The Spot in the Wall

Story Oct 6, 2021

Mike roamed the house drinking his morning coffee. As he sipped he went room-to-room, as if seeing each of them for the very first time. This house no longer felt the same to him since his wife left. It was something that had to happen eventually, but when that moment came, it was as if he hadn't had time to prepare for it.

He came to the only room that remained exactly the same as always: his study. The familiarity gave him some calm. As much as he had screwed up his relationship with his wife — who now rightfully hated him — he still had a great home and a job to hold on to. So perhaps, with some resolve, he could re-frame the situation as an opportunity to start anew; a fresh start. He had already rid the house of his wife's strange collection. "Voodoo stuff" as he called it: masks, statues, books and all manner of other esoterica. Now his house had finally regained the modern and elegant look that he'd always wanted.

Remembering the madness of these past weeks, Mike found himself staring blankly at the wall of his study, lost in thought. He blinked to focus his vision and realised that the wall was not so blank after all.

"Where did that stain come from?" He thought to himself as he approach to what appeared a perfect little obsidian circle. More than just a stain, it looked like a black spot of paint, with a diameter just over a dollar coin.

Instinctively, Mike bent down to look through it, but it was as if the light did not pass its edges. Just black emptiness.

"But this is not possible...from here I should be able to see straight into the next room." Looking as close has he could without hitting his head against the wall. Maybe not a clever move, but Mike couldn't restrain his curiosity, sliding a finger into the hole to test its depth...Gulp

He pulled his finger out as fast as he could. Something had pulled it deeper into the hole. It was strange, it wasn't like something had grabbed him. It had felt like a powerful suction or a vacuum.

Mike took a step back, his finger covered in some kind of fluid. The idea of some living thing inside his wall terrified him, but the terror was overcome by a feeling of total confusion. Just when he put his finger into the hole, for a fraction of a second, a wave of pleasure ran through his entire body almost freezing him.

"This has to be a joke!" He thought, running to the room on the other side of the wall. But not even a single blemish could be seen on the surface.

"I-it can't be...the wall is not that wide, the other side should be visible from here."

Again in the study, that small spot that should go almost unnoticed had captured the entirety of his attention. He tried to look again with a torch and from different angles to see it from all directions. But still nothing, just like a painted dot on the wall. Mike even tried to put a ruler in it, but he almost lost it inside. The hole seemed bottomless.

Mike was at a loss for what to do, but his mind kept getting drawn back to that pleasant feeling he'd had minutes ago...and that bad idea he was trying to fight kept returning to his mind. He raised his trembling hand toward the hole. At the last moment he reconsidered, and thought it better to switch to his left hand.

"Just in case...this could be dangerous".

When his fingers, barely at the depth of his nails had entered, the pulling started. Soft and warm...Licks.

Mike didn't know what to do, but at this moment that sensation didn't feel so threatening. The image of a tongue cross his mind.

That warm pleasant feeling gradually radiated through his body. In less than a minute he had already decided to risk a little more, putting two fingers in completely. The suction got a little stronger, and Mike now knew what it felt like in his hand. The sensation resembled that of a mouth, sucking and licking his fingers at the same time.

He did not withdraw his hand though. That tongue, playing between his fingers and circling around them was definitely too good, even in this most unusual situation. His mind gradually flooded with lewd thoughts, and obviously, he soon have another bad idea about what to put in the hole.

Mike slowly drew his fingers out. That wet thing seemed to be begging him not to take them out with its little suctions.

He looked at the dot, analyzing it. "It isn't too wide but I think it can fit in," Mike though. He'd never had any complaints about the length of his cock, but the width...he tried to suppress some bad memories. "At least this time that handicap is a benefit".

He stood up and started taking off his pants, very nervous, but also very excited. The hole was at the perfect height. His cock was aiming at that frightening dot in the wall, like an ethereal force compelling him to get closer and closer, or maybe the draw was just his subconscious naughty mind trying to find an excuse. Mike stopped and looked around. "What a strange situation if someone saw me right now." But the invisible force of the dot called him again.

His tip reached the hole. It was such a strange sensation, as all his senses told him that his cock was about to touch a wall and somehow he expected it to be cold. But instead, it was like putting it into a warm oiled bath, accompanied by the soft pull from before.

Obviously, Mike couldn't stop there. He took a few minutes when the whole head was inside. "Damn....this is heaven!" That phantom mouth worshiping him like no woman before.

"If it is a woman who is doing this..." That thought freeze him. "You aren't even sure that it isn't a mouth either."

Mike looked down, but he just could see his cock disappearing in the wall. The width of the hole was millimetrically accurate, so there was no space left. He had the impulse to take it out, but that constant pulling and the sight of the shaft throbbing persuaded him to persist.

