Part Two: Taste Test

Erotica Sep 14, 2022

  It had been a few hours since you had captured Glitch. You were in your second house, which was an apartment downtown near the docks. Though it wasn't really a second house, more of your "super secret supervillain lair, oh, so spooky"...

  Sitting in a comfortable armchair recliner, your legs were up while a book sat in your lap and a glass of alcohol was in your hand. Glitch was currently in a second apartment right below this one. You had sliced a hole through the floor, making it into a impromptu basement and holding cell.

 For the moment, you left your adversary-turned-sex-slave tied up and unconscious. The succubus had said the energy draining crystals may take a few minutes or hours to render her powerless - she didn't know, and neither did you. Ever the cautious one, you would wait a bit before playing with her.

  Setting down the glass, you moved to pick up the book before there was a knock at the door. Slowly setting it down, you stride over to the door. Making sure your pajamas were in order, you slowly opened the door and peeked outside...only to sigh and open the door, allowing the succubus to enter in all her glory.

  She was wearing her usual bejeweled outfit, which didn't cover much of her hot pink skin. Her glowing yellow eyes seemed to bore right into your soul as she strutted in and gently closed the door behind her. She would then focus fully on you, a wide smile appearing on her face.

 "So...did you catch her?" You let out a sigh, before nodding your head and explaining the entire plan while slowly walking back to the living room. Sitting on the edge of the chair you had been in before, you quickly finished up the story.

 The demoness happily clapped her hands together, before leaning in a bit.

  "Can I have a taste of her?" You couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. Why? "Well, I've always wanted to fool around with someone like her. I was going to do it myself, before you came knocking." Ah, so you were right. The crystals had been made specifically for the unlucky heroine - though you were still a bit wary about the succubus dealing with Glitch before you could.

  "Just...think of it as me being your food tester. Making sure she isn't poisonous, that her taste is up to your standards. And I know exactly what your standards are."

 She wiggled her eyebrows and you stifled a groan of pure annoyance. Fuckin' hell...fine. Though only for a little bit! You didn't want the demoness over all night long.

 Upon hearing these words, her face lit up like a Christmas tree and she gave you an uncharacteristic hug, "accidentally" smothering you in her inhumanly warm and bountiful breasts in the process. Luckily, she didn't keep you there for too long, allowing you to breathe and actually stay conscious, unlike the last time...

  "Thank you! And I'll only be in there for a little bit. I won't take too long, I promise." She leaned in and gave you a kiss on your cheek before walking out, knowing exactly how to get into your "basement".

 Of course she did. Rolling your eyes, you would put on some music to block out whatever sounds may end up happening before sitting back down and reading. If she wasn't back in half an hour, you would go check on them.

  A splash of freezing cold water jolted the superheroine awake. She sputtered and coughed, reflexively moving her hands to brush the liquid away and push her hair back, but her hands didn't move.

 That caused her eyes to shoot wide open, any sleepiness vanishing in milliseconds.

  She found herself in a dark room, only a few candles providing illumination. She was bound, ropes that felt as smooth as silk but hard as steel artfully encircling her body and forcing her onto her toes unless she wanted said rope to dig into her pussy: her clothed pussy - what she had been wearing when she touched down on that rooftop hadn't been removed, leaving her in a white dress, a white cape, and thigh-highs.

 The heels had vanished when her powers had, which of course made her a bit shorter. Struggling to stay up on her toes, the heroine realized three things in quick succession. The first was that she couldn't access her powers. Her ability to control technology as well and summon holograms felt like it had drained right out of her body.

  Secondly, she was very fucking horny. It felt like a tiny bullet vibrator - something that provided no more than a weak teasing sensation even on the highest setting - was attached to both her nipples and her clitoris. It also felt like pleasing shocks and tingles were coming from whatever they were, making her shiver a bit.

 Lastly, and most importantly, water didn't just appear. Someone or someone had to splashed it all over her...As if reading her mind, a clawed hand bushed her hair back, before lips gently kissed her neck.

  While a normal kiss to the neck may have made the stoic Glitch shiver or maybe moan at best, these weren't normal lips. They felt absolutely divine. It felt as if molten lust was poured right into her veins.

 Her neck felt like it was a pussy, and those lips just suckled on the clit. It redefined pleasure for her, and she knew deep down that she needed more. And she didn't moan or shiver.

