The December Sexfight Invitational continues!

Games Dec 20, 2020

Exciting times and fights are everywhere as we enter the second leg of the tournament! Due to the tie between teams A and B, both teams selected a champion to duke it out one last time to declare a winner!

Team B jumped in first and announced Little Laura as their champion, whilst Team A made it spicy and chose Amber to make this a girl on girl sexfight! Amber suffered some bad luck in her previous bouts but that all came to an end when she took home the win! Between collaring each other and some intensely sexy action, followed by poor Laura being shown who was boss, this was an epic tie break battle!

From there, the brakes were off as the next fight was announced. The A-Team would take on The Dream Team in our second part of the tournament, with Amber coming in hot off her victory to take on Maverick!

You may remember, Mav was on an a fiery hot win streak of 6:0! And he was determined to go for lucky number 7. BUT FATE HAD OTHER PLANS!

Amber took it to him, feeling the adrenaline rush of victory after her last bout. Mav pulled one orgasm from her but she proceeded to rock his world and tear apart his win streak! Well done to Amber for the most sensational cumback!

Mav then took to the floor for his final match against BDSM Stacy!  

She was eager to make him cum and secure the win The A Team, solidifying their lead. But it was not to be! Mav’s streak may have been broken but he is a damn sexual Tyrannosaurus and put Stacey in her place! Amazing dirty talk, some strong cum test resists, both fighters giving it all for the honour of their team! Plus some of Mav’s LEGENDARY oral skills and hard fucking left poor Stacey admitting defeat and being tied and left on display!

The following day saw Amber return for battle against Sluttyslut! The battle was short and sweet and oh so sexy! With sensual dirty talk and teasing, Amber then went on the assault with a number of cum tests that Slutty resisted, giving him the chance to return the favour. Amber took the first orgasm with her feet, whilst Slutty used his fingers and tongue to level the playing field. But it was Amber’s mouth that sealed the victory for her and The A Team!

We then saw Shaco take on Bella, with no holds barred as the two went at each other almost from the very start! Trash talk and hard fucking, Bella took the first cum but Shaco immediately returned the favour, then shortly secured the win with a thorough pounding, bringing the overall score to 4 - 1 for The A team!

The last couple of hours, as I type this at 3am, December 19th, 2020, saw the conclusion of battle between Team captain of the Dream Team, Alissa, take on Shaco in his second tournament match. The first meeting of two sexfight titans, this was going to be an epic match!

Both fighters seemingly forgot the tournament was even a factor, they were both far more interested in enjoying each other as the sexual battle waged on! The chemistry between these two was electrifying and it was intense when Alissa took the first orgasm! Shaco fought back and licked Alissa so good, she couldn't hope to resist and the give and take in between them before the end was perhaps the most arousing thing I’ve read in recent weeks!  

Alissa finally brought the battle to an end, milking Shaco and scoring the win for The Dream Team!

The after battle fun was just the icing on this delicious cake as both fighters kept going until there were both sated fully. Until the next time anyway.

With only 3 fights left in this tournament, who will be crowned the winner?! What amazing duels will unfold as we progress?! Find out right here at the next update, which will see the culmination of this epic sexfight invitational!



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