A day in the life of a lovely CUTIEPIE

Erotica Mar 31, 2021

Before you start reading my story I would like to give a special thank you to a few people.

The first goes to Bradley James for teaching me that writing can be fun and for giving me a few suggestions to improve my story.

Thank you!

The second goes to Ella for being a supportive friend and helping me realize that my story is worth reading, but mostly for holding my hand while I share this. This shit is scary as hell…

Thank you!

The third and final goes to Anna for being such an awesome person that I wanted to spend a day writing a story just for her. She gave me something to write about and also the perfect opportunity to do it.

Thank you!

A day in the life of a lovely CUTIEPIE

Part 0. Background

This is a story about a day in the life of the amazing sub Anna, who can be a bit of a brat sometimes. Last night was a long evening for our main character. After dinner at a fancy restaurant she learned a lesson or two about what happens to a brat...but was also gifted with some cuddles, for even the scariest doms still love those. We join our protagonist in bed the following morning...

Part 1. Breakfast in bed

The last thing Anna can remember before falling asleep was laying in the arms of Mistress Gina, feeling her lips kissing her cheek, and Mistress Gina's soft voice whispering: “You have been turned into such a good girl and if you behave all day tomorrow maybe I will let you cum”.

When Anna finally wakes up after a well needed sleep, she opens her eyes, but it is still dark. She is confused as to why the room is dark though, because the
sun should definitely be up by now. As she slowly becomes more alert to her surroundings, Anna realises that the darkness is because of the blindfold over her eyes. Trying to remove it to see what is happening she realises that the blindfold is not the only thing she is wearing. It is not clothes that cover her beautiful body, but all kinds of bondage gear. First thing she notices is that around her wrists are a set of what she guesses are some form of leather cuffs, probably attached to the bed frame since she can't move her arms much. Second thing is a similar set of cuffs holding her legs in place, and the final thing is what she can only assume to be a collar around her neck.

After a few minutes in the silence she hears a famliliar sound; the sound of Mistress Gina's fancy black heels crossing the floor towards her, laying there in her helpless state. The sound comes closer and closer before suddenly stopping in front of the bed. In her exposed state, her body being shown off the entire time,
all Anna can do is wait for whatever will happen next. After a few moments of enjoying her work and watching Anna struggle a little against the ropes to test her limits, Mistress Gina says her first few words for the day.

“Good morning MY cutiepie, hope you remember what I told you last night, because this will be a long day”.

The blindfold is removed and Anna's suspicions are confirmed, she is indeed restrained to the bed with very fancy black leather cuffs decorated with small bits of metal, so shiny it must be polished daily. The collar matches the cuffs, but Anna has a hard time reading the words on it. Mistress Gina says “You may look at me, and that goes for the rest of the day too. Look as much as you want, but do not touch without permission”.

Hearing Mistress Gina take a few steps back to give a better view Anna slowly starts to move her gaze up. The first thing she sees is a pair of black heels a few centimetres apart. Continuing to move her gaze up she sees a pair of black stockings that ends with about 10 centimetres that are more detailed than the rest of them. Just where the stockings end a tight black latex dress starts following all of Mistress Gina's curves, leaving little to the imagination. A riding crop is attached to the hip with a custom made attachment. Mistress' left hand rests on her hip, with the right one holding her crop. Her hands and arms are covered in the same material as the rest of her body ending just above the elbows. Just under Gina's boobs Anna starts to see some skin as the dress gives a great view of the cleavage. Anna's gaze still wandering up she sees that Mistress Gina is smiling and wearing red lipstick, her wavy brown hair resting on her shoulders. When their eyes meet all Anna can see is a look of playfulness...as well as the
stare of a predator about to attack their prey.

"You must be starving sweetie", Mistress Gina says playfully as she releases the crop from her dress and begins walking towards the bed, a look of determination
burning in her eyes. "You must earn the right to please me by staying silent as I hand out the last punishment for being such a brat yesterday", Gina says. Leaning forward to give a small kiss on Anna's lips, “Be a good girl” Mistress Gina whispers and then pulls the crop back.

"Ready?" She asks.

Anna obediently nods, knowing that she shouldn't talk without permission. The crop moves down...


The crop hits Anna's left thigh hard. Anna somehow manages to hold back and stay quiet. Mistress Gina holds the crop ready again and swings stopping just before hitting, just giving a gentle tap. Relieved, Anna breathes out, but quickly she realises that Gina just faked it and is already about to hit again.


