Rose & Orchid 2

Erotica Oct 19, 2022

The sound of rope falling to the ground and someone yelling in Italian are heard from beyond the curtain. Frikka jumps on the stage and bows to the crowd.

“Part 2! Yay! It is I, Frikka! Let me explain fast, before that sneaky little Roma escapes! I already told you that I run this show now! We have more dialllhmmmmppfpfff!!!!

Roma jumps from behind the curtain and tries to gag Frikka.

“As my SHORT troublesome assistant was about to say, the story is split in two parts with two different points of view. We tried to make sure you can distinguish them by putting one of them in italic and…”


Frikka turns to Roma, grabs him in a hug and smashes him on the ground before her. Roma cracks the stage and half his body disappears under it.

“This is what happens when you mess with Motherfucking Frikka “The Rock”!”

“More like “Frikka the pebble”…”

Frikka pushes Roma deeper in the hole and blows a wisp of hair off her face. She looks to the spectators. “So, We hope you enjoy the story. This is the end of the first part, but we have more in store for you… am I right, Roma?

A thumb up raises from the hole in the stage. Frikka giggles.

“And remember to tell us if you like our work: your opinions help us improve our writing. But now, let’s open the curtain and ENJOY THE STORY”

What has happened before:

I move my head closer to the head of the unknown intruder while my hand caresses her back .

“I bet you know I love competition and sexfighting” I whisper.

Our lips almost touch. I can feel her breath on my skin. Her heartbeat increases. Is that excitation, fear...or something else?

I let the zipper at her back run down, laying bare her shoulder blades first and the whole rear just a moment later.

Words I used before shoot back into my memory:

"I can feel this will be an amazing night..."

Frikka arches her back, offering her neck to me.

I kiss it, sucking her pale skin to give her a hickey. She giggles and moves her hands on me. I know what she is doing. Every movement she does, every word she says…even the tone of her voice:

All is studied to have the maximum impact. She knows what levers use on me. This is charisma at its greatest level.

A part of me is yelling that this girl is dangerous, that I should run away from her and call the security, but I cannot let this mystery made woman get away from me like this. All I can do is beat her at her own game.

"What about a challenge?" I lick her neck and elevate my gaze, catching a grimace of disappointment. Just a spark, hidden by a quick mask of humility.

“Oh, I don't know if I am that much of a challenge for such a veteran sexfighter!"

She answers promptly with an innocent grin.

"But, if you want to back down from me, I will handle that discrete. I promise!”

I leave her and just nod with a smirk to close and lock the door behind me.

I shake the key before her eyes, close my hand, move it in a circular motion to open it again and..."Puff! No more keys!”

My facial expression remains frozen.

I fight the urge to roll my eyes out of boredom for such cheap tricks.

"Wait until I've hacked your phone and find out if you are married! I´ll show you magic!" I think to myself as I put on the smile of a 6 year old in a candy store.

“ seems like your fingers are…skilled! And I like the idea of making a little bet: tell me more, Mr. Romantic!”

"We will have a sexfight!" he answers with a patronising grin.

"If you win, I will let you go as though I had never seen you. If you lose, you will have to give me all the answers you are avoiding.

"This, or you can give these answers to the security of this place. And then, to the police"

Finally he falls for the trap! I keep a perfect poker face as I purr:

“Oww!! This is a high-stakes bet indeed! But I guess i don't have that much of a choice if I don't want to leave the building in handcuffs, right?”

Romantic smirks. "Aren't you a smart one?"

The kiss is still gentle but demanding while he continues to undress me.

I move my finger along her athletic legs.

"This body deserves to be naked. It would be such a shame having it covered by clothes, don't you think?" I breath in her ear.

She lowers her face, slightly blushing…but her hands skilfully unbuckle my belt and send my trousers to the floor.

“I guess I cannot be the only one naked in a sexfight, right?” She smiles and adds:

“You know...I never done such a thing!”

I caress her face, not falling for an obvious lie even from such an angel's face.

I move my hands down and remove her biker jacket, shirt and bra, revealing magnificent breasts, with little pink nipples that quickly get erect under my touch

"I was sure you were beautiful, but this overcomes even my wildest expectations..."

I move my head down and start sucking them.

I start to shiver, surprised by his touch and the fondling of his tongue.

A wave of pleasure hits me, causing a soft moan and awakening something buried deep in my consciousness…something that makes me want to sink my nails into his skin, that mixes rage with lust and creates echoes in my mind.

But I force myself to keep the shy appearance.

“Oohh! So those are the dangerous lips all the women are talking about?”

I stroke his ego with my flattery…and put down his boxers to stroke him for real.

