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EF Novella CHAPTER 13

EF Novella Jun 21, 2023

Sun of a Beach

Everything was set.

The popcorn, along with various snacks and drinks were passed about, and the denizens of the EroFights beach house settled into each other's arms, lying down or sitting in plush couches, recliners and bean bags, waiting for the movie to begin.

A foolproof plan. The darkness provided the perfect cover for the perverts among them (which is to say, all those present)  to snuggle up to each other and get into all kinds of naughty shenanigans here in EroFights' official summer retreat.

Winston leaned in for a kiss, slipping a hand down Lili's dress and cupping her breast, hidden underneath a blanket. The kiss was soft, loving, ending with a mischievous nibble on his lip by the redhead as they parted, ostensibly to watch the movie.


A blur of blonde-brown fur crashed into Lili's lap, causing her to squeal in surprised delight. The kitsune looked up at the two lovers like a child would observe a parent.

Discreetly removing his hand from Lili's breast, Winston sat up a little bit more properly, so that Foxy could get comfortable on Lili's lap. He carried his own little bag of popcorn and soda, which he drank from now.

Foxy never quite understood complicated human things, such as organising a movie night so that people can get naughty in plain sight.

"No more, Optimus Prime! Grant me mercy, I beg of you!"

The steadfast leader of the Autobots stared down at the vanquished Megatron.

"You...who are without mercy, now plead for it? I thought you were made of sterner stuff..."

Winston leaned back in his seat and smiled. Lili rested her pretty head on his shoulder. Pretty girl by your side, Transformers: The Motion Picture for movie night...this was the life.

"Boooooooooring! Why are we even watching a cartoon? Who picked this? I wanna watch a Marvel movie..."

Winston turned in the direction of the offensive disturbance to such a serene night, several rows back, his usually cheerful and happy face arranged into a frown and a glare.

"Silence, child! I am educating you in the cultural arts!"

Mariya stuck her tongue at her father most petulantly, and hugged the Countess Sasha, who merely giggled into her hand and patted her foster daughter affectionately on the head.

Children, Winston fumed internally, as he returned to watch a 90-minute animated movie about robots fighting each other with lasers.


The beach house's bell rang through the home theatre.

"Who could be calling at such an hour..." Winston grumbled, but nevertheless rose to attend to business.

He opened the door, and looked in surprise as a tall beauty stumbled into the beach house, her brown hair with red highlights like sparks of fire dancing about her head.

"Um, welcome to the beach house...?" Winston offered his hand.

"Oh poop, what?" She looked at the proffered hand confused, looking around distractedly, her hands scrabbling about everywhere, tapping her leather jacket and skinny jeans, looking for something.

Eventually she slapped herself in the rear, jumped a little, and pulled out a slightly crumpled envelope. The words "To Countess Sasha" written on it with a carefully drawn heart.

"Right, here..."

She forced the envelope into Winston's hand and before he could say anything, was gone, swallowed up by the night. The little sparks of red flitting in the gloom, before those too, were lost, and the only the sound of the waves and the gaze of the moon remained.

"Oh Dear Countess, the day I set my eyes upon your gorgeous figure I'd dreamed for days the time when I would dominate your body and shatter your mind with pleasure..."  

Sasha's pale hand slapped him on the wrist as she rolled on top of him, trying to snatch the letter which he held just out of reach. They were in bed, in their comfortable suite in the beach house

"Stop it!" She laughed, as Winston read on.

"The fact that you could humiliate and dominate me, with your mouth, fingers, pussy and feet filled my mind with excitement and desire... ouch! Careful, those are sensitive, you know..." Winston squirmed underneath her, trying to dodge her pinching fingers.

"Give it baaaaack...!"

"I'm almost done!, hush now..." His hands found hers and he pulled her into a cuddle, Sasha's head resting on his chest as he read the rest:

"I will await your response that will sign the moment which one of us will be utterly defeated and sexually used by the other, and I can't wait. Hmm." Winston folded the letter and placed it back in the envelope.

"Nice letter," he mused, stroking Sasha's hair lightly.

"It's very sweet," the Countess agreed. "How should I reply?"

"Why, say yes, of course..."

"No silly, look at that letter! I need to write something comparable, at least..."

Winston paused to consider this for a moment, placing the envelope down on the bedside table as he did so.

"Hmm. I'm sure we can write something, but since you're pressed against me so conveniently..."

He reached for the nightlight and turned it off, and for now thought no more of Alya.



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