poor boy hornier by the second. He grunted and moaned, tiring from his exertions. Finally he collapsed and let loose a long, frustrated, whine.

“Don’t tell me you’re tired already? We’re just getting started!” She moved the brush to his stomach, then his sides, causing him to laugh and spasm uncontrollably. “That’s better.” She kept his body active with light tickles from the brush, up one side to his armpit, back down to his cock, then up the other side. Like a pendulum she swung back and forth from one side to the next, always ensuring she gave his needy cock some attention each time she switched.

Victor was past the point of trying to be strong and began begging in earnest to stop the tickle tease and finally give him the firm touch his body is craving. He knew she enjoyed his begging too much, which is why he was trying to resist giving in. It never convinced her to show mercy or concern. It only fueled her to keep going, to ramp up the intensity even more. On her next swing down his body she directed the brush down his cock and gave some attention to his very tight, swollen, aching balls. Then moved it down a thigh, all the way down his leg until she reached his foot.

Panic overcame him as he feared what was next and doubled down on his begging, “Oh fuck! Please no, Marie! Please don’t! Please!’ She ignored his pleas and brought the brush to the sole of his foot. He was firmly attached to the bed with no place to hide as she brushed him as if she were painting a wall. His body reacted like it was being electrocuted. Marie enjoyed the show for a moment before traveling back up the leg, to the balls, then down the other leg to repeat the performance. She could have done this all day, but settled for just an hour or so, brushing his entire body as if he were her masterpiece.

When she was finally ready to move on, Victor was spent. Laying there drenched in sweat and panting. Marie left him in that state as she went to get some water for them both. Upon her return she brought a straw to his lips and he eagerly sucked the glass dry. Setting it aside, she laid back next to him, draping her body over his, allowing both of them to relax for a moment and catch their breath. She then whispered in his ear, “Would you like to put your cock inside of me?”

He always loved when she was so direct. His cock throbbed and he moaned out, “Yes, Marie, please!”

She giggled, “Okay, but first I need to clean your cock. Can’t put something so dirty inside of me.” Victor sighed as she got up and left the room. He was prepared for a teasing handjob with a washcloth and soap or something similar. When she came back holding a large feather duster his eyes went wide and he involuntarily let out a whimper. She smiled at his reactions, “Yes, such a dirty cock. Now just relax, this might take awhile.”  And it did. She spent a very long time “dusting” his cock, tickling it with the feathers. The sensations were light and maddening. No matter where he moved or how far and hard he tried to thrust his hips, it always felt the same. Nothing he did could increase the friction he desperately needed. Instead he was forced to endure the light tickling on his cock as it throbbed and bobbed around, leaking precum like a faucet, searching for more but coming up empty. Instead of moving, Victor laid there whimpering and simply begging, “Please” over and over again.

When Marie finally thought he had enough, she left to bring him more water, which he happily inhaled through the straw. She sat on the side of the bed, slowly stroking his sweaty chest. Enjoying her handiwork on this poor, broken boy as he once again attempted to catch his breath and regain his composure. She stayed there until his cock went from impossibly erect to just mostly erect. She then grabbed her favorite vibrator and climbed on Victor, straddling his waist, holding his cock upright. She held the head against her opening, sliding it back and forth, but never inside. She did this until he begged for more. “Don’t you dare move or cum,” she commanded as she slowly impaled herself on his tortured cock. Inch by agonizing inch she lowered herself down until he was fully inside of her. And then she stayed there, not giving him any stroking or friction whatsoever.

She turned on her vibrator and rubbed it against her clit, basking in the waves of pleasure it brought her. All Victor could feel was the faint vibrations and her pussy as it clenched and grabbed his member. The clenching felt amazing, he wasn’t sure if it could be enough to finally push him over the edge, but he fought hard against it nonetheless, never wanting to disobey Marie. Of course she had no limitations and took full advantage. She enjoyed watching Victor struggle to keep control, enjoyed watching him suffer for her amusement, and of course enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock inside of her and the vibrator rubbing against her.

The first orgasm hit her and she clenched hard around him. It took all of Victor’s willpower not to buck his hips, but somehow he kept still as fresh sweat broke out all over his body. As good as that felt, Marie wasn’t finished. She stayed in place and kept the vibrator humming until she came three more times, while Victor continued his struggles of not moving, and more importantly, not cumming. As this went on he kept wondering to himself why he was allowing this? Why let her do this to him? There’s nothing to stop him from thrusting his hips and ending this torment, but then he watched as another orgasm ripped through her body and he realised just how much he loves giving her pleasure. If his suffering is what gives her the most pleasure so be it, and he endures.

Finally satisfied, Marie turned off the vibrator and slowly raised herself off of Victor’s enraged cock and plopped down next to his quivering body. She was pretty spent and his cock had been hard for so long now, she thought they could both use a break and laid there in silence. It wasn’t long before she nodded off. Victor could hear her breathing become slow and heavy and knew she was asleep. He wanted to scream in frustration, but instead sighed and tried to relax, not wanting to disturb her nap. He was still too worked up to sleep himself, but was able to slow his breathing and his penis managed to relax as well, losing its diamond hardness. He stared at the ceiling, recounting today’s ordeal as well as the past two weeks and how desperate he was to end her current game, no matter how much he enjoys playing them, so he was elated when Marie finally awoke and raised her head.