He moans back. I suppress a smirk I am in control,  from this point I can win this!

He kisses my nipples again and goes down, leaving a trail of kisses on my chest, on my belly and down on my legs, moving his cock out of reach. As his lips reaches my feet, my entire body trembles and I feel my panties getting wet.

The glance into my eyes is intense before Roma starts to move up with his caressing. I cover my most intimate area with my left palm before he is able to reach for it now that it’s so sensible. I must resist the urge to rub it…

I must…“Hnnngh!! Okay...I...I think I know how good your lips are now...Can we care a bit about your pleasure?”

The answer is prompt and his deep masculine voice fills the room:

"My pleasure is nothing compared to what I feel is building inside your amazing body."

He removes my hand and kisses my now uncovered sex. Teasing licks on my clit with the tip of his tongue force me to roll my eyes.

A playful but firm slap on my butt intensifies the shivering that already runs though my abdomen.

“Oh wait...that's not...aaahhww...” I press his face deeper into my crotch, getting way too excited about the sensation building up. I must fight back…I must…

Roma's victorious smile gets replaced with an expression of surprise.

Suddenly I feel a soft sensation on my manhood.

Warm and soft skin rubs gently along my shaft, rapidly working its way to the tip. I lower my sight to see that she has been able to trap my cock between her feet and is working me up with a skilled footjob.

“You think you are the only one who can play tricky?” She winks and squeezes my cock more. “Don't you cum too early tonight....that would be a waste!”

“Not so shy anymore now, huh?” I growl with a mixture of surprise and arousal as she finally drops her masquerade, just to find myself naked after a few skilled movements of her hands.

With the buttons of my shirt laying on the covers, she starts to slowly mount me, breathing hot against my throat.

Her eyes capture mine and her hips move down until she impales herself on my cock.

We both moan as she starts to gyrate and only heartbeats later, she reaches behind her and forms a claw around my balls. “I own these now!” She smirks. “Someone needs relief, I guess”

Her taunting voice drives me to both anger and excitement.

I squeeze her butt and start to spank her wild, increasing my slapping as she increases the pace of her riding. She moans. Her body trembles. Her pussy clenches around my cock... She is close, I can feel it…She is close! She…

She pushes her palms onto my chest, her fingernails dig into my skin and give her a predatory appeal. Two light blue sapphires accented by dark but modest makeup interlock with my eyes.

Her voice washes over my consciousness:

"Why don't you empty your balls for me?”

The pace of her riding goes off of the scale. Her pussy is so hot and tight…I can’t…I must…“Fuuuuck!!!” My cock releases a last drop of my precum before starting to spill my seed deep into her.

An evil little smile shines down from my lips as his load fills me up.

“Ow...did I rile that veteran sexfighter up too much?”

I purr into his ear while I pull out his cock, tormenting it by rubbing my pussy over it agonisingly slow.

"Grrrr...I am not finished yet!” he snarls, heavily breathing.

“I hope so, Mr. Malaspina! I am not done with you today! I won’t give you a second to rest!”

I sink down on his cock again, pinch his nipples and laugh as I feel him shivering below me.

“Don’t cum again so fast!

"I hate breaking new toys until I..."

I fail to finish my sentence as Romantic grabs my shoulders and turns us over, pinning me beneath his muscular body.

Still hard enough, he doesn't need much more than his constant movement to make it impossible for me to escape. "How can he still have enough energy after that sort of climax?" I think to myself, wasting valuable seconds to brace myself for the onslaught to come. Without any warning he starts to hammer his dick inside me with the persistence of a piston.

“I…cannot cum…yet…again!  Not until I gifted you a perfect orgasm!” he declares, before a dominant kiss seals his statement and robs me of all oxygen.

“Now…cum…for…me!” he demands, emphasising every single word with a hard thrust into my pussy.

Pleasure explodes inside me, overcoming my defences, my stamina, my control.

I arch my back before my hands start to drum a wild staccato on his chest muscles, trying desperately to avoid the inevitable.

“Ooohh goddddd...I am cummminng!”

I quiver from head to toe.

The following kisses catch me off guard with an overwhelming tenderness.

"I love to admire the beauty of your body during your orgasm, my dear Frikka!"

Romantic's voice float over my skin like a summer's breeze, totally free of any fret or taunt.

My thoughts race through my head as I try to regain my composure.

"What the fuck am I doing? I am no damn teenager with her first crush! Yet, I caress his hair and lead his head down on me, spreading my legs voluntarily!

Romantic's gentlemanly attitude and his flattery works like a spreading poison on me!

I start to tease her pussy with my tongue.

Slow but intense licks all the way over her marvellous kitty fill my mouth with the enticing scent of our lovemaking.

