The End of Chastity And This Short Journey.

Personal Nov 28, 2020

The 19th of October marks the 17th day of Chastity and this cage. Sadly, I was unable to wear it for too long before some pain kicked in, more than I've been accustomed to since this started.

It is a shame but will hopefully only be for a short while whilst I let my balls relax. I'm maybe over reacting but I'm not risking permanent damage.  

So. It's been... interesting. Highs and lows. Highs where I'm so horny, may brain is tortured by it and I can't think of anything apart from wanting to rip the cage off and give myself a damn coating of cum.

Lows where my horny drive is basically turned off and the cage may as well not be on because I'm so damn used to it. I didn't expect this to happen in my first experience wearing it, I thought I would just be frenzied the entire time.

But this is a learning experience, one that I'm mostly happy to have undertaken. I must thank those that have gone out of their way to keep me incensed and my horny levels high, namely the wonderful Miss Rose and the amazing EvilThorn and Nao. Of course, all of you pervs in the NSFW channels do a great job as well.  

Towards the middle of my imprisonment, things became impossible to bear. I've a couple other friends who like to tease me and also RP with, the kind of RP where imagining it makes your toes curl. And your cock hard, if it bloody could, in my case.

Concentrating on just about anything other than my blue balls and twitching cock has been a challenge. The sudden drop the following day was not pleasant, as it also affected my mood, making me feel pretty damn depressed.

Since I already struggle with my mental health, this was an uninvited guest into my mind. But perseverance is important and I recovered after a day or so. Trying new things has been on my to do list since quarantine but I keep putting it off, so the sudden emergence of being caged was a shock to the system.  

I still can't explain why I love being teased in this situation, having so many salacious images into my DMs and wound up with all the things that make me practically drool. I could probably play it safer and not broadcast that I like it.

But then, where would the fun in that be? Mental torture and teasing seems to be my thing. Everything in the past was all physical, which was great, it had a mental affect during and after.

But just the mental affect on its own seems to make me happy. Giddy, even. And horny as well, obviously. Otherwise, what would be the point? I think after this, the next step will be to look into more forms of mental torture to partake in, see if it all has a similar effect.

Or maybe even find something so new, the very prospect of it makes my jaw hit the floor...

I don't know what the future holds but I am certainly looking forward to a long break from the cage. November will not be happening, due to my 'get out of jail free card', so apologies if anyone was looking forward to another month of it.

I'll be sure to talk about any new ideas I find and I'm always open to suggestions. But for now, I'll set my sights on finishing out the month. I'm not happy I've had to take the break. Actually, I'm pretty upset with myself.

I know it's important to be safe and I know my limits but I was really hoping this wouldn't be a problem. Just a reminder of my hang ups, which is not something that I'd recommend focusing on, especially if you are like me and can't really see anything good about yourself, even on your better days. But I digress.

I'm not sure where the chastity journey will go beyond this month, or if I'll ever even experiment with it again. I hope I will, I'm not keen on letting limitations get in the way of expanding my mind.

Learning more is always good, even if you need to push yourself hard to make it happen. I find you don't learn the harder lessons unless you're pushed.  

Tuesday, 24th November - Update

Okay, this project got somewhat sidetracked. And it ended with some degree of sadness. I was not able to wear the cage for too much longer and simply had to abstain from touching for the rest of the month. Not as easy as it may sound.

But I saw the month out with no orgasms and shortly after the month was over, I was able to release all that tension in a very... amazing way. More on that another time.

Locktober was tough for a whole bunch of reasons. It being my first one, the first time I was in a cock cage. But the toughest part was realizing that, without the right kind of chastity, I very likely won't be able to do it ever again.

Cock cages and me aren't made for each other. Literally. I would need a male version of the chastity belt or something custom made for my... situation. And I have a couple ways I could afford to do that. Option one, rob a bank.

I'll need a crew, any volunteers?

Option two, I start an OnlyFans page and hope that I can seem sexy to enough people to raise the necessary funds. I don't see either of those plans working out all that well. So, no more cages for me.

The cage I have will likely be disposed of and I'll have to rely on sheer force of will if I were to have to not touch myself for whatever reason. It saddens me that I have had to make this choice as I was determined not to let this beat me.

But when it comes to anything kinky, you have to listen to your body and your good common sense if it's a task you are doing yourself.  But I'd rather make the right decisions and have minor regrets than have massive regrets that cannot be fixed because I made the wrong choice.

At the end of the day, it is what it is and I am, realistically, no worse off for it. It was still an amazing experience and I don't regret any of it, merely that I couldn't do the whole month. There are worse things to regret.

So, that was my journey. I simply must say special thank you to Evilthorn and Nao and Miss Rose again, all of whom delighted in teasing me during the course of my caging.

Especially so to Miss Rose, who sent me the loveliest porn that targeted nearly all my weak points every day I was locked up. And still sends some amazing content over today. How one person can amass so much good porn, I may never know.

And an extra special thanks to the luscious Littlesass, who started this whole thing by caging me when some edging went horribly wrong.

I take away the positives of the experience and choose not to dwell on the negatives. I am just lucky I dodged NNN as well. Thank you all who take the time to read this, it's been fun and I look forward to the next big journey, whatever it may be.

To all you good boys and girls who are still going strong in NNN. Stay strong! The end is in sight! To all of you that have already lost. Better luck next year. Give yourselves a spanking for failing and get to training!

And to absolutely everyone, may your days be happy and horny, your nights wild and wicked and your lives filled with everything you ever wanted and hoped for.



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