To My Mistress

Personal Nov 13, 2020

In honor of our two-month anniversary, I would like to write this tribute to my mistress, Littlesass.

3 days after I joined EroFights, my future mistress wrote to me with the words "Hello pussycat, write to me if you want to play!" in Russian. It was stated in my profile that I speak Russian and she was the first Russian with whom I met here that I could talk with.

I always liked the interactive mode more and I also liked to switch roles. I will never forget our first interactive game, when we played as switches and gave each other instructions.

Thus began an acquaintance that led to a much closer relationship. On September 13, 2020, everything changed. Littlesass jokingly wrote that she wanted to own me. I decided to continue this topic and after discussing taboos and some other points, I agreed.

After that, she told me to completely undress, kneel down, fasten the choker around my neck (since it looked like a collar most of all) and say out loud "Please be my mistress." Since then, I have been in her caring hands.

Before we met, I had not tried a relationship with a girl, but I thought about it. I found out about myself that I really love to share my photos / videos / audio recordings.

I tried public sexual activities for the first time like masturbating in a public toilet. Also is was my first time trying self-bondage. I bought sex toys for the first time, even now I worry that they will be found by those with whom I live.

I learned a lot about myself thanks to our relationship and I am sure I will learn even more. She helped me gain a deeper understanding of my sexuality and I'm glad that she helps me overcome my doubts and fears - something I could not have possibly done by myself.

My emotions after a long period of denial.

A lot of things happened between us. Sometimes I was very happy, sometimes I cried bitterly. But the most important thing is that I love her very much and have admitted this more than once.

I am very pleased to spend time with her and do various interesting things for her. I am incredibly happy that we met and she became my mistress. This is an indescribable feeling.

I appreciate every moment spent with her and I am sure we will be together for a very long time.



21, Russian, and eager to learn more about my sexuality. I belong to Littlesass.