“Damn...those lips...”

She whimpers under my mean little provocations and closes her thighs around my head slowly.

I enjoy the conflict between her will to fight and the sweet agony of having to surrender to my superior skills. My hand leaves red marks on her peachy butt as I give her some firm spanks, aiming to push her mind into that dangerous but all so sweet abyss of capitulation.

"Yes! Yes fuck! Oh god more! Noo! Nononono!!"

Her moaning and lamenting feeds my overconfidence.

The cocky smile on my face shows my joy of letting her ride the bliss. A joy that is buried deep in my essence – overriding my own urge to feel pleasure and to cum.

“I will make you explode, Frikka!" I promise to her.

"I want this be the night of your pleasure"

Too late I realise that even if I play with her body and her lust expertly, she still has more control than I thought!

Her thighs trap my head as her feet interlock behind my back. With such a perfect lever it's easy for her to roll me onto my back and taking over the initiative. I feel her hands grabbing a fistful of my hair, tugging my head back while I still lick her perfectly bare slit eagerly.

“No…this will be my night!" I hear her voice muffled but clear enough to feel the determination it transmits and after just a few seconds a cat like motion makes her slip down on me again, freeing my head in exchange for trapping my hips with her legs.

"You will cum for me!"

She moans into my face as her lower lips engulf my sensitive tip, shoving it deeper inside her in a tantalising manner.

"I must act! I will not be able to endure this for long!" My mind screams words of warning through a cloudy consciousness.

I grab her hips and give her the hardest bottom fucking I am capable of.

"I will not cum...I will endure...I will uncover your mystery, you gorgeous Frikka!"

I moan out, maybe more to ensure myself but to convince her while she screams her lust out but still keeping her composure with terrifying efficiency.

My breath runs low and the mass of sensations forcing fake halos into my view as her face shows a final will to conquer besides all the lust and exhaustion.

Her hips increase the speed to an unbearable hard fuck as she rock back and forth on my drooling cock. I start a last desperate attempt to stop her but all of the sudden our eyes meet.

Those eyes!

Even filled with lust, there is something more…something hidden deep down inside.

It’s like they are commanding me to obey, surrender and accept my defeat while shooting my load one final time.

Her lips are close. Her words fill my head...

“Go on, Roma…find that sweet relief!!”

As her lips touch mine, I close my eyes and all levees break. The defeat is absolute and the orgasm takes possession of my body and mind.

My skin is covered with sweat all over and I am breathing like a ran for my life for at least 30mins straight. The fight for dominance took a huge toll from me but I finally emerged victorious and the certainty about it slowly seeps into my thoughts.

He is helpless, lost in his own bliss and not able to stop me anymore. My brain switches back to tactical in an instance. Time to capitalise on this!

My smile becomes evil from the idea of what's to come! A fast grasp for my jacket gets me in possession of my handcuffs and in just a heartbeat he finds himself with his hands behind his back. That will give me a big enough head start to leave this snake pit calmly. I dress while whilst never breaking eye contact with the oh-so-virtuous nobleman...who kneels naked, bound and out-fucked in a brothel office, his flagging cock still drooling on the carpet.

Taking a copy of his phone data only takes a moment and there are already interesting contacts that may be worth calling later.

A good sip of whiskey fills my mouth while I kneel before Romantic. A deep french kiss floods his mouth with the expensive fluid and leaves an unspoken statement while a firm grip in his hair keeps his head where I want him to be.

He pants, defenceless and cuffed. His beaten-puppy expression almost makes me feel pity.


"P-please...cum for me...once more" He stammers totally exhausted.

“Not this night, love!” I whisper into his ears.

“I have some debts to pay,” I set a kiss on my fingertips and place it on his half erect cock.

"This is not over, you know it!" he says as he tries to move forward, but fails because of the handcuffs.

"Next time I will take you. I will look for you even at the end of the world!"

“I hope so…" I repeat teasingly with a wink. "But for now...time to get lost in the mist!"

As I retrieve my helmet at the cloak room, I toss the young employee the keys and ask with a wink: "Do you want to earn 100 bucks? Grab some of your colleagues and have a look in the office down the aisle." He nods dutiful but I don't leave any opportunity for questions and leave this shady place with a mean little grin, carrying the info I stole before in my pocket safe and secure.

First mission accomplished but this battle hasn't even started yet properly!

My visor mirrors the lights of the passing by cars while the sky clears up. "Now you know me, Romantic. Your turn!"

The back tire burns a long black trail onto the pavement before I shoot into the night.



A gentleman with the passion for writing and roleplay. If you have ideas or commissions for short stories hit me up!