Winter Tournament - 2021

Games Dec 15, 2021

The Winter season is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a tournament. Catch all the details and announcements over on our Discord!

Mara, the amazing angel that she is, has organised our end of the year exhibition matches, taking Chaste and Milov and pitting them against each other with a team selected by sign-ups. Once picked, they conduct battle the best way they know how... sexfights!

Join me once more as we regale in the stories of these warriors and fight out who will take home the title of Winter Champion! Milov has already claimed last year's title and Chaste is one of the fiercest, sauciest fighters this writer has ever seen, so this promised to be hot enough to melt the ice!

First order of business, lets meet out teams. On team Chaste, we had:

Dylan Boyle

A fierce team and no mistake. With Team Milov, we had:

Andromeda Sterling
BDSM Stacy

A strong line up from both of our teams!

The rules were simple. All matches for the competing teams were in Classic mode, if there are drawn at 2 -2 at the end, the teams would work out a tiebreaker match. If a team won with a 3 - 0 lead, the final match would still be played. As per tournament tradition, they competed for a title badge, a unique signature move and 150 EF coins. But most importantly, they compete for fun and enjoyment, as this is a wonderful exhibition tournament.

Our first fight saw BDSM Stacy Vs Romantic.

Sizing each other up, Stacy confesses she has been watching him in anticipation of this tournament, looking for weaknesses. As they both declare their intentions of winning, Romantic makes the first move, sliding his hand into her panties to finger her. Enjoying his touch, Stacy admires his body and they lock into a sensual battle, kissing and caressing each other all over, exploring each others bodies.

As they tease each other, their clothes slowly end up peeled off, layer by layer, as they build up the sexual tension between them. After some spanking from Romantic, who seems quite enamoured with Stacy's amazing ass, they turn up the heat as they begin to fuck, slowly and intimately at first. Then Stacy takes the initiative and fucks his cock, bouncing herself on him. Fighting for dominance, they flip positions, with Stacy determined to stay on top of him, riding reverse cowgirl to distract Romantic with her ass. Changing things up, Romantic gets her into doggystyle, only to have Stacy flip the game on its head as she uses her mouth to suck his tip, followed by deepthroating him hard and fast to try and make him cum. Romantic resists the attempt and retaliates by eating her pussy, making her suddenly cum from the pleasure.

Suddenly on the defensive, she takes a moment to recover and counters with a frenulum massage. He resists again, bolstering Stacy's determination. Wrapping her lips around his cock, she gives him a messy blowjob, making hm cum all over her body. Now the scores stand tied and it all comes down to this. They leave nothing to chance, going all out as they test each other. Stacy bounces on his cock, Romantic lifts her and fucks her, neither of them show signs of slowing down. Soon, Stacy is back on top and rides him hard cowgirl, the sudden ferocity of her attack taking him by surprise, causing him to cum hard inside her, sealing victory for Team Milov in this match!

See the fine details of this fine as hell match right here.

The second battle saw Milov taking on Shirley.

Suffering the effects of NNN, Milov is eager to get his hands on Shirley, taking his shirt off and pulling her pants and panties down as soon as the match starts. Not one to say no to rough stuff, Shirley takes this in stride and pulls his boxers down, teasing him with her wet slit, no doubt feeling him throb as her heat moves slowly along his shaft.

As they slowly get rougher with each other, Shirley wraps her amazing tits around Milov's impressive cock, making him really feel just how much he wanted release. Moving on, she sucks his cock and drains his energy fast, eager to move in for the kill. Milov teases her back, utilizing a riding crop and tying her up when the chance reveals itself. Despite this, the teacher remains in control and rides her student to try and take first cum. Milov resists this and insists he can't cum now, not until November ends. Shirley insists back that cumming is good and gets her thighs round his cock, trying to break him. Milov holds back but now he's in trouble and she knows it. Luring him to his doom, she lays down and lets him fuck her furiously, expertly using her pussy to make him edge and cum inside her.

Determined to stay in the game, Milov counters by pounding her pussy from behind but Shirley seems insurmountable now, resisting his cock and riding him hard, trying to make him cum again. Summoning all he has, Milov flips her and gets her into a mating press, pounding her pussy to hard and raw orgasm. Both fighters taking a moment to recover, they pounce at ach other one last time, with Shirley getting him down, sitting on his lap and taking his cock into her pussy. She grinds and moans until he can't hold back and cums inside her once more!

Bringing the teams level at 1-1, we move onto the final half of our tournament.

See the fight with the slutty teacher and her student right here.

Stay tuned for the last two fights of the tournament, where we will witness just who comes out on top!



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