The Fall of a Champion: Part 3

Erotica Sep 1, 2021

Laid bare before the crowd, sprawled on the ropes like a discarded towel, Clara tried to get her bearings, with limited success. Gabi and Shiky’s relentless teasing wouldn’t stop, their touches and licks of her breasts just got her hotter, despite how thoroughly exhausted she was. Now, TG stood before her, his hard cock in his hand, ready to slide into her. Barely able to speak, she looked up at him, knowing that there was no point in trying to escape. She had lost her title and this was the sentence until her Mistress and new champion was satisfied.

Pressing his cock against her hot, wet slit, he moaned softly as he held onto her waist and slid into her slowly, spreading her pussy lips as he took pleasure in watching her face react to the feeling of being filled. Once inside her, he started to thrust slowly, then rougher, as she bounced off of him against the ropes and turnbuckle. Clara’s lewd moans echoed in the ring, despite having screamed in ecstasy not long before that. Grunting in pleasure, he starts thrusting faster and harder, using her as a sex toy, as Neko climbs around the turnbuckle, taking her wrists and binding them with cuffs behind it, securing her in place. Spread and bound, all Clara could do was take it and moan, her overly sensitive pussy gripping TG’s dick as he railed her in the corner.

Winston and Neko lowered themselves down and tended to the fallen champ's feet, licking along her soles, from toe to heel, their cocks bouncing in arousal at both the sensation and the sounds she gave as she tried, by instinct, to thrust her hips back to meet TG’s, who kept pumping into her. Grabbing her face, he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply, his tongue swirling in her mouth as his cock throbs inside her tight pussy, moaning into her mouth as she bounces helplessly.

Between the rough fucking, the teasing from the two ladies at her breasts and the licking of her feet, she couldn’t form a thought. It’s like they weren’t going to stop until they completely broke her. Being pushed closer to the edge, she broke the kiss only to try and breathe between pleasured moans, her body tingling with lust as her chest heaved with exertion, struggling just to be as she was fucked and toyed with mercilessly.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum again… I can’t… FUCK!!!”

No fight left in her, no fire to stoke, no will to stop this, she cums hard all over TG’s cock, gushing her lewd juices all over both him and herself, panting and cursing in French as he kept fucking her through orgasm, refusing to let her settle back down. Meanwhie, the ladies that had been caressing her breasts had started sucking her nipples shortly after she came, starting the cycle of pleasure and arousal all over again before it even had a chance to stop.

Winston and Foxy kept at her feet, sucking her toes whilst Neko whispered sweet nothings in her ear, kissing and biting her neck as she tried to garner some control of her ravaged body, some small part of her still defiant, thinking that if she can get through this, she could take another shot at the title…

Such thoughts were pushed out fast as TG pumped his cock into her faster, going like a piston as he reached the edge. Growling as he fucker her raw, his cock throbbed harder than ever as they locked eyes, the lust and intent clear to all. Pressed against her hard, he grunted as he came inside her, filling her with his load as she moaned deeply, feeling her pussy clench as she was filled. Slowing his thrusts, he kisses her again, before ever so slowly pulling out and stepping back to admire her.

“Mmmf. See you again soon maybe… Neko! Tag in!”

Jumping over the ropes, Neko appears in front of her, naked and ready to take over. Before any words can be said, Neko slides into her, making her scream as she’s filled again. Gabi and Shiky run their hands all over Clara’s gorgeous body as she bounces against the turnbuckle once more, getting railed in the corner so hard the ropes threatened to come loose. TG leaned against another corner, content to watch the salacious show continue. Across from that corner and the former champion's ‘adoring fans’, Alya had been joined by Sasha and Mara, who had found that finger fucking their new champion as they watched the sheer, unbridled sexual destruction taking place as a good way to pass the time. Amidst the screams of ecstasy, the champion's moans could be heard, low and soft, as her hands gripped the hair of both her new toys, cooing softly at them to go harder at her pussy.

Weiss took a moment to take both Maverick’s and Kip’s cock’s in her hands, stroking them vigorously as they gasped, seemingly having been taken by surprise whilst watching the spectacle. They both leaked pre-cum onto the canvas floor and Weiss was determined to have them both fall to their knees before Clara came again.

And cum she would, as Neko fucked her hard and fast, sucking her earlobe as he pushed deep into her with every thrust. With nearly all eyes in the ring on her, she exploded in pleasure again, cumming all over Neko’s cock. Joining her, he came as well, filling her once more as her body slumps against the turnbuckle, panting hard as his cum and sweat-soaked body seemed to finally cave, not even able to support herself. Holding her up, Neko kisses her head before pulling out and stepping away, signalling the next willing participant to action.

But before any-one could even blink, Alya slipped away from Sasha and Mara’s fingers, stepping into the middle of the ring.


Everyone turned, visibly confused by the turn of events. Was the show over?

The smile on our champion's face said no, the devious intent in her eyes clearly stating that she wasn’t quite finished.

“Winnie, Foxy, get the poor loser down.”

Tearing themselves away from Clara’s feet, glistening from their tongues, they move along her, removing her legs from the ropes and undoing the cuffs that bound her wrists. Helping her down, she falls to the floor slowly, sitting up in exhaustion, gazing up at Alya for mercy. She received none.