This time with an unexpected hit Anna struggles even more to not scream and she tries to move away, but the ropes hold her in place.

"Good girl", Mistress Gina says and puts the crop away. Without another word, Mistress Gina steps onto the bed and straddles Anna's curvaceous waist, Mistress' thighs each side of her naked body. Sliding up her dress revealing that she is not wearing anything underneath, Mistress Gina moves towards Anna's face. Knowing her place, Anna looks up asking for permission to speak and gets a nod in return.

"May I do my best to please you and try to make you cum, Mistress Gina?" Anna asks, and once again gets a nod as an answer. Anna begins working her lips and tongue over Mistress Gina's glistening slit, knowing that it is all about her Mistress' pleasure. Anna's effort quickly has Gina cumming, for which she is
rewarded with a gentle kiss afterwards.

When Mistress Gina is pleased she removes the chains holding Anna to the bed, leaving the cuffs and collar remaining. Standing up and pointing next to her, Mistress Gina orders her cutie to stand up. A leash is attached to the collar and they begin walking towards the kitchen. As they walk past a mirror the text on the collar is finally visible to Anna. It says “Gina's little cutiepie” in silver.

Part 2. A walk in the park

A few hours later, the Mistress and her cutie are having a chill brunch, relaxing together. While they enjoy the morning air, Gina explains to Anna that for the rest of the day they will do two things; take a walk in the park and have dinner with a friend.

"As I told you we are going to take a walk in the park today, but we are going to have some extra fun while doing it", Mistress Gina says and walks up to Anna, still sitting in her chair. Gina pulls the chair out and has Anna stand in front of her, still wearing the cuffs and collar, but with a red silk robe over.

"To make this a bit more exciting you are going to wear something fun under your clothes", Gina says and opens the robe like it was a Christmas gift. The rope falls to the floor and Anna is once again naked in front of her Mistress, her nipples getting harder in the cold air. With a smile on her face, Gina appreciates the beauty of her cutie and grabs a few lengths of rope from a nearby drawer.

Through Anna's mind a few thoughts rush by. What is she going to do with that? Does she want me to walk around outside while bound? Will she at least let me hide the ropes? What will happen if someone finds out? With all these thoughts in her mind she feels scared...no not exactly scared, but nervous and a bit excited to see what is in store for her.

Mistress Gina immediately gets to work by placing the middle of the rope against Anna's neck. Continuing by taking both sides of the rope around her neck, start tying the ropes together making her way down. One, two, three, four, five knots before she carefully measures the perfect place for the sixth one. With perfect precision the last knot ends up right on Anna's clit as the rope is slid between her legs. Separating the ropes again, one under each ass cheek and around to the front again, looping around one of the two ropes between knot four and five each. Pulling a little on each side to make a nice little diamond shape as the ropes slide against her skin teasingly slow until Gina makes a knot on her back and repeats the process three more times.

When the ropework is complete, Anna stands there covered in beautiful red rope with 4 diamond shapes and rope hugging her curves, wearing her collar and cuffs. Mistress Gina walks up to her and quickly undoes all of the cuffs and places them on the table.

"You look beautiful like this, but I recommend putting some nice clothes ready for tonight's dinner before we leave in 30 minutes", Gina says. "This stays on so you better find a way to cover it or prepare to wear it proudly", Gina says, touching the collar as she removes the leash.

Exactly 30 minutes later Gina stands by the door waiting for Anna. She opens the door ready to leave, but stops herself.

"Oh I almost forgot something", Gina says as she reveals a buttplug.

She holds it in front of Anna's mouth and licks one side of it, letting Anna do the other. When properly lubed Anna's skirt is lifted and her panties moved aside to let the plug enter her cute little hole. Finally ready, Gina grabs Anna's hand and they are off.

Holding hands throughout the walk, stopping to enjoy nature and just relaxing...or so Anna thought at the start. As if the rope rubbing against her clit every step she take wasn't enough, she soon finds out that it is in fact a vibrating plug just as they are walking past a couple sitting on a bench. She finds out in the most embarrassing way possible, having the plug turned to max and letting out a loud moan as she walks past.