 No, she screamed in pleasure, thrashing about in her restraints as if struck and uncaring about the cable that bit into her pussy. A deeply dark chuckle was heard from behind her before the creature walked into view.

 An alluring demoness, a being designed for sex and seduction like men where made to breathe air and eat food. The demoness trailed a finger along her - which caused poor Glitch to shiver in her binds - as she circled her like a shark circling their prey.

 Eventually they stopped right in front of the bound heroine, removing their finger.

  "Hello, my tasty little morsel. My name is Daemeria, but you will call me Miss or Mistress. Understand?" The heroine, one who was stoic, one who would never break, one who was stubborn and defiant to the end...slowly nodded.

 Not only because she couldn't break out, because her powers were useless. Not because she didn't know exactly what this being could do. It was truly, deep down, because she was horny.

 Too pent up to think straight in any sense of the word, so desperate for release that she would do almost anything. As if knowing exactly what Glitch felt, Daemeria giggled before starting to walk away.

  The hero opened their mouth, ready to call out. However, a ball-gag suddenly appeared in her mouth, shutting her up for good. The succubus chuckled, spinning back around.

 The demon skipped back over, raising her clawed fingers. Fear bubbled up within Glitch as the metallic looking claws caught the light, glittering like diamonds on miniature chandeliers.

 Though her worry was mostly unfounded. Her Mistress simply tore her clothes to tatters, leaving her dressed in nothing. She had also sliced through the piece of rope that was dug into her pussy.

 The crystals had fallen off, but were swiftly stuck back on near her nipples and pussy so the devious demoness could still access her erogenous zones.

  Daemeria tapped a single finger against her lips, ideas running wild through her head as Glitch was forced to silently watch. Though suddenly those yellow eyes widened and a devious smile appeared.

 She reached down, slowly rubbing a single finger along the superheroine's flower. She squealed, wiggling and writhing as her eyes locked themselves closed.

 Laughing, the demoness pulled her finger away, licking up the wetness that covered it.

  "How about we play a little game, morsel?" Glitch opened her eyes, focusing in on Daemeria who was smiling. She didn't answer, which caused the demoness to start explaining the rules: "So, I'm going to edge you over and over and over. Oh, don't look so sad, morsel. Your job is to try and cum anyways. Sounds like fun, right?"

 Glitch shook her head "no", but Daemeria just laughed at her before starting to rub her flower again.

  "If you manage to cum, I'll give you a nice reward. If you don't cum before I edge you three times, well, I'll get a reward from you." Not having much of a choice - plus it sounded really fucking hot - the superheroine gave a little nod.

  The succubus chuckled, before leaning down and allowing her tongue to hang free. Rolling out of her mouth, the appendage was almost a foot in length. Smiling, she began using what was almost a miniature tentacle to ravish Glitch's chest.

 It licked and flicked over her nipples, teasing her. The heroine could do nothing but squirm and silently moan into her gag...before letting out a yelp as the tongue was retracted and the succubus' mouth replaced it.

 Gently sucking on her before nibbling her with those pointy fangs hidden in her mouth, the pain mixed with the pleasure perfectly, heightening the sensations of her sensitive breasts.

  Her legs rubbed together. Her pussy was dripping and drooling down her thighs. Her body jerked a bit as she was teasingly bit again. Moans that would have spilled free were instead muffled by her gag.

 She could feel her orgasm building up...wait, was she going to cum just from her breasts!? Jerking more, she desperately tried to shove more of her breasts into the cunning succubus' mouth but also hoping she would touch her pussy.

 There was no such luck, though. The superheroine was slowly but surely driven closer to orgasm, only by a mouth, a tongue, and the soft buzzing crystals. Her mind was quickly growing foggy but she could feel it: she could feel the lust building up, like a wave growing larger as it grew closer to shore. She was going to cum...going to cum...going to cu-

  At the last possible second, Daemeria pulled away. Glitch whined and trashed about, thrusting her pelvis forward and desperately wishing for any contact. She could still cum! She could still go over!

 All she needed was one more touch, more more lick, one more kiss! She quickly got her wish, as the devious demoness laid her hand against her drenched pussy lips. She gently teased it with one clawed finger, drawing out muffled plaintive noises and what may have been begging. The heroine tried to move, tried to get more contact, but the demoness seemed to know every move before she made it.

