A Guide to Dungeoneering!

Guides Aug 21, 2021


Dungeon adventures is a collaborative fantasy-themed erotic dungeon exploration game for two players. Each player takes on one of two roles. A player is either an "Adventurer" or a "Dungeon Master".

The "Adventurer" seeks to explore and plunder the dungeon for fame and riches, driving the action of the game forwards by choosing whether they would like to Explore, Plunder or Rest. The Adventurer has agency and individuality, roleplaying as themselves or a character of their own creation.

The "Dungeon Master" plays in opposition to the "Adventurer" as a combination of an opponent and Narrator for the events of the game. The "DM" is in control of the difficulty through selecting monster encounters for the Adventurer to engage with when they explore, laying cunning traps in the treasure that they seek to plunder, and summoning further forces of lewdness while the adventurer takes their rest.

To win, the Adventurer simply needs to reduce the DM's Fate Points to zero by defeating encounters and disarming traps before they have their own HP reduced to zero through repeated orgasms caused by those same encounters and traps.

The asymmetric nature of the game means that the Adventurer doesn't often triumph when they challenge the Dungeon of Desire, but such victories are always far sweeter knowing that they were earned against steep odds.

The Adventurer may pick from EXPLORE, PLUNDER and REST actions on their turn.

When creating an action for an Adventurer, the above settings should be used in all cases. Exploration, Plundering and Resting are all capable of being done regardless of gender.

Explore actions symbolize picking a path and travelling it, whether sneaking through a spooky underground crypt, or walking the well lit paths of an enchanted forest. They tire the Adventurer out and cost some energy to pick, and in the time it takes for them to travel the DM may be able to muster additional forces.

Depending on wherever the Adventurer decides to Explore, the Dungeon Master is able to pick from a selection of encounters that match the location. You are more likely to encounter seductive Dryads in a forest than in an underground library.

A suspiciously unguarded treasure trove, or a magic sword embedded in stone, all are equally likely to cause you to fall prey to deviously hidden mechanisms.

Plunder actions represent the Adventurer seizing an opportunity to enrich and strengthen themselves through looting the Dungeon, being tempted by gold and the promise of magical artifacts to help them on their quest.

Traps based on the location being plundered will be selected by the DM when an Adventurer picks a Plunder action.

Plundering and Exploring are hard work, sometimes an Adventurer needs to camp for the night, or reduce some of that built up... 'Stress'... at a brothel, doing so helps keep them fighting-fit, but gives time for the DM to Summon more help.

If you're interested in helping out with this game mode to get it out of Alpha and into being available for all players, please create actions for Male adventurers! A link to the Quick Creation Guide can be found here.



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