Getting Involved with Erofights - Becoming a Part of the Community!

Guides Aug 20, 2022

So you've joined Erofights: you've played a few matches, won a few if you're lucky, and lost a few if you're really lucky.. what's next? How do you extend the orgasmic high that is Erofights and beyond that..

Looks left, looks right..
Heighten it?

Well if you weren't a part of the in-the-know crowd, Erofights has a Discord server (Click me!) where you can become more connected with the player base at large. Now joining a new platform or simply just a new community can be a daunting task - which is why I'm making this blog post!!

So here's my advice:

1) Jump in!
 If you wait until you feel comfortable piping up in the turmoil and ongoing wondrous chaos that is the #general channel in the EF Discord, you will be waiting.. forever. So don't! Set yourself a nice lil smol goal - for example, I recommend choosing 1-3 people right off that you're going to befriend. Say hello to them in particular, have a memorable conversation, and then make a point to maintain that relationship. Congratulations - you have now made a friend. You will know this method is successful when you say a general hello and these individuals make a point to say hello to you individually. (If you cannot find a friend, pls find Elliot the Incubus, he's a very nice lad).

2) Join a Team!
 If you've been a part of the Discord server for any amount of time you'll start to notice EF Staff around (they're pretty neat-o people). There are quite a few ways you can jump into participating even as a new member. You can find information on the teams and their current members at the start of the #help-ef channel, but here's a quick rundown:

Advertising Team - spread the news of EroFights far and wide in search of new members!

Blog Staff - If you're reading this you probably have a good idea of what these staff members do... ignore the fact I am not one of them. 👻

Game Maintainers - Keep their respective game modes running smoothly and looking spiffy. You don't have to have extensive knowledge of how EF works in the techy background.. but it definitely would help ;)

Moderators - Granted not a position for a new member BUT perhaps a position to aspire toward; they keep the environment of EF safe and friendly.

Reddit Staff - Maintain the EF presence on our Reddit platform to attract sexy new members.. perhaps such as yourself ♡♡♡

Writing Team - Involved with the writing and editing of the CHYOA storyline of EF as well as some game action upkeep; members can largely pursue the aspect they prefer. English grammar and spelling skills need not be a limiting factor!! You just need a nice.. thick.. imagination!

3) Listen!
 One of the best things you can do to become a part of the community is get a feel for how it operates; sometimes that means chilling (pronounced "Lur-KING") in #general, sometimes that means watching a user stream with your mic muted, and sometimes it means asking for advice. To get you started with the latter bit, I've attached some pro tips from some much-loved members I interviewed ❤

I hope this helps you feel a little less daunted about taking the deep dive into the community that is EroFights - rest assured we're all looking forward to knowing you! ♡


Elliot, the Incubus


Elliot, the Incubus

A smol lil incubus lad - I just want your soul to snuggle with I promise >.< (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ◠◡。・:*(~˘▾˘)~◠◡。・:* (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