A few steps later Gina starts giggling seeing how red Anna's face turned, and like the “evil” woman she is she proceeds to do everything in her power to make the walk unforgettable. With a few minutes between each time she whispers a few things to make Anna's thoughts go wild.

"You are so cute when you blush, but I am sure this is exactly how you like to take walks in the park. My cutiepie is wearing a lot of nice red rope under her clothes, isn't she? I wonder what everyone would think if they knew your little secret. Maybe they would think you are a naughty, slutty little exhibitionist who gets turned on by being teased in public."

Just as Gina mentions the word “teased” she turns up the vibrating plug to max and giggles again before lowering the speed, but leaving it on, which is only making it all the more difficult for Anna to walk properly.

They make it back to Mistress Gina's place with time for a nap before making food. Gina places Anna's head in her lap as she sits back and relaxes, stroking her hair and telling her how good she has been so far and that there is only one last thing she has to do before she earns the right to cum...but saying no more. Next, after the nap, the two girls make dinner for their guest together. This definition of together means that the cute Anna does all the work while Gina keeps her company and eats snacks.

Part 3. Dinner with a friend

Dinner is almost ready when the doorbell rings. Standing up showing off her tight, red evening dress, that just to happens to be the exact same colour as the rope underneath Anna's clothes. Mistress Gina says: "Be a good girl and treat our guest properly and you will be rewarded accordingly." Gina waits for a nod showing that the message is clear before opening the door.

On the other side of the door stood Ella, who needed no invitation to immediately fling herself inside, landing with her arms around Gina. Anna watches the two friends hug and kiss like they haven't seen each other in ages. Gina leads Ella to the table and gestures for Anna to take care of her. The chair is pulled out and Ella moves her short, black, flowing dress so that she can sit comfortably as the chair is pushed under her with Anna's help. Anna continues by helping her Mistress sit down. Proceeding with serving the food and of course also eating some, Anna handles the dinner with ease and passes the final test.

"Ella baby, what would an evening with my friend be without some entertaining?" Gina asks. Ella quickly answers;

"Boring, but knowing you there is surely something planned."

"Indeed", Gina says as she stands up and walks around the table with her fingertips gently sliding along the table's edge. She takes Ella by the hand and leads her friend to the couch where they sit down next to each other.

Waving for Anna to come over, Gina says with a smile on her face; "you have been a good girl today, and if you want your reward you have to do exactly as Miss Ella and I tell you."

Giggling, Ella turns to Gina and gives her a long deep kiss saying, “We will have so much fun.” Mistress Gina orders Anna to strip and give the guest a show worthy of her time. Ella snuggles closer to Gina as Anna starts to undress slowly, doing her best to remember what she was taught last night. Teasingly lifting the edge of her dress and then letting it fall down, repeating a few times showing more and more each time until she finishes with spinning around slowly while unzipping the dress letting it fall to the floor.

Ella's jaw drops as she sees the beautiful red rope working like a frame around her favorite painting, and all was hidden underneath the dress.

"OMG. Can I study your work a bit closer?" Ella asks, and gets the answer:

“Of course, she will obey your every command or she won't get to cum tonight.” Ella quickly stands up and excitedly runs over and grabs the leather cuffs, seemingly knowing exactly where to find them. Mistress Gina stands up and catches one of the cuffs that comes flying towards her. With one look at each other, turning to a smile as their gazes shift to Anna.

Perfectly synchronized the two girls walk up, grab a hand each, secure the cuffs around Anna's wrists and attach them to chains hanging from the ceiling. With her hands out of the way there is not a chance of defending herself against the seemingly endless teasing that is about to start. Fingers running along her thighs, licking her neck, some light spanks...and that is just the start of it. The teasing continues with Anna receiving kisses from both girls around her, on her legs up to her thighs, her stomach, her back and even one on the lips before Gina and Ella look at each other once more before simultaneously going for her nipples.

Starting by pinching a nipple each then twisting, silently starting some kind of competition to see who can make Anna squirm the most. Stepping up her game, Miss Ella starts using her tongue instead, slowly circling around the nipple. The circle gets smaller and smaller each time and just as she is about to reach the center, Mistress Gina bites the other.

Anna is moving around trying to decide if she wants to move away or move closer, and just as she decides to enjoy it they stop. Anna is desperately trying to move closer, but her mistresses focus on each other instead. Their hands around each other's necks as the make out as though Anna wasn't even there. Miss Ella's other hand finds the zipper to Mistress Gina's dress, managing to unzip it and let it fall to the floor. Not long after Ella's dress comes flying, landing over Anna who has to shake it off before she can continue to enjoy the show.

