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Brooke πŸ‘€

Interviews Sep 6, 2023

So here we are with another interview with one of EroFights' most beloved faces, and this time I have also asked our community for questions as well, so that I don't have to come up with the interview questions myself...

Efficiency is the name of the game and I am playing it like a fiddle, folks...

Clara: Brooke has been a member of Blog team for a while but when, how, and why did she join? πŸ€”

Brooke: Winston bullied me into writing πŸ₯Ή

Elliot: What was (one of) Brooku’s most memorable match(es) and why?


Winston bullied me.

El: My question is mommy? Sorry I mean, with the Commonwealth Games cancelled, what do you see as rural Victoria's best chance for increased infrastructure and transit spending (other than glorious revolution)?

Mommy: [leave room in the word limit for ~5000 words on this topic, will add later.] (Ha! No she won't. ~W)

We'll be having no Glorious Revolution here, I hope. Replacing one monarch for another is a bourgeois revolution, and we should rather be seeking to dismantle all forms of unjust hierarchy. Also, William III sucks ass in hell and the Boyne was a disaster for the colonised people of Ireland. No Glorious Revolutions damn it!


Maya: You've been around EF for almost 3 years now. What is making you stay ? Is it just the horny? Is it the blog work?

Brooke: Whenever I consider leaving, Winston bully me like this

Georgia: Are there any sensations that you enjoy that might be considered unusual even in a community like this?

Brooke: Winston's bullying.

Shiky: Do you think Winston reached the peak of bakaness yet?

Brooke: God, I hope so.

Sasha: What are your thoughts on our glorious sovereign King Charles? Why am I the best target for tackle snuggles? Are you harbouring anti-monarchist forces?

Brooke: You're not a cop, right? You know you have to tell me if you're a cop.

Miss Rose: I was thinking if you ever had any close calls with nature. It is said everything is out to kill you in Australia, so maybe you were bit by something not so nice?

Brooke: I've only been bitten by nice and sexy people in nature, and never too hard.

Winston: And to finish - your favourite and least favourite things about EroFights?

Brooke: Community and Winston's bullying. Or was that the other way around?




I can typing :B