After another couple of minutes, Mike had practically forgotten all those earlier worries; he was just enjoying the moment. He decided to stop resisting and the suction dragged him completely inside. Everything intensified a hundred-fold. The tongue — or maybe tongues, he actually couldn't say for sure — licked frantically, the suction seemingly wanting to drag his entire body inside, and a new sensation on the shaft started jerking him.

Usually, during a blow job, you can enjoy the views, grab her head or even dish out some compliments, but he could only gasp and moan. What he would give to see and touch who was making him feel so good.

With this new rhythm, it was not long before he found himself near the edge. He was moaning, pushing his hips into the hole and rubbing his chest against the wall. His arms were trying their hardest to hold onto something, comically hugging the wall, his fingers grasping in vain.

At the point of no return, his body involuntarily flexed forward, but with the wall in front, his hips went back. As if anticipating this movement, the hole pulled him even more, almost making him lose consciousness from the sheer overwhelming pleasure. "My....f....God....!!"

The suctions stopped. Mike nearly fell backward from the abrupt halt. That rush of adrenaline from the shock took him out of the peak of pleasure. He looked at the hole, slightly disappointed. The hole, as if answering him, grew a little bigger. Without the need for words, he knew what it was saying.

Mike looked at his swollen cock, covered in a mixture of what seemed like saliva, lube and precum. He had never seen his member so big and wide. It was just a few strokes away from cumming, but the that damn was calling him again. He put his cock back in without hesitation, and this time he had space for his balls too.

He should not have recommitted so rashly, but the hole just wanted to give him more space and then give him more pleasure, he though as the mouth began to focus on that heavy sack. There, the feeling was a bit different, the suction and the tongue remained there but it felt like being in a microwave. His balls burned in an incredible way; they vibrated, they swelled under the will of The Hole, giving him the feeling that it could be building their load for several minutes.

The suction on the head reappeared, along with the strokes on the shaft. Clearly there was more than one mouth in there. With a deep throaty moan, Mike was getting close again. As before, the pace increased, but with the pulling and sucking on his about-to-explode-balls, this time he edged within seconds. The hole didn't stop this time but the rhythm stabilised, leaving him in a perpetual state of edging. He knew that this time The Hole was just building his anticipation before a mindblowing ending.

"Yes! yes! yesss...." He scream and moaned during the first minute on edge. The second minute was spent thinking: "Here it comes... here it comes... yesss," along with each subtle change in intensity. By the third, he was already begging the wall to let him cum between long periods of pitiful moaning. He even tried to press against the wall with his arms but the pleasure only increased with every attempt, weakening him.

Mike lost track of time, if it weren't for the suction keeping him on the wall he would have already fallen backwards, it was inhumanly possible that someone could hold him so close to the limit for so long, but not exceed it. The head of his cock felt like the most pure agony and his balls were just buzzing endlessly, leaking precum. His eyes went blank, he was out of breath, his body shaking, he thought he might also be drooling from the pleasure.


The disconnection with the wall was so sudden that Mike fell like lead on the floor of his office. Legs and arms spread, covered in sweat, but finally free. He almost started crying, but he had other priorities; to have the best earned orgasm of his life!

He got up just enough to grab his cock but something stopped him. It was unrecognisably huge, full of veins, practically moving on its own will. Along with his swollen balls, which didn't seem to be part of his body. But that wasn't the weirdest part of the image that his eyes were greeted with. A metal cage was covering all his length, even in his fully engorged size, and it seemed to be slowly compressing his throbbing member, which seemed to want to escape through every loophole.

A bit frightened, Mike touch it and yes, it felt like metal. It was certainly a chastity cage and it was rapidly diminishing in size little by little, pressing on his manhood, which was throbbing and resisting with all its might. Mike searched for an opening but it appeared to be made in one continuous piece that fit the size of his exhausted member. He pulled, squeezed and even tried to give himself pleasure to finish, but he felt practically nothing. He had never tried anything like this and the feeling of helplessness was unbearable.

The cage stopped shrinking when his cock was finally back at its normal resting size. It was then that Mike thought about the hole again. "If this thing has put it on me when I was inside, surely I can take it off by simply putting it back in." Getting up and looking at the wall. But the hole wasn't there.

"WHAT!? Nonononono..!"

He touched the wall searching for an entrance, but the apperance of the wall was as though the hole had never existed. He sobbed with his head against the wall. Looking at his crotch again, the cage was still there. Little by little it seemed to become translucent, almost invisible...but it was there.

Mike looked around, as if looking for an explanation for what had just happened. The room itself felt huge; suddenly a cavernous space in which he felt miniscule and lost. He felt his regained confidence and independence fade away, at the mercy of...something. He was just like a tiny character in a cruel joke for some existential power.



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