When Anna finally manages to get it off she sees her mistresses standing in front of her with their dresses removed and with matching lingerie. Both wearing black stockings, Mistress Gina wearing a black lace set with red details while Miss Ella is wearing a set with the opposite colors.

After making out just out of reach from Anna, Mistress Gina takes hold of the leash again, holding it in front of Anna until her eyes beg for it. When satisfied with the curiosity and desperation in Anna's eyes, Mistress Gina attaches it to the collar and hands the leash to Ella. Untying Anna's hands, and with a wink to Miss Ella, Mistress Gina says: “Enjoy, and make sure she proves that she isn't too desperate and still knows how to please a woman before getting her orgasm."

With leash in hand, a determined smile and Anna obediently following, she excitedly sits down on the couch, looking up at the leashed cutie under her control as she teasingly spreads her legs. With a hard pull on the Leash from Miss Ella, Anna has no other choice but get between her legs. Seeing her chance to please, Anna looks up into Miss Ella's eyes and then between her legs again as a way of asking for permission. Miss Ella moves her panties to the side and gives a nod as a sign of permission to do what a good girl does best; please others.

With her cute face buried between Miss Ella's legs Anna doesn't notice what is happening behind her, not that she would complain or have something to do about it if she did. As she is on her knees doing her absolute best to please, she hears the moans from Miss Ella get louder, but then become silent just as Anna feels something enter her from behind, making her moan loud.

Mistress Gina had put on her strapon and sneaked up behind to start giving Anna the fucking she craves and has proved worthy of receiving. Feeling Mistress Gina's hands on her hips, Anna continues licking as she gets fucked harder and harder. While getting fucked hard from behind she can't hold back her moans, increasing the pleasure for Miss Ella sending her over the edge, making her cum all over Anna's beautiful face.

Just when Miss Ella calms down from her orgasm Anna is suddenly pulled onto her feet by Mistress Gina. Mistress Gina holds Anna's arms behind her back with one hand and the other on her cutie's throat, pulling her close. Being this close to her mistress makes her feel both safe and completely at their mercy. After a few deep breaths, Miss Ella stands up, smiling,  with a red ball gag in her hand.

"Open up", Mistress Gina says.

As Anna obediently opens her mouth Miss Ella shoves the gag in and secures it tightly. Miss Ella proceeds to equip a purple strapon at the same time as Mistress Gina leans forward and whispers into Anna's ear; “You have been a good girl today so feel free to moan and cum as much as you want my cutiepie''. Miss Ella sits down on the couch again, ready for action.

Anna is lifted and placed on top of Miss Ella's strapon by both of her mistresses working together. Seconds after Mistress Gina starts kissing the neck of her cutiepie, at the same time as she slowly enters Anna's other hole with her strapon. Both Miss Ella and Mistress Gina increase their speed slowly until they both fuck as hard and deep as they can making Anna moan loud. Mistress Gina doesn't stop kissing Anna's neck for a second, only adding a hand to push her towards Miss Ella. Not slow to get the hint, Miss Ella starts licking and kissing Anna's gag, using one hand as support when she fucks and the other playing with the boobs in front of her. With all the stimulation at the same time it doesn't take long until Anna moans loud and is sent over the edge for the first time...but definitely not for the last time this evening.

Part 4. Cuddles

After a couple of hours with constant fucking in all positions imaginable and then some, all three fall back exhausted next to each other with Anna in the middle. The gag that was removed a long time ago, but is still hanging around the cutie's neck, finally gets removed carefully by Ella's tender hands. Anna is helped up into a sitting position with Ella behind her and Gina in front of her as they untie the red rope. Ella unties the first knot and kisses along where the rope was with Gina taking over and doing the same to her front. After the last knot is pulled free, Gina leans in for a long loving kiss on the lips before laying down again. Anna lies on her back with one girl on each of her arms holding her close, giving the occasional kiss on her cheek, and of course telling her how good she is. The last thing she hears before falling asleep in their arms is “You are perfect MY lovely cutiepie, sweet dreams''



I do not know what else to write, so here is a joke for Winston (as a placeholder) How do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it!