“Loser slut, you’ve put on a good show and I think everyone here thanks you for it! But now, I’m going to offer you a chance to scrape back some honour!”

Everyone’s ears perked up at the sound of this, though Weiss and her captive cocks not so much, as she continued to stroke and edge each of them as they held onto the ropes, slowly going insane as her expert hands kept them constantly on the brink. All she could do was keep looking at her, knowing that she would take whatever chance she could get.

“To put it simply, as of right now, you are my toy. I own you and will keep you until I decide otherwise. This title and your body are mine! But what if I gave you the chance to have at least one of them back?”

Clara, feeling a rush from the mere prospect, used what little energy she had to lift herself up a bit, brushing her hair back as she took it all in. Alya stripped off all her clothes slowly, taunting the crowd with her curves as she stood dead center in the ring.

“A tribbing contest. You and me. Right now. First to cum loses. I win, then nothing changes. You’re mine and the title is mine. You win, then I’ll let you go. I keep the title but I won’t keep you as my little fuck toy sex slave. Deal, loser?”

The disbelief hit with the force of an oncoming train. Now?? There was no way Clara could win that and Alya knew it. She was goading her, getting at her through pride. She shouldn’t take the bait…

And yet, knowing all this, she accepted without hesitation. Crawling slowly to her Mistress, she watched the new champion get into position on the floor, her legs spread, a sly smile on her face. Weakly, she got into a similar position, sliding her legs and interlocking them with Alya’s, feeling her warm, wet pussy against hers, wet with cum and arousal, sore and throbbing from so much stimulation. She had one chance. If she could just get her to cum, she could at least walk away with her body as her own.

TG walked over, making sure they were both in position. Alya and Clara grabbed each other’s wrists, steadying themselves as they prepared.

“Ladies, we all know the rules, are you both ready?”

Acting as the impromptu ref, TG looked at both of them, locked and ready to do battle. Clara doesn’t take her eyes off her opponent as she nods, whilst Alya blows him a cheeky kiss and a wink before also nodding.

“Best of luck to both of you. BEGIN!”

Stepping back, he takes to the ropes and watches with glee as the warrior women start thrusting hard into each other, rubbing each other’s pussies together, moans and grunts of exertion start to fill the ring again as they go at each other. Clara, already feeling the burning in her body after what felt like hours of sexual torture, gave all she had to keep things level. Alya moaned and giggled, having only just been warmed up after watching her opponent used over and over again.

Suddenly, TG hears a sound that he can’t quite identify. Looking in its direction, he sees a blur, something moving fast. Straight for him. Before he can speak, a warm, wet mouth and lips wrap around his cock and start sucking voraciously. Gasping hard and gripping the top rope, he looks down to see Shiky on her knees, sucking hard, a cheeky smile in her eye as she looks up at him. Moaning, he lets her go wild on him as he focuses on the battle taking place before them.

Clara groans through gritted teeth, trying to thrust hard enough against her adversary that she might fall back and land on her back, giving her the dominant position in this contest. Alya, on the other hand, looked daisy fresh and loving every moment as she felt Clara’s pulsing pussy against her own, giving as good as she was getting. Deliberately holding back, giving this loser some false hope that she might actually win this.

Weiss kept pumping Mav and Kip’s cock’s, feeling them ready to explode. Turning to them, she gave her sluttiest look and whispered just loud enough for them to hear:

“Cum for me, boys…”

Like pressing a button, they exploded, shooting their load all over her hands, buckling under the pleasure of their orgasms, falling to their knees, panting. Weiss releases her grip, giggling to herself before deciding she needed to relax. Moving over to Winston and Foxy, pushing them down one by one with her feet.

“Be good and take care of these for me, boys. I’ve had such a rough day!”

Initially surprised, they quickly welcomed it as she slid her feet across their mouths, Win on the right, Foxy on the left. Opening their mouths, she delicately slips her toes in and teases them, leaving the rest of her feet just out of reach, before pressing down and letting them have the whole thing. Delighted, they took without question, kissing, licking and sucking her soles.

The grunts and moans had gotten louder, as the two fighters struggled for domination. Clara, supporting herself with one arm on the floor, pushed back harder against Alya, who eventually fell onto her back, her body glowing with exertion. Seizing the chance, she took the dominant position in the battle and thrust with all she had, feeling a second wind as her rival squirmed and moaned under her.

“Fuck! Ungh, Clara! Fuuuck! Ngghhh!”

Alya seemed to lose herself, feeling her pussy tribbed and rubbed, her clit on fire with sexual arousal. Clara didn’t let up, her hair and body soaked in sweat, giving all she had left to try and keep this sudden advantage.

Mara, Sasha, Neko and Gabi took to a corner of their own, all lush and comfortable, laying against each other, hands wandering with a mind of their own as they watched on, sitting up in interest as the tide seemed to be turning most unexpectedly. Could Clara somehow win this, however impossible that should have been? She was a former champion but she had never taken such a loss and such a rough gang fucking before this. Did she still have it in her?

