"I got no shame, got no pride, only skeletons to hide."

The Plaything's Reward

Story Feb 18, 2023

Smoke from a half-burned cigarette slowly floated up to the ceiling, hanging in the air like a thick blanket.

A pair of green eyes shot around the alley outside the room’s only window. She was taking too long.

Black painted fingernails hung lazily around the slowly shortening cigarette, a pair of plump lips inhaling the smoke.

Dez’s eyes stopped on her leather jacket, carefully set on the chair next to hers and lined with fur. Her own pelt.

The woman sighed, thinking that it wasn’t her own anymore, but Cleo’s.
Finally, a sound: keys turning the lock, faltering steps becoming louder and louder along the corridor. Then, the sound of knuckles on the room’s door. A voice, her voice.

“Dez, can I come in?”

The woman smiled, relieved, maybe, not that she was doubting her plaything’s capabilities, after all.

“Of course, come in,” she answered, putting out the cigarette in the glass ashtray.

Kara’s petite figure appeared, pushing the door forward.

Tar-black hair fell on her shoulders, grey eyes hid behind her signature glasses. A black leather jacket, a pale imitation of Dez’s own.

Fishnets banded her short legs, disappearing under the black miniskirt. She wanted to rip it off of her. She licked her lips at the prospect.

Kara’s face plainly showed what she’d thought about Dez’s last request.

The woman didn’t care. As long as the girl obeyed, at least. But she knew she could be… very persuasive with her methods. Plus, the little goth was there to redeem her reward, wasn’t she?

Kara went to sit on the bed, hands on her thighs. She was gonna have her spread them soon enough.

Dez finally decided to stand up, reaching the girl on her bed, a hand on her head to force her down, curled inward on her thighs. She slowly caressed her hair, running her fingers through them, while Kara stared up at her.

“You did a good job, tonight.” Dez’s voice slithered its way into the girl’s ears, slightly dampening the regret currently clutching her little undead heart.

Kara didn’t answer, her glistening, teary eyes speaking for her. Dez swiped a drop from her eyelash, bringing it to her lips and savouring the girl’s pain.

“You make me so proud,” she tried to comfort her. Kara started shaking, racked by a few repressed sobs. The woman drew a deep breath.

“Being difficult tonight, aren’t you?”

Dez’s hand grabbed a few dark strands of the girl’s hair, forcing her head to shoot up. They stared at each other, for a long, unfathomably deep moment.

The bond between them, as unhealthy as it was, was unbreakable.
Kara was totally under the woman’s thumb, and that look was enough to quiet her down.

Of course there were moments where the little goth faltered, but if there was something Dez was a master at, it was bringing her toys back in line.

The redhead’s hand slithered along Kara’s neck, caressing it with its slender fingers.

The girl didn’t move, a doll in her deft hands.

“Strip.” An order that didn’t even need to be given, because Kara’s hands were already working on unfastening her leather skirt. Dez left her enough space to take off her shirt, before pouncing on her.

The goth fell back in the blankets, spreading her legs for the woman on top of her, who readily placed herself between them.

And so began the descent to the lowest circle of hell, two young women crossing the border to the abyss hand in hand, alone and yet together.

Dez’s hungry hands slid along Kara’s pale skin, leaving slight goosebumps and trembles on their path.

The brunette’s body was lithe, but she was curvy in the right places, and those fishnets wrapped around her thighs drove Dez insane.

All the while, she covered her in kisses along her neck, prodding, snaking her fingers along her whole body, burning passion lighting up the redhead’s mind more and more.

Kara’s sighs, so sweet, her trembling, so innocent, her big grey eyes staring at her like a defenceless doe… they could only make Dez incredibly excited.

Nevertheless, she was a strategist, and planned all her actions in advance. That was supposed to be her plaything’s reward, first and foremost.

Even then, the kisses turned to bites, soft at first, then ravenous, strong enough to leave red teeth marks and darkening hickeys. She was marking her to let everyone know she was hers and only hers, almost a devotee.

Expert fingers slid between Kara’s slick walls, rubbing, pressing, twitching and curving, everything to rip those sweet moans from her throat, everything to have the young girl squirming under her.

The goth kept panting, calling her name, grabbing her shoulders, her full breasts bouncing up and down to the rhythm of her short breath.

Dez’s fingers played with her prey, dancing around her clit, while the young girl desperately tried to hump her, tears in her eyes.

Only when she was satisfied and sure of having Kara fully in her grasp, she decided to let her have the pleasure she craved so deeply.

She flicked her clit, sticking her fingers as deep as she could go, hooking them inside her and moving them with purpose.

Kara stared at her, back arched, breath short, red cheeks, shaking like a leaf.

Everything about her was begging the older woman to keep going; bliss slowly seeped through every fibre of her being, flooding her brain.

Dez continued her assault, fingers rubbing against Kara’s now dripping wet walls, her tongue rolling around her pierced nipples, nibbling on them every now and then, to tease her and get rewarded with a few louder sounds.

The sighs became moans, the moans screams, while Dez conducted the orchestra.

Reality seemed to accelerate in Kara’s last few moments of lucidity, her tearful eyes searching for Dez’s, while her hands clutched around the other, heart beating like a jackhammer in her chest.

Kara’s body suddenly stiffened while a shock of pure adrenaline shot through her like a lightning bolt, in a few unforgettable moments of bliss.

Dez smiled, taking back her sopping wet hand, while the breathless girl let herself fall on the blankets.

The witch laid down next to her, tasting her juices on her full lips, licking away every drop with glee.

“Sleep, kid,” she whispered, leaving a kiss on her forehead.
Kara unwillingly obliged, her eyes closing by themselves, exhausted.

She curled up in Dez’s arms, laying her head between the woman’s breasts.

She had to admit that even if she was in hell, company wasn’t bad at all.
Abandoning herself to that thought, Kara slowly fell asleep, while Dez stayed up, looking at her toy, frail and powerless, falling in her grasp once again.