Welcome, one and all, to the December Sexfight Invitational!!

Games Dec 9, 2020

With the rousing success of the Halloween tournament, no time was wasted in organising a fresh, new challenge in the form of a December tournament and oh my word, has it been spectacular! Over the coming days, I’ll be keeping you up to date on the cummings and goings of how this tournament plays out!

We started off with 4 teams of 4 sexfighters, hungry for victory and glory! And cum! Lots of it!

Team A consisted of:

BDSM Stacy

Team B was forged with these fighters:

Little Laura

Team C was handcrafted with:

Diana Adams

And finally, Team D was bought to life with:

Nurse Bell

What. A. Lineup!!

Team A would take on Team B. Team C would take on Team D. Easy as can be!

But what would tournament teams be... without some amazing team names?

Team A became... The A-Team! Great ingenuity, right there!

Team B became known as Braggadocios! For Jay’s bragging capabilities!

Team C took the mantle of Sassies Skiers!

Team D were immortalised as... The Dream Team! Initially they were Team Shroom! Because Alissa was a mushroom Pokemon! For some reason!

On top of all that, an additional team costume competition was set up, with the winner bagging 150 coins and a shiny, sexy new badge!

But you aren’t here for badges and coins. You came here for sexfights! And at 9 days in already, we’ve got some catching up to do! Let’s go!  

It didn’t take long for the fights to start, with Evilthorn going up against Bella! And it was Bella who bested the fox this day!


Pavel and BDSM stacey took to battle later on that evening, with Pavel earning his team’s first win!


Over the weekend, a close call between JayJay and Amber, with Jay emerging victorious!


Alissa then handed Evilthorn his second defeat, making him the first fighter to lose both of his matches! Commiserations, Thorny! You were still amazing!


After the weekend, battle commenced between Felix and Bella, with Felix scoring a win for his team!


Later that evening, Maverick took on Diana and landed the win!


Maverick’s next match saw him take on PerfectPet and emerge the winner, making him the first to win both his bouts! Congratulations, Mav!


The next day saw BDSM Stacy take on JayJay in a grueling battle and take home the win!


Milov and Laura took to the ring and after so much sweat and energy, Milov clinched a victory!


PerfectPet took on SluttySlut and kept the Sassy Skiers in the game with her battle!


Pavel bested Amber in his second match, making him the winner of all his bouts, so congratulations to Pavel as well!


The last fight of the night saw Laura take on Shaco and beat him in a stunningly quick cum test that had me on the edge of my seat as I witnessed it!


Shaco once again faced Gwen, eager to take revenge after his defeat at the hand of Laura and handed her a swift and merciless defeat, leaving only Milov left to fight Gwen today!


Milov finally battled Gwen and the battle was short and oh so sweet, with milov on the ropes, enduring cum test after cum test but still emerging the winner!


Sadly, due to time zone differences and scheduling conflicts, it appears that Team C had to forfeit their last 2 matches since they couldn't be done before moving into the second phase of the tournament, making team D the winner in that bracket.

Well done to Maverick and Pavel for excelling in both your matches, walking away victorious from all your bouts in this leg of the tournament!

And due to the efforts of Shaco and Milov, the first half of the tournament has ended in a 4 - 4 tie between team A and team B! Now each team chooses a champion and to play in one final match to declare a winner. These champions will be declared as soon as they are selected and either Winston or Octa announce the match up. One more exciting fight to come, then we move on to the next stage of the tournament.

That brings the first part of the tournament to its conclusion! What delights await us in the second half of the December Sexfight Invitational?! Find out right here in the next installment!



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