The EroPets Tournament!

Games Feb 24, 2022

Hey everyone! As you may or may not know, EroFights has quite an active tournaments scene, and we host several tournaments throughout the year! This time however we have decided to try out a new type of tournament - EroPets!

Let's break it down, shall we?


  • This tournament begins with 8 teams of 2 players of the same gender.
  • There will be 4 male teams and 4 female teams.
  • One player will be designated the Master, and the other the Pet.
  • All of them must be bisexual or can play as cross-gendered characters.
  • Registrations are handled in our official tournament thread on Reddit.
  • Signups end on 4th of March.
  • Tournament is aimed to be finished by mid-April.

Essentially, its a doubles tournament, with the Master as the team's captain. But wait, there's more!


  • In Round 1, teams will battle in Classic Mode, Master vs Master, Pet vs Pet.
  • The winning team will progress to the next round.
  • The losing team's Pet will join the winning team.
  • The losing team's Master is eliminated.
  • From Round 2 on, the Master will choose the order in which their Pets battle.
  • Other game modes will be introduced as the tournament progresses.

Losing Pets progress with their new Masters through the tournament! Sounds good, right? Well, not really. There are still penalties for losing...


  • For each loss, a Pet must pick one of the following punishments...
  1. Edge 3 times for each time you and your Master came during the round.
  2. X days of chastity/denial after the tournament (X being the number of time you and your Master came during the round).
  3. 30 spanks!
  4. 2 ruined orgasms!
  5. Masturbate in a public place!
  6. Don’t wear underwear for the next day.

  • In addition, each Pet from the losing team will have to add one of these rules for the remainder of the competition.
  1. Edging slut : Edge once each time a cum test is used against your team.
  2. Team spirit : You need to cum once for every cum success against your team.
  3. Stress relief : Each time your team loses, you get spanked 10 times.
  4. Support items : You get to carry the support items for your team. Too bad you don't have pockets. You need to wear a plug/dildo for all the games of your team. (If you can't see it live, wear it for the duration of the game ex: if the game was 90 mins long, wear it 90 mins).
  5. I swear I did my best : 1 week of chastity / denial after the tournament per loss.
  6. Crawling ad : Your Master writes something on your body (non-permanent).
  7. Leashed pet : Your Master wants to keep you close by, wear a leash for all your games and each time you’re watching one from your team. Master can choose to pull on it when they want.
  8. Who needs armor anyways : Play your matches fully nude.

  • If a Pet's team loses a second time, they must also choose one of the following:
  1. Dubious loyalty: You change Masters as you change panties. Loyalty isn't really a concept to you. For the next round, you consider even the members of the opposing team as your teammates. So each punishment that involves "your team" involves all players.
  2. Pathetic loser : Denied 3 days for each loss your team suffers in the next round.
  3. Edging frenzy : You can't help yourself, you're just so damn horny. You will edge twice for each cum test of the following round. But you can't cum unless your team won the game.

  • And the losing Pets in the final round? Well.... they have to pick one of these:
  1. Edge 15 times for each loss on your team.
  2. 2 weeks of chastity/denial (on top of what you may have earned before)!
  3. 100 spanks!
  4. 5 ruined orgasms!
  5. 2 ruined orgasm followed by 5 mins of post-orgasm torture!

Also, they'll need to add [winning Master's name]'s pet" to their EF profile name for the next month. But don't think you got let off that easy! You also have to choose one of these to apply for your next 10 games:

  1. Yes Master : You will address everyone as Master/Sir or Mistress/Madam
  2. I play to lose: You love to lose, and you crave it. After each loss on EF, you'll edge 3 times for each cum success you had and end it with a ruined orgasm. I'd say you deserve it but you probably love this too don't you?
  3. Caged pet : 2 days of denial / chastity for each loss.
  4. Pain slut : How can it hurt so much and feels so good? For each cum success you will add a little pain, I'll let you decide what to do (spanks, nipple clamp or twisting, CBT...)


So! That was a pretty extensive list of punishments... but to the victors go the spoils!

  • If any Pet loses in all rounds of the tournament, they will also receive the "Ultimate Loser" badge, as well as 50 edges and a ruined orgasm... pathetic.
  • The winning Master of the tournament will receive a “True Master/Mistress” badge, 100 coins and a signature move for the mode of their choice.
  • The Pet who started the tournament on the winning team will receive the “Starter Pet” badge, 100 coins and a signature move as well.
  • All the other Pets on the winning team in the final round will receive 30 coins.

Sounds fun, right? Now all you have to do is sign up on Reddit! To qualify for the tournament, you need:

  • At least 10 games played overall in Classic, Hentai and Wrestling .
  • Match logs must be turned on.
  • All matches and match logs must be public.
  • RP is mandatory.
  • Set your character to bisexual or post your crossgender character.
  • The action preference system must be disabled.
  • Failure to have match logs turned on, failure to RP, and failure to keep the action preference system disabled will result in instant disqualification and a year's ban from future tournaments.



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