TWR Tourney Interviews 4: Scarlet and Jackey

Games Mar 1, 2023

Greetings all!

During the course of the TWR tournament, I was rather busy. But I managed to grab a few moments with a couple of our gorgeous contestants to see how they felt about the tournament as it stood and their futures within it.

Hi Scarlet!

TG: I'm TG from the EF server.  I'm interviewing a few folks taking part in the recent tournament.  I was wondering if I could have a chat with you about your recent victory if you have the time?

Scarlet Fire: I would love to chat with you.

TG: Awesome!  First, congratulations on your win!  Did your match go the way you expected?

SF: Thank you, and well, I did go in thinking I'd win from my training.  Towards the end, though, it was a little rough and hard to call.

TG: I did see that, it was touch-and-go there for a bit!  What did your training regime consist of?  How do you prepare for a sexfight tourney match?

SF: I may take a more boring route as I fight bots and watch for what might influence things, or will this come back in my favour later in the match.  The advantage, though, is the bots go as many times as you want to.  So yeah, I just fought bots a lot and honed my strategy.

TG: Some may say boring, I say it's pretty effective.  And clearly, it all paid off!  What did you think of your opponent going into the match?  Did he surprise you in any way?

SF: Dylan was everything I expected, plus more.  He is a very great wrestler that you can't take lightly.  He did surprise me with his ways of charming and teasing, haha.

TG: He definitely brought some charm to the battle, and had you in some precarious positions as well!  Getting you early in the sex round, choking and fucking you, then having you spit roasted outside the ring!  Did that take you by surprise at all?  Any of those moments make you panic?

SF: It was surprising, even a girl was the one to join in on it.  I did panic somewhat with how many awesome moves he was able to pull off, but I had to just reel it in and no sooner I had him on the ground outside of the ring cumming on my thighs like a good boy.

TG: Indeed you did! Is that how you like your boys?  Being good and cumming for you?

TG: But he did manage to make you cum first.  Did you have to rethink your strategy from that point?

SF: Most definitely, there is no better kind~ and yes, it complicated things leaving me on the defensive side for most of the game, so I decided the only thing I could do was let him keep hitting his moves till he made a wrong one.

TG: Oh la la. What about the kind of boy that makes you cum until you have to tap out?  Where do they rank?

SF: They can be one of a kind and very rare.

TG: And you took him very well, right up until the last move!  When did you know you had him and you'd won that fight?

SF: Getting back to the main point, haha. I knew I won when he failed to make me cum, an orgasm that could have ended the match.  I was rejuvenated while he used up most of his reserves with no payoff.  All I had to do was relax and let him exhaust himself until I got bored of just relaxing.

TG: I'll have to see if I can catch a match where that happens then.  Ahh, the ever-crucial moment in any battle!  Well played.  So, you're moving onwards and upwards in the tournament.  What do you think of your next opponent?  What are your predictions?

SF: Well, I'd like to say I think I'll go all the way to a possible first-tournament victory, and as for my opponents, there are some I will watch out for.  I think that Lysa and Ruck as a team are a big threat, but with some strategy, I can take them all on.

TG: Such confidence, I love it!  Take them all on, eh?  You said something similar in your battle about taking everyone on?  You really think you could take everyone?

SF: Well, I did face a barrage from 3 people, and well, here I am advancing haha.

TG: Very true!  Do you have anything to say for your next opponent?  Or anything you want to say in general?

SF: I guess I have a message for everyone.  That is, I plan on winning the first-ever TWR tournament and to watch out because soon a wildfire will be spreading like crazy!

TG: Hot damn!  Love it!  Thank you, I appreciate your time with me here, good luck in the rest of the tournament!

Hi Jackey!

TG: I'm TG, on the EF server.  I'm doing a few interviews with contestants in the tournament.  I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about it?

Jackey Jane: But of course!

TG: Awesome!  So, your first match will be coming up before long?  What are your feelings on how it will go?  Any predictions?

JJ: I'm not worried at all.  O-hohohohoho I predict a very easy victory for me!  I won't even cum once.  And that's not a prediction.  It's a guarantee!  Because a princess's word is truth!  Just the first in a line of victories in this tournament for me!

TG: You won't even cum once?  Wow, that's a bold statement!  So you aren't even going to break a sweat and just shoot straight to the top?

JJ: You heard me right.  Not once.  Sweating is for men and the unladylike.  A prime Princess like me never breaks a sweat.  She wins easily.  And I will win this whole tournament.

TG: A very bold statement, I love it!  So you foresee no problems?  What about your next opponent, you don't think they can get you in some...shall we say, compromising positions?

JJ: No problems.  The next opponent will be just as easy as the first.  It won't be until finals that I will fight an opponent who may give me a bit of a problem.  A Princess always comes out on top.

TG: Ahh, I see!  Who do you think will make it to the finals?  Who do you want to face?  What's your prediction there?

JJ: Does it matter?  None of them are a match for me.  O-hohoho.  But if you have make me choose my opponent for finals I guess it will have to be...Hmmm...Ruck. But like I said it doesn't matter much. They'll all fall just the same.

TG: Oho, you have no doubts about your victory!  So Ruck would be your top pick.  Whilst we're here, you have a message or anything you want to say to him?

JJ: I have a message.  A message for him and everyone else really.  You better hope not to cross me!  There is not a woman in the world more beautiful, talented, better trained than Princess Jackey Jane!  And you will bare witness to true greatness soon!  O-hohohohoho

TG: Damn!  I'm sure that will be heard loud and clear!  You mentioned training, what's you're training regime?  How do you prepare for such battles?

JJ: I train when I feel like it.  I don't have a set regime.  I keep my body in shape in order to look as beautiful as I do.  And I practice wrestling with my servants, and with my wife, Queen Adriana, from time to time.  Never train too hard.  I don't want to break sweat, or ruin my hair, it takes a lot of work to get it the way I want it.  To prepare for the match...I'll have my usual tea and cake in the morning.  Then probably take nap.  I'll sleep until a couple of hours before the match so that I can do my hair and make self presentable.  Then I'll be ready to go out there and win!  And look good doing so!

TG: Certainly not, can't ruin those gorgeous princess looks!  A nap before the match??  Very strong power move, right there!  I think we've got all we need there.  I'll wish you the best of luck in the tournament, though it doesn't sound like you'll need it!  Is there anything else you want to say to the fighters, the fans, the citizens of EF?

JJ: I think I've said my piece to my fellow competitors.  But to the fans and citizens of EF!  I love you all!  And hope you wish me luck in the tournament!  I am very grateful for your support!  I hope I make you all proud!

TG: Amazing words, I'm sure EF stands with you!  Thank you so much for your time and best of luck in the tournament!

JJ: Thank you for the interview it was fun!

TG: You're welcome!  Perhaps I'll see you again for another interview as the tournament progresses.

Now, Princess Jackey Jane went in with extreme confidence...yet sadly, wasn't able to keep her guarantee, suffering a loss to Ruck.  Henceforth, her name became Brat Jane - Wrestling Failure.

Scarlet Fire also suffered a loss against Jay Thunder.

The final battle will soon be upon us, and we will see a new champion rise into the annals of EF legend!

Stay. Tuned.



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