Winter Tournament 2021 - The Finale

Games Dec 22, 2021

Welcome back to the round up of our 2021 exhibition tournament. We see some intense battles take place, with a sensational tiebreaker to wrap it all up!

If you're worried about missing anything, fear not! Event details and so much more can be found on our Discord!

Let's get caught up with the action!

Our third match sees Dylan Boyle Vs Andromeda Sterling

Getting warmed up fast, Dylan finds his pants swiftly removed and his hard cock out very early on, which he swiftly counters by ordering her to undress and suck him. She complies, moving down to his balls, enticing him with some hot foreplay. Some position swapping later and Andromeda is able to lick his tip before planting her ass on his face, trying to brainwash him with how amazing it is.

Fighting back, they roll around some more and Dylan gets his cock between her luscious tits. As he thrusts, she shows off her skills with her tongue and soon has him in her mouth, sucking him deep as he keeps thrusting. Breaking free from this position, Dylan peels her panties off slowly, exposing her wet pussy for all to see. Before she can do anything else, he then pins her arms above her head, rubbing the tip of hs cock over her slit. The next second, he is inside of her, pounding her rough. Andromeda feels his body as he fucks her hard, spurring him on to fuck her harder, which she matches thrust for thrust. Both giving as hard as they get, Andromeda flips over and gets on top, riding Dylan to take control and force an orgasm from him. He resists the attempt and goes back on the offensive, pounding her from behind. She tries to entice him to give her everything, luring him in and shaking her ass as he fucks her. Once more, he resists her and decides to change tactics. Reaching around her in the prone position, he finger fucks her pussy, rubbing her clit fast, making her cum under him and swaying the odds in his favour!

They both take a pause, reserving their energy before they renewed their assault. Andromeda locks him in a thigh-job but with herculean effort, he resists again, only for her to hold his hips down and suck his dick, which he simply couldn't resist after so many endurance tests. As the battle enters the final stage, Dylan slides things up a gear as he recruits a female volunteer from the audience to help with his next test for Andromeda. Holding and fucking her from behind whilst standing, he has lovely Anna caress and kiss her breasts from the front, causing her to have to suddenly handle multiple waves of stimulation from both fronts. Overcoming this pleasure, she fights them both off and focuses on Dylan's cock, edging him with her amazingly tight pussy. Using this to his advantage, Dylan gets Andromeda on her back and pins her arms to her hips, fucking her harder than ever, letting her feel each thrust as he pounded into her. Unable to hold it, she came hard on his dick, ceding this win to Dylan and Team Chaste!

Read the full details of this intense and erotic battle here!

Next in line, we have Leon Vs Diana Adams!

The amazing Diana steps up to fill in for Chaste as she was sadly not available to take part.

These two combatants know the score and waste little time as they get into some sensual foreplay, which ramps up fast as Diana deepthroats a dildo and slaps it off her hand, showing him that she means business. His response was to slap her hand with his own cock, followed by a swift finger in her pussy, then her mouth, so she can have a taste of herself. Stripping each other slowly, Diana lunges at him and strips his boxers fast, taking the initiative and sucking his balls as he strokes himself, following this up with a salacious tit fuck.

Feeling cheeky, she plugs his ass, taking him by surprise. Not letting this deter him, Leon returns the favour by laying on top of her and fucking her ass, making her moan as they struggle for dominance. Despite breaking free to titfuck him again, Diana finds herself in a precarious situation as Leon rolls her over and fucks her ass again, making her cum from the for the unexpected attack.

Diana sought to level the playing field by ganging up on him with the help of another lovely lady, only for Leon to resist and have this little helper switch sides and gang up on his opponent. Despite so much double crossing, both of our fighters come out only a little worse for wear. Taking a moment, Leon offers Diana his cock to gently lick. As she does this, she quickly wraps her breasts around his hard cock and fucks it fast. With all that stimulation, she forces him to cum all over her tits.

Leon takes his time, regaining his energy to prepare for the final assault, but Diana has other ideas. She mounts him and squats cowgirl style on his dick, hoping that he will cum quick whilst he was still sensitive. Alas, the odds were not in her favour this time and he holds back, storing his power for the right moment. That moment came when Leon bought in some backup from Ryu and they double teamed her, fucking her ass and pussy at the same time. Unable to fight them both off, she succumbs to pleasure and cums on their cocks, leading us into one final tie-breaker fight to settle this tournament once and for all!

You can view this spectacular battle right here.

The tie-breaker sees Shirley taking on Andromeda!

Trying out something a little different, they agree to use the dice command on any of their hypno and bondage actions!

Roll the dice via the in game command and score a 5 - 6 to break free, 1 - 4 and you skip your turn. 2 full turns with no luck and you are set free automatically. With these rules set, our lovely ladies begin!

Getting very much into it, Andromeda hogties and gags Shirley before she can even blink. but just as fast as she was tied, she was suddenly free. Pouncing on Andromeda, She cuffs her opponent to the bed and sliding her pants down her slender legs. Unable to break free for a while, Shirley teases her with her legs. This must have been enough to entice Andromeda as she breaks free and tackles Shirley, stripping her shirt and bra off as they tumble. Shirley simply takes the chance to pull Andro's panties off.

Andro spanks Shirley for her mischief, which is repaid as Shirley ties her up with rope and fingers her sweet pussy. Once again, Andro finds herself unable to escape and at her rival's mercy. Shirley fingers and licks her pussy, getting her wetter as she keeps struggling. Once free, Andro grabs a double dildo and deepthroat kisses Shirley roughly. As things get heated up, the kiss breaks and Andro shows off her skills as she rides that very dildo, flipping her hair and taunting Shirley in the process. Shirley pays for a strategically placed clothespin on Andro's clit, finding herself bound and gagged again, being spanked like the naughty girl she is. But lady luck smiles on the slutty teacher, allowing her to wriggle free and return the favour to Andro.

Our fighters go back and forth, getting more aggressive as they bind each other and strip completely, fingering, licking and sucking to wear each other down. Armed with a strap-on, Shirley rams into Andro from behind, pulling her hair as she fucks deep into her, testing how much her endurance could hold out. Despite a valiant effort, Andro is forced to cum all over her strap. Rather than taking a break, however, Andro gets that strap-on off Shirley and puts her in the exact same position, taking revenge as she fucks her hard and forces her to cum as well, evening things out and signalling the beginning of the end!

After some amazing give and take, Shirley takes a breather on the bed. Andro pounces, tying her to the bed, putting two vibes on her pussy at max power and fucks her with a strap-on! Such devastating power could break someone... but not Shirley, who takes it like a warrior and gets free, bringing Andro down and locking with her to try and scissor her into sexual oblivion. She fought hard to break free and resist this, but her body betrays her as she cums hard, ending both the match and this tournament, with team Chaste coming out as the victors!

Wanna see this sex-fuelled frenzy unfold? See this doodad here? Click it!

A huge congratulations to both teams for taking part, especially for all of Team Chaste. Commiserations to Team Milov, who still put up one hell of a fight.

Our new Champions, Shirley, Romantic, Diana and Dylan win 150 EF coins and their own signature move, as well as some shiny Winter Tournament 2021 badges to slap on their profiles. Twas a great exhibition, filled with everything that we love from our sexfight games.

And, I am reliably informed that there will be more to come next year, so don't go thinking we're slowing down. No way, we're just getting warmed up...

Until next time. I am TG and YOU... yes you, reading this, I see you... y'all are sexy cuties.



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