Sasha leaned over and kissed Gabi’s neck slowly, moaning contently as they both watched on. From their angle, they could make out Alya’s face. There was no faking the pleasure she was experiencing. But Sasha had thrown down enough times with her habiti to know when she was holding back.

Rolling on the floor, her hands gripping Clara’s thigh as her body bounced under her renewed assault, Alya moaned lewdly, feeling her inner thighs coated with their juices.

“Fuck, Clara! Ungh… Clara… Clara, are you even trying?”

Clara’s eyes went wide as she heard this, realising that she was being played. Before she could try to keep her pinned, Alya effortlessly pushed her back, knocking the wind out of her as she hit the floor. Repositioning them both, the  took the dominant position, rocking her hips as she prepared to crush her opponent. She had fallen for it, not even seeing that she had been duped, grabbing at the bait that had been dangled before her.

“Oh fuck… Alya, please…”

“Sorry, little loser slut. A deal’s a deal. You tried though, good girl. Now, you’re mine”

With that, Alya rocked her hips and thrust hard, easily making Clara’s body shake and squirm as she was overwhelmed with pleasure. Exhausted from the attempt to make her cum, and the repeated forced orgasms throughout the night, she couldn’t even muster a defence. Her arms sprawled above her head, she could only moan and look up at her Mistress, her Champion.

Looking up in dismay, shaking her head and silently pleading, she felt her body rocked as Alya just kept going, hard, rough and slow, each movement sending electrifying tingles through Clara’s body. The pleading was futile, as she ramped up her thrusts, fully focused on ripping one last orgasm from her prize, putting her properly in her place.

By the ropes, TG watched the display with a heavy breath, his cock throbbing as he watched Clara become totally dominated on the mat, signalling to Shiky that he was close. Grabbing his balls, she sucked harder and faster, determined to drain him then and there. Feeling his eyes roll back, with no defence mounted, he groaned and felt his knees buckle as he came, her mouth sucking up and down his shaft before clamping down to suck him dry. Satisfied she had all he had to give, she pulled off and replaced her mouth with her hand, stroking his aching member as she cheekily looked up at him. He panted and looked back, smiling. No words were exchanged, no need for them. He slumped down and kissed her, embracing her as they turned to see the beginning of the end.

Weiss, having got comfy, got between Winston and Foxy, stroking them as she moved her feet across their mouths, toying with them before pulling them away, shuffling up to press her feet on their cocks, stepping on them, feeling them pulse under her soles.

“Be good, boys, and watch the show. I’ll be sure to help you finish later…”

As instructed, they got into position to see Alya completely controlling Clara, fucking her relentlessly into the canvas, not letting up for a second. They slyly reached down and stroked, enthralled by what was taking place. Weiss pressed her foot down, not stopping them but making sure they felt it. Moaning softly, they kept going as they listened to the defeated wrestler screaming in bliss and orgasmic torture, feeling the pleasure starting to crash into her.

Trying to hold back the storm, Alya reached down with her free hand and toyed with Clara’s breasts, teasing and pinching her nipples as their hips clashed together. Feeling her so close, she smiled and ramped up the pleasure, moving her hips faster, grinding her pussy on Clara’s, not holding back anything.

“Oh fuck, please! Alya, I can’t… I… FUCK, CUMMING! UNNNNNGGHHH!!!”

Not able to weather the storm any longer, she gave in and screamed as the orgasm claimed her, squirting against Alya’s already soaked pussy, spraying each other and the ring, writhing in utter ecstasy and defeat. Cheers from the remaining crowd and the sated play partners echoed into the rafters as the conqueror humped and grinded her way to victory, not stopping until she felt her body twitching, her eyes rolling back as she makes herself cum on her new slave, her pussy convulsing against Clara, who was still cumming and near speaking in tongues as she shook on the floor.

Slowly, the pleasure receded and Clara looked up to see Alya slowly pull away, almost sad that their bodies were no longer entwined. Grabbing a mic from the corner, the champion grabs her belt and proclaims her victory to the crowd once more. Everyone cheered and roared, going wild for their new champion.

“There was never any doubt of my victory here! I am the best and NO ONE will take this belt from me!”

Tossing the mic, it lands with a thud as she walks over and picks up her prize, limp like a rag doll in her arms. Supporting her head, the other fighters make a hole and raise the ropes to let them out, soaking up the last few moments before they slipped out. Shiky took TG off for some further research and wrestling practice, Weiss told Winston and Foxy to follow her feet out somewhere more private. Kip, Mav and Neko went off to recover with a hot coffee. The remaining ladies took to the girls dorm to go over their favourite parts of the fight.

Alya claimed her belt and her prize, leaning in and kissing Clara softly, whispering in her ear.

“I had you from the moment you walked in the ring. Sorry, babe. You had no chance but now you get to rest and let your Mistress look after you. Don’t worry, I take such good care of my toys”

She couldn’t help but smile. Defeat, in this case, was bitter-sweet. She may have lost her title, but there was no one she would rather lose it to then Alya. Falling asleep in her arms, her mind wanders back over the last couple of hours and wondered, if she was a good enough girl, if Mistress would let her do that again one day…



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