The Americas Tournament Round 1 Summary

Games Jun 12, 2021

Round 1 wrapped up in such a whirlwind, you could have missed it if you blinked!

But fear not, for I am on hand to provide you with the details of the first set of exhilarating matches.

Our first match took place between Jessica Barton, taking on Ben Bravo!

These two made a stunning entrance as they came on, each determined to use the other as a stepping stone to greatness. Erotic teasing takes place as they undress each other, followed by fondling each other, almost unable keep their hands off each other.

Soon, they were all over each other, fucking rough in the ring, doing their utmost to get each other off, between passionate missionary and face fucking, giving it all to dominate the other. As the battle heats up, Ben pins Jessica to the floor, standing on her head and pounding her hard. But she resists and retaliates, launching a twerk job, leading to Ben’s first cum of the game.

But the plot twists again, with Ben relentlessly pounding her into Aheago, making her cum all over his chest! The two fighters then go at it, making the audience feel their wanton desire as they fuck each other mercilessly, each of them resisting multiple cum tests as they fight on. As the finale drew near, Ben got Jess under her, pinning her in place with his foot once again. And this time, he fucks her to orgasm, claiming victory and his prize, as he ties Jessica up for some playtime with the audience!

View the fight (and all of its salacious RP) here.

The second match was a show stopper, with JayJay taking on Gwen!

Jay went in with supreme confidence, whilst Gwen matched that point for point, as well as turning up the brat dial just a little bit. The dirty talk was wonderful and neither of them were backing down. Cock was sucked, Gwen took Jay’s face for a ride, the back and forth was wonderful.

Then, an early lead was taken as Gwen used her delicious ass to Twerk Job Jay to the first orgasm of the match. But Jay is no pushover and fought back hard, fucking Gwen rough and deep in front of a mirror, making her watch as she was railed to orgasm. With a 69% chance of cumming... Nice.

As Jay licks her pussy, ruining her orgasm, she recovers and jumps on Jay, naughty talking as they fuck. And Jay feels it, cumming hard again inside her, leaving Gwen the victor of this fight!

See all the sexy details here.

The third match saw Shirley taking on Trevor!

These two waste no time, kissing and straddling each other as soon as the fight begins, teasing each other eagerly as they play. Shirley is stripped fast, gagged with her panties but nothing slows her down as she makes her move when Trevor is stripped as well, pressing their naked bodies together with wild abandon.

As the duel gets fired up, Shirley launches the offensive, yet Trevor resists and fights back, only to also be resisted as our sexfighters give as good as they get. Shirley plays a risky cum test, with outstanding results, forcing Trevor to cum hard. Trevor counters with a mating press but Shirley takes it, putting Trevor in a dangerous position!

Reeling from this, Trevor tries to cool off but Shirley wants more, going after him quickly. In turn, she pays for this as Trevor fucks her to orgasm with her head under his foot. Both fighters now panting with unbridled arousal, they attack each other, with Trevor trying to push her over the edge, only to be resisted and find Shirley swooping down, sucking his cock hard... and draining it, taking this match as her own!

Watch the teacher at work here.

Up next saw Mara taking on Felix in the fourth match of round 1.

Teasing ensues as clothes are ripped open and off, kissing and stripping each other as the fight unfolds. Before long, some threesome action takes place as Mara calls on her friend, Becca, to try and keep Felix down. Soon, Felix is making Mara suck him deep, using her mouth as he sets the pace. But Mara sneaks in an early cum test and it succeeds, to the surprise of all, making Felix surrender his orgasm at an early stage of the game.

Taken aback, Mara strikes quickly and presents Felix a collar to wear. Despite being offered this, he takes her and fucks her hard, trying to make her cum. With effort, Mara tries to hold out but is made to cum hard. After this, she’s insatiable, needing more and more as she fucks and gets fucked by Felix, futilely trying to cool and slow her down, all while she does the exact opposite.

Felix soon finds himself in a reach around hand-job... And Mara's hand proves to be too much as she forces his second and last cum of the match! The post match saw Mara placing the aforementioned collar onto Felix as she leaves him needy for more.

To see this sizzler of a battle, click this bad mofo of a link right here.

Our fifth match pitted Michael against Isabelle!

Wasting no time in teasing each other and breaking out some rope, the fighters get warmed up nicely as the audience settles in for the show. The flirtatious nature of Isabelle gets turned up to 11 and stays there with every move she makes, though Micheal takes and then gives just as good as he gets.

Then from teasing, Michael phones a friend and takes Isabelle to town, despite being under the spell of her jaw dropping beauty. More teasing follows as the sexfighters start to get rougher with each other, building up the sexual tension second by second. After enough warming up, Michael launches his first attack, trying to break Isabelle. But she resists, taking it in her stride. He fucks her hard and holds her throat, only to resist again.

Isabelle rides him hard but he holds out, though he is dangerously close to the edge now. But with a stellar ert, he fucks her hard on all fours and her pussy can’t take it, cumming hard for him then and there! Not taking that laying down, she mounts Micheal and desperately fucks him with her ass, succeeding with a risky (and one of my favourite to see) cum test and making him cum hard. Isabelle fights back with a bridge blowjob, failing to make her opponent cum, despite all the odds stacked against him.

Almost fucking her into annihilation, she finally caves and cums once more, granting victory to Michael in this tournament battle!

See the fight in full right here.

As we approach the end of the first round of matches, we see Diane battle against Big Jay!

Twas a glorious sight, these two in action. Getting each other stripped as quickly as possible, they soon had hands and mouths all over each other, with Jay putting Diane’s mouth to very good use as she teases him relentlessly. Sliding up a gear, she grinds her hips as they fuck, trying to take his cum. But alas, this tactic failed.

