Congratulations To Our New Champions!

Games Oct 30, 2020

Our inaugural Spoopy Sexy Skeletons Sexfight Stravaganza tournament concluded a few days ago, and I feel like I should give you an update as to how things went! When last I left you, there were 8 competitors:

Siul vs PerfectPet:

Overseer vs Anna:

Will vs Freya:

Shaco vs Ramona:

PerfectPet, Anna, and Freya all won their matches, advancing to the finals, while Shaco saw off Ramona's challenge to represent the men in a desperate 3 v 1 situation.

With Shaco outnumbered, he would have to defeat each girl in turn, one after the other to become champion. Where once there were 32, there was now merely 4. We have advanced to the last stage of the tournament, and the stakes could not be higher.

Here's a little statistic before I tell you what happens next: during the group stages the guys won 30 matches, and the girls won 23. In the knockouts, girls dominated 3 wins to 1.

With the semi-finals totally skipped over after the ladies' crushing victory to carry them to the finals, the time came for Shaco to take on the first of his triple threats - PerfectPet.

Shaco fought valiantly, Shaco fought nobly, Shaco fought honorably.

But he still came. Twice!

You can see how it all went down here:

PerfectPet's win meant victory for the girls, allowing Anna and Freya to join her at the winner's podium as the join champions of the inaugural Spoopy Sexy Skeletons Sexfight Stravaganza tournament!

Each champion won the following, courtesy of our Admin, lllusion:
+100 coins
+1 unique finisher move

Shaco, our valiant runner-up, receives 100 coins as well, for a tournament well fought!

It has been an interesting tournament with some twists and turns, but I think we can all agree it's been a blast participating and following every tournament match! The question remains - will there be another tournament?

Well, who knows?



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