  It was pure torture for what felt like eternity for the bound superhero but was maybe a minute at most. She was kept near the edge, but allowed to cool down just enough so she was no longer on it...and then her Mistress struck, slamming three fingers into her and aggressively finger-fucking her.

 Glitch cried and screamed in pure ecstasy. She was so close already! The orgasm was right there! It was within reach and...and...those now de-clawed fingers slowed down just the tiniest bit, keeping it right out of reach.

 Angry and desperate now, she struggled with all her might, trying to rip or wiggle free of the binds.

 Daemeria couldn't help but laugh as she ended her finger-fucking, pulling the digits out and licking them clean as the metal claws slowly grew back. "You're terrible at this game. Luckily for the both of us, we're almost done."

 She leaned in, fangs glistening as she smiled wide.

  "I know how to make a woman orgasm instantly." Glitch, who had been staring at her in anger, desperation, lust, and a bit of overall annoyance finally allowed herself to show some relief.

 Her eyes closed, and she let out a soft sigh which changed into a strangled laugh. Finally! This game was for nothing, and she'd be able to finally, FINALLY orgasm!

 Thank Go- Her thoughts were ripped away as the demoness slammed her spade-tipped tail directly into her vagina without any warning. She screamed without shame as it pistoned in and out of her now soaking wet slit. It was better than any dildo, any toy, and dick, any partner she had ever before!

  After the relentless dual edges mere seconds before, it wasn't long before she was pushed right over the edge...or so she thought. Right as she reached the edge, right as she took the plunge into pleasure beyond anything she had ever felt, right as she was about to explode into ecstasy that no human had experienced...

 The tail stopped, slipping free. A millisecond more and it would have been a ruined orgasm. But the sly demoness had been cheating. Reading her mind and her lust the entire time, she had known exactly what to do without pushing her over.

  As the superheroine lashed out, doing everything she could to escape or convince her captor to FINALLY LET HER CUM, she was cut down. She hit the ground on her knees, dazed as she stared up at her Mistress, the only one who could free her from this torment - the one who had made her own skimpy outfit vanish into nothing more substantial than smoke.

The demoness stepped forward, and wrapped one leg around her, while the tail that had caused so much sexual satisfaction but no release dropped down, teasing her folds.

  "Lick, and maybe I'll give you what you desire, morsel." Glitch didn't wait a single second.

  It had been an hour, an hour longer than you wanted and half an hour more than you promised. Thankfully, the room had been soundproofed. Also, you had a TV and a few magazines here.

  Watching gameshow after gameshow, you managed to beat most of the contestants time and time again even with fantasies of the hapless superheroine blowing you to orgasm after orgasm circling your mind.

Mmm...maybe use her pussy instead. Or her tits, she has a nice pair. They always seemed to bounce and jiggle so delightfully, no matter what she wore or conjured up.

 Losing track of time, your hand strayed to your waistband, sneaking inside. One quick wank wouldn't hurt...and then you heard the trapdoor fly open.

  Within seconds, you were there, a custom chrome magnum in your hand and pointed at what you thought was Glitch breaking out. It was instead Daemeria, who wasn't wearing any clothes. Who's lower half was drenched in fem-cum and actual cum, a dick that hadn't been above her pussy before slowly shrinking into nothingness. Her hair was wild, and she looked completely blissed out.

 You couldn't help but get aroused by the sight, trying to will your erection away before she decided to make you her next meal. But the succubus walked by you, only stopping to push down the barrel of the gun and close the trapdoor.

  "She's a good pussy-licker. And cock-sucker. And oh Satan are her breasts so sensitive and fun to play to fuck as well." She tossed a wink over her shoulder, and you felt your dick twitch a bit in response.

  "Anywho, I enjoyed her lust, her talents, and edged her quite a few times. Didn't let her cum though, that's your job." Walking over to the front-door, she unlatched the locks before stepping outside.

 Staring at me for a few seconds, she waved her hands and her body returned to that of a normal - if quite attractive - human female dressed like a slutty secretary.

And she also wasn't covered in cum.

"I need to go. But enjoy her to her fullest, sir." She gave a theatrical bow, before vanishing.

  Rolling your eyes, you closed the door, did all the locks, and set the gun down. You'd have to get changed really quick, but soon you'd have the woman to yourself. Finally. At last, you could have sex with your nemesis, one of the most famous heroes of Halcyon City, the beautiful superheroine named Glitch.


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