Rather than taking a moment, she instead turns around and blows him hard, making him cum to her talented mouth. Micheal strikes back as he fucks her in front of a mirror, making her watch herself cum hard as the scores become even between opponents.

They fuck hard back and forth, working up a frenzy until Diane wraps her tits around Michael’s shaft, tit-fucking him into submission and defeat!

See these two duke it out right here.

Match number 7 saw Katie The Great fight Ben Steele!

Plenty of trash talk starts up as soon as the fighters take the stage, and Katie is stripped to her underwear within the first few minutes of the match. And from there, they just explode with sexual energy, pounding and sucking and spitroating Katie as they let loose and seemingly try to destroy one another. Soon, Ben takes Katie and fucks her harder, using her tight holes at his leisure as she can’t take it, cumming hard all over him as her first orgasm puts her at a disadvantage.

Despite being overwhelmed with desire, she gets Ben into a messy blowjob and keeps on the assault, but Ben isn’t ready to release his load just yet. Soon, Katie is able to ride his dick to orgasm, leveling the playing field as she falls deeper into lust due to Ben weaving some magic with his words. He keeps that up, driving Katie wild.

I thought that this was it for her... then the fates intervened. Getting into reverse cow girl, she rides him insanely hard and, to the surprise of Ben and all, he unloads inside her and loses this match to Katie!

See this epic battle as it happened right here.

A tiebreaker match came about! Well, we can’t let all our fighters through.

And in this event, Big Jay and Diane took to the ring to see who would come out on top.

We know these two don’t waste time and they proved it here, getting undressed quick so they had easy access to each other’s bodies. Diane’s mouth had won her victory previously, yet Jay was eager to feel her lips around his hard cock! The teasing went on, with pussy tasting and dick licking a plenty, our fighters got each other well and truly warmed up.

The fight began as each fighter tried to dominate the other, as Diane resisted the first cum test of the match. Diane then goes for a kill with her mouth but Jay holds back, keeping the frenzy going. Two more intense tests, one for each fighter, and still nothing. Each of them, so close to release. Diane gives it her all with a back seat driver position, making Jay cum all over her face! Jay took a moment to rest, only to find Diane giving him a messy blowjob, determined to milk him dry. Jay resists and gets Diane down, choking and fingering her until she can’t hold it, cumming hard and screaming her desire to the stars.

Needing to take a break, she plays defence as Jay closes in for the kill. They tease each other as they plan their moves. Then, Diane strikes and wraps her tits around Jay’s thick shaft, stroking up and down until he loses himself in an orgasmic haze, making Diane the victor!

See this sexual battle in full right here.

Next up, we saw Luan take on Chaste. Strap in for this one...

This battle sets the scene at a villa, where the elite of the NA invitational gather for round 2. And waiting for Chaste to arrive is Luan, both fighters ready to fight and fuck to get into the next room. Luan takes swift action, moving in fast as Chaste responds in kind, noticing cameras that broadcast to our audience as she retaliates. The story unfolds beautifully as the fight progresses, with both sexual gladiators giving everything they have.

The teasing and pleasure torture between these two is erotic to the core, with clips on clits, ass and pussy smacking galore. They were taking it to another level, using each other’s bodies to drive each other wild, with Chaste getting a mouthful a fair few times. An asshole stretched, a pussy spanked with a riding crop, Chaste was put through the ringer pretty early on. Soon, Luan fucks Chaste on all fours and tries to make her submit, but Chaste just needs more of him. They fuck each other relentlessly, Chaste gets cuffed, yet still manages to move her body to fuck back as hard as she gets it. Damn, she’s flexible.

Soon, she gets her thighs around his member and thigh-jobs him to orgasm! Luan tries once more to fuck her to orgasm but somehow, despite the lewd moans escaping her, she resists and keeps fucking back. But Luan doesn’t take this laying down and fucks her hard against a window, making her cum hard for the delight of the audience. Soon, both our sex-fighters are recovering, taking breaks and cold showers to recover.

Chaste jumped at the chance to drain him, engaging him in an eye contact blowjob. Despite his best efforts, Luan can’t hold it and unleashes his load for Chaste to swallow. After an epic and long battle, Chaste emerges the winner!

You need to see this one and all the details can be found (and drooled over) right here.

Now, for the last tie breaker of round 1, due to some reshuffling, Chaste took on Luan a second time to see who would progress to round 2!

Meeting a few days after thier match, Chaste meets Luan in his hotel room and is immediately groped and stripped as our sex hungry fighters touch and tease each other within moments of meeting. As with the last match, both players took advantage of the in built sounds that EF offers, letting players hear the sounds of spanking and cock sucking as Chaste and Luan went at each other.

Chaste soon seems to lose herself, begging Luan to fuck her, forgetting the match and just fuck her hard right then and there. A cunning ploy to lull him into a false sense of security? Or a complete lack of inhibition and a need for her opponent's cock? Regardless of which way it could be deciphered, Luan presses the advantage and fucks her like a sex slave, making her cum hard on his big, thick cock. Enjoying the afterglow, Chaste launches a risky move, desperately trying to make him cum with her tight ass, which Luan just cannot resist.

Both players rest and recover from their intense orgasms, teasing each other once more as they build up to the final blow. Both players give it to each other, just fucking hard in a frenzied rush to make each other cum, neither one of them giving ground. Chaste then gets on Luan’s cock, giving him a twerk job as she fucks him hard, dirty talking in his ear, telling him it’s fate that he cum in her pussy. She must be psychic, as Luan can’t take it and cums inside her, letting Chaste use him until she is the winner, advancing herself and her team to round 2 and concluding the battles of round 1!

See it all unfold right here.

Round 2 is already under way, so watch this space as I bring you all the hot, sexual battles as we watch out sex fighters cum... and cum... and cum... I’m TG and I’ll see you next time!



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