Classic mode - shower scene

Guides Sep 30, 2023

Rinses twice as clean!

The stressful summer slowly fades so we finally find some time to focus a little more on the cosy things in life. What better time to grab your partner and jump into a hot steamy shower

Up until now you may have had the situation that your roleplay partner decided to leave you alone and enjoy the pleasurable comfort of the shower all by themself.

This is of course both selfish and a horrible waste of valuable resources, so your Classic mode maintainers acted in all good conscience and built:

The shower scene!

What would a presentation be without a charming co-host? Exactly! Greasy!

Therefore I spared no expenses and requested the aid of the most eloquent, experienced and literate member of the whole mod team:

This half-full bottle of conditioner.

Mr. Conditioner! Thank you for coming. Would you like to present the new features to our audience real quick?

Conditioner: splotch

Frikka: Yeah. That's indeed a huge change!

Players are now able to enter the scene by choosing the "get into the shower" action.

This action can appear when your opponent reaches 50 desire. You'll need a little bit of steamy sentiment at least to lure them out of their clothes, right?

The initiating player loses all their clothes while their opponent is in the comfortable situation to lean back, watch the show and decide if they want to get naked and join, or just wait outside the bathroom and keep their undies.

Everything in classic mode is a trade-off, so clenching to your pants may leave you at a disadvantage, but one thing is for certain: A refused invitation won't return.

You can only hit the shower once per game.

Sex in the shower is often intense and wild so expect some action that will drive your pleasure up fast.

Don't expect bots to follow you into the shower, by the way.

Not only do they cheat whenever nobody is watching and are afraid of water, the architecture of the scene will send them running as soon as you touch the tap.

Conditioner: spotch!

F: Oh, that's right Mr. Conditioner!

I almost forgot to mention that you won't be able to make your opponent cum in the shower, so you better watch out for that sweet point in time where you both just "want to fuck each others brain out" and leave the shower.

This will be possible once your opponent reaches 50 pleasure and 8 cum overdrive, so just the second when you usually present those cum tests to challenge your opponents stamina, wearing a devious smile.

Now you are aware of all the details of the scene, so let me give a word of advice about enhancement proposals and new actions.

At the moment we have ~15 actions that are all balanced for each gender.

That means we possess actions that have the same stats, every gender just has a different image & text to make it more fun and varying.

This concludes in the shower scene being 100% fair but also requires a bit of "book keeping."

Unlike the rest of classic mode, new actions will only be accepted if the availability for all genders is equally guaranteed and there has been consultation with me so I can keep the overview.

This is a bit more of a hassle than normal but I hope it won't stop all of you creative and lewd people from contributing so we can swill all players of all genders sooner or later.

At the moment the scene is available for male vs. female and also for female vs. female play.

If there is a need to extend the availability more, feel free to dm me to make it happen collaboratively. :)

I hope that everybody enjoys the shower scene, classic mode in general and this creative community who laid the foundation for this new feature.

Last but not least I want to thank Alex, the dungeon master of the infamous Bad End Battle mode for tutoring me about the "scene" mechanics.

His patience was as limitless as the stench of his orks who could really use a shower! ;)




After falling in love with the EF community and spending way too much time with chatting and rpĀ“ing, I decided to help out a little with texts and alike. :)