The Way I See It

Personal Mar 5, 2021

Hello there, it's me again, Winston - here to lavish you with more words that nobody asked for, but are nevertheless, hopefully, compelled to read. Before we begin, I hope these words find you in good health.

EroFights is a wonderful place. Not only is the idea of the game extremely appealing, the one-to-one nature of the games makes it an intimate experience. Now, I wouldn't say it's better than sex, but in the age of pandemics and lockdowns, where some people are not able to interact with others, EroFights has been a perfect outlet.

As a player from the beginning, I never expected EroFights to be more than a fad. I used throwaway accounts, with the intention of playing once a day and then eventually not bothering with the game any more.

Listen, if you want to imagine this blog post as written by a gorilla, I won't blame you one bit.

Unexpectedly, I made several connections here, and because of that, I decided to make my throwaway permanent. I had made my first real contact with a human being in EroFights beyond just playing a game - I had come into contact with its community.

It's safe to say that before I made my account permanent, I viewed the players here as less - they weren't real people, they were just there to get me off. Their names weren't worthy of remembering, and they shouldn't remember mine.

I was wrong. Every player I interacted - and continue to interact with - on EF is a human being. Yes, they're horny too, but they have their own likes and dislikes beyond just sexual preferences. They laugh, they love - they're human, just as much as I am.

And as I started to talk to them, first in the Bot Arena, and then in public chats of public matches, I find myself falling in love with them, not because they were hot - we all knew that our profile pics weren't actual pics of ourselves - but because of their personalities. It's a pure type of friendship, not based on any form of physical attraction.

Things intensified as I joined the EF Discord, where a large number of the community was. I quickly realized how important EroFights was to many people here, and the friends and relationships that they have made were just as beautiful as the ones that I have developed with others.

Some of course, use EF as a means to cope with the lockdown, and as a safe refuge from reality, to escape from the real life a little - and to tell you the truth, that's what EF is for me too - an escape from the problems I have in real life.

I have seen and heard beautiful stories here in EF. I've seen friendships grow, people from real life recognizing each other, falling in love and leaving the game to start a family together. I've heard of people meeting up in real life because of this game, and are now living together.

EF is a wonderful, magical place. It's a place where people go to express their sexuality in any way they want, in a safe, online environment, without judgment.

This is partially why I asked for more responsibility from lllusion, to protect this community, to keep it safe, make it grow. Create a place where everyone can be accepted, where nobody has to be alone. To create a beautiful place to escape to, a home that you can carry in your pocket, all you have to do is look at your phone and you'll feel better.

This place is also the first contact with BDSM for many players, and as such, many misconceptions are bound to occur. I spoke once in a previous post about how people take being a dom or a sub as a definition of their lives, which I believe to be obsessive and over-the-top. Being a dominant or submissive person is just part of your personality, and it doesn't indicate your social stature in life in any way.

Online BDSM session issues such as consent and hard limits are especially important to me, and I feel that many are still immature or ignorant of how vulnerable a partner (or an audience!) can be during such sessions.

As General Manager I receive many DMs for advice on how to resolve certain problematic issues. For example, it's easy to behave like you "own" someone after a session of domming a person. Humiliating a person for submitting to you sexually is never okay, and is a betrayal of trust.

There are more serious cases where sessions and games have ended with panic attacks and mental breakdowns, and thus I cannot stress how important it is to play these games in a safe, sober environment. Sessions can be one-to-one, or with an audience, but everyone has to look out for each other and ensure that all parties have a great time together.

This is one of the reasons why we have the blog, to give the community a voice and to educate players on the finer points of online sexual conduct.

Hopefully, in doing so, people will be able to express their kinks better, so that people understand it. Then we can remove misunderstanding and misconceptions and eliminate certain negative prejudices, and to accept that we are all human, and everyone wants to be loved and accepted.

I promise to persist in pursuing this vision for as long as I am here.



I can typing :B