Happy Birthday EroFights!

Personal Apr 13, 2021

It's been one year since all of this started. It's been one year since, in the midst of the pandemic, I decided to pass some time working on this crazy project that I had on my computer, which had been lying dormant for years. Since then, EroFights has grown so much! From the 400 initial Classic actions to thousands in multiple different modes! From a few random users trying it to a large, diverse and awesome community!

Since then, I've developed so many things, and the website has evolved so much that it has almost nothing to do with what it was at the very beginning, and I'm so happy to share all of this with you! Initially it was a simple vanilla game where you couldn't even message people, and it has since grown to one of the major NSFW kinky dating websites of the web!

One year should be a celebration, so I'll thank a few people who I have on my mind who were the first people I interacted a lot with. I'll obviously forget certain people, and not mention others who've joined more recently, but this is an Ode to the First Ones! :D

To Lili, obviously, who is the only one around having heard of EF even before the release, who never judged me, trusted me, inspired me, gave me so much great ideas, and who is still around after so much time! To our knowing looks and shared secret at parties ;)

To Ina, who was one of the very first players of EroFights, who was my first EF game, who was my first experience domming someone. Ina is someone who simply made EF what it is today through her presence, her bot games, her words and her very naughty moans!

To Dude91Bad, the first hardcore player of EF, who mastered the game and talked about balance at a time when blind mode was the only way, when actions were a mess, when undressing was a war, and when even a FAQ was still a dream. EF simply and clearly just wouldn't be here without you. This is the way.

To KeniaNia who first helped me with the community, gave advice about game design, with who I had a lot of fun, and who, I know, is still wandering around. To Blue, to Morexis, to Randomdude, to Karliah, to Marc…to all of those who helped at some point or another <3

To Phoenix, who has also been there since the beginning, who has grown and changed over time, to your passion and enthusiasm, to the wonderful person you are <3

To Mike, who helped me create so much content at the beginning by sharing his collection.

To Foxy, to our music, to your cute character, to your texts, to your kinks, to your frank tongue and grounded thoughts, to your thousand dollar badge coming and to your naughty tail!

To all my Patrons, and especially now, to the first ones! I've always been just amazed how the core community have carried EF through this year, staying around, holding the cap. People came and people went, but some rocks have been facing the waves with a stern smirk, and I will never thank you enough for that!

To Winston, the bearded duke who made me realise, when the community was still small, that I would need help at some point. For helping me realise that handling everything from the game, the actions and the community was pointless and way too much effort for one guy, especially if the notoriety of EF was going to grow. How right you were. Damn, how hard it was handing over the keys of something so important for me to a perfect stranger. And yet, I'm so happy I did.

I’m also pleased to announce I’ll be giving badges to the 10 oldest members still active of EF! Congrats to Ina, Spanishman, Lili, Evelyn, Plenk, CSB92, Chrise, Zofia, Gwen, and Maverick!

To so many people...whether we talked or not! I'm always there, often watching, carefully, making sure everything is fine and everyone has fun. So many names I've seen, so many people I don't nearly know as much as I wished...

I created, maintained, and continued building this game for you and because of you. Thank you, simply for being and staying around <3

And now, a small story to answer the question no one really asked: How EroFights came into being?

I've already shared his story with a few people but was uncomfortable to really publish it...so anyway, here it goes:

I've always been interested in random instructions given between the members of a couple, as I was not confident about my own kinks (I'm still not). In the past I developed two different games to play with two different successive girlfriends, not online, with instructions given to each one of us, created by the other one.

Looking back at them now, these instructions were quite immature, and the games never really went far!

This was until someday, when thinking about a third version, I had the idea to do it online. The first idea was just plain instructions, with maybe taking pictures. Then I thought it was too invasive to do that, and relied heavily on trusting a stranger on the internet...which is not the best idea, right?

Then I thought about adding porn actions, just teasing each other through text, and that was it! This was about 4 years ago, and I developed the Classic mode you discovered a year ago (though my first ideas were far more complex than the initial release). I had no idea where to share it, or even if people would be interested. I had no real idea why I really developed it, except just occupying my days at work, which were really boring at the time; just tackling really difficult dev problems.

I passed entire days browsing porn to find interesting pics/gifs and filling actions, which was an exceptionally boring task, and one in which you are easily...distracted. So after a while I ended up just feeling bored with it, so I stopped and the project died.

In the meantime, wandering around the internet, I discovered a lot of new stuff. I discovered BDSM, Milovana, WebTeases, CockHero...and a whole world of new ideas came to me! This would later lead to the new game modes you have seen around ;)

Then the Covid came, and I was bored and alone again, so I finally tried to finish the website and push it into the Milovana forum to see if people were interested in it...I received really mixed reactions, but it got me started and willing to improve it for them!

I added kinks, and developed Femdom with Caprice to be able to push it out to the website quickly (trying to get it out before the end of the pandemic...yes, lol!) into Milovana webteases, and then that was it, you all came in a big wave crashing down on the server and giving me headaches for weeks trying to save a game which was not meant to be played by so many players at the same time!

The first weeks were really quite awful. The game was not optimised, server hosted on a raspberrypi, lots of complaints, lots of bugs, lots of crashes. Still I'd look at the number of people playing, exchanging messages, and even supporting on Patreon, and I'd say to myself; "Hey, they do like it!"

The idea for a Discord was proposed by two or three people, and I was actually pretty slow to accept it. But it was the best decision ever! I'm still surprised how EF Discord is about nearly anything else but sex, and I find it so fun and comforting to see all of the discussions around and friendships being born! Some people are actually together now, after meeting on EroFights. So yeah, what a year!

Since then, you have been so active with action propositions and new features. It has been so good just talking with you that I'm not even really playing anymore. That's why I'm really happy that you are all helping me with lots of tasks: I feel EroFights is more and more a community built website, and I'm all for it!

In the last months of 2020, I had been struggling searching for a job to replace my old one which was in danger, and I was also sad that the EroFights Patreon didn't meet my monetary expectations, because at some point I was hoping for it to save my ass as I wasn't sure about my future at my job.

I've given EroFights many of my weekends, and a lot of my work and personal time. But in the end, I'm okay with that, and I'm even okay with it not making money or becoming my job. Thank you all for being supportive and always understanding about the problems of the website or what I'm going through. Here it is, a small story about a small website, born in the midst of the pandemic, and still growing because of you ;)



Creator of EroFights, kinky guy with lots of imagination ;)