She turned to face him, “Wow, sorry, must have dozed off. You’re so sexy you wore me out!” She gave him a quick kiss, “You’ve been such a good boy for me. I think it’s your turn. What do you say?”

His face lit up, “Oh god, yes, please Marie, yes!”

She giggled, “Okay, just sit tight.” She again left him but quickly returned holding some odd, small device he had never seen before and what looked like a fleshlight. “I saw this online and thought it would be perfect for you. It’s called The Handy. It will automatically stroke you and I can set the speed. It frees me up so I can focus on the rest of you.” She strapped the Handy around his waist and after giving his cock a few flicks of her tongue to wake it back up completely, she slowly slid the fleshlight onto him. It felt amazing and he was ready to cum almost immediately. She fastened the fleshlight to the Handy and fiddled with the controls. Suddenly, it was very slowly stroking him up and down.

“There, that should do it. I put it on the slowest speed. I’m assuming it will be enough to make you cum eventually, and you have my permission, but  I still want you to hold back for as long as possible for a couple reasons.” She positioned her body so she was straddling his chest, facing him, her still swollen and puffy pussy mere inches from his face, “First, I love watching you struggle to control yourself! But the main reason you’re going to want to hold back is because when you cum I’m not going to turn it off. I’m going to let it keep stroking your cock for a looong time. And it’s going so slow, you’ll feel every inch rub against your sensitive head.”

She sat there and looked down at his face, watching it contort, watching the conflict within. He so desperately wanted and needed an orgasm, but he also wanted to please her by holding back. Plus from experience he knew the post-orgasm torture would be just that! It’s another one of Marie’s favorite activities and no matter how often she did it, he never got used to it. So he tried hard to resist. He knew it was a losing effort, but that was always part of her game. A part that she was currently enjoying based on the smell of her arousal. “You’re getting close, aren’t you babe? Can’t hold out much longer?”

He grunted, “Oh fuck, yes, so close…”

She moaned, “Hold out for me!” and slid forward, just enough so his mouth could reach her and begin licking. Despite her earlier orgasms she still wasn't sated and needed more. Watching him struggle was always one of her biggest turn-ons, so it wasn’t long before Marie found herself on the edge. Like Victor, she resisted the urge to give into the pleasure right away, wanting to time it so they came together. She knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. In spite of himself, Victor's hips were thrusting into the air, trying to force the machine to stroke faster, but no matter what he did it remained at the slow, methodical pace. Nevertheless he was on the razor’s edge of orgasm and finally about to tip over. He stopped licking, stopped breathing, as he sat at that edge for a few seconds until finally he felt himself explode inside of the tube that was still slowly stroking up and down.

He moaned loudly into Marie, causing her very pleasant vibrations. She smiled, but still held back, waiting for what came next. Victor’s bliss was short lived as his cock head suddenly became extremely sensitive and every stroke turned from pleasure to torture. His moans turned to yells as he tried in vain to twist his cock away from the never ending stroking. Watching and feeling his struggles pushed Marie to her own orgasm as she pulled his head into her and squeezed her thighs tight around him.

Only when his body began to tire and his screams turned into weak whines did she release her grip and roll to his side. Instead of showing mercy and turning off or removing the toy, she simply basked in her afterglow and watched Victor as he continued to deal with the post-orgasm torture. Fortunately for him, his sensitivity was lowering. At least it was until she fiddled with the controls and sped it up. His body jolted in surprise as the slow and steady quickly turned into fast and furious!

For a few more moments he whined and begged for it to stop, until suddenly it felt good again. Damn good! His whines became moans. Taking her cue, Marie massaged his chest and kissed his nipples, creating more pleasure for the tired boy. It took some time, but Victor felt himself approaching another orgasm! Not missing a beat, Marie asked, “Is my good boy going to cum again?”

“Oh god, yes Marie, may I, please?”

Instead of answering she commanded, “Tell me when you’re getting close.” Never wanting to disappoint her, he obeyed. Once he did she cut the speed in half. He moaned in frustration again. It was still enough to push him over, but she was drawing it out. After a couple minutes she slowed it down again, and then again! She kept going until it was back to the original, tortuously slow speed. He groaned, but at least knew this was still enough to force an orgasm. “Don’t forget to ask my permission.”

“Yes, Marie!” Despite how slowly it was going, he was already so close he knew it wouldn’t be long. Sure enough, a couple minutes later he began begging, “Please Marie, may I please cum? Please?”

“No.” She smiled as she shut off the machine, leaving his hard, throbbing cock buried deep inside of it, unable to obtain any friction or stimulation no matter what he tried, but since she didn’t give permission, he never tried to do anything except beg and plead in the vain attempt at changing her mind. She instead enjoyed the show, watching her broken man debase himself for the simple pleasure so many other men take for granted. Once she knew he wouldn’t have an accident she removed the toy and untied him. He immediately latched onto her, kissing her lips and neck, thanking her for the amazing experience. She sighed, “You better calm down before you make me want to tie you back down and start all over again!” Reluctantly, he obeyed and they spent the rest of the evening cleaning up and relaxing, both wondering when and what her next game would be.



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