EroFights letter to Santa...

Celebrations Dec 24, 2023

Dear Santa¹,

You² will³ regret⁴ my⁵ omission⁶ of⁷ my¹ presents⁸ from² James³.⁹ Lovely¹⁰ socks¹ smells² like¹¹ fragrant¹² socks⁷,¹³ so¹⁴ you¹⁵ really¹⁶ didn't³ need⁶ to⁸ lewd.¹⁷ I¹⁸ want¹⁹ a⁹ lover 😏¹⁷ beautiful¹⁹ and⁶ sweet¹⁷ but⁶ adventurous²⁰ when¹⁹ under¹¹ my²⁰ ass³.¹¹


Love²² will²⁰ be²³ plentiful²⁴ but⁸ scratchy⁶ when²⁰ I²⁵ was²⁶ a⁸ young²⁶ adult¹⁵ my¹² father⁷ warned²⁰ raccoons¹³ against⁶ me.²⁰ Gifts¹³ topple¹⁴ Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch⁷ which⁴ is¹ sanguine.³ Please¹³ hurry.⁶ I¹⁹ have⁸ three⁴ raccoons²⁰ that¹ won't² shove³ snow¹³ up² the¹ Italian¹² woman² until²⁰ my¹⁹ payment²⁰ of²⁷ blood² tithes²⁸ transpire.²⁰ We¹³ fight²² against¹⁹ the⁹ present⁷ in¹⁹ our⁸ underwear²⁰ lacking²⁹ peanut³ sized²⁷ rear²⁹ legs.¹⁴

Christmas¹³ is⁷ cancelled² unless¹ upskirt³⁰ photos⁷ invade¹⁴ France²³.⁷ Revolution¹⁹ or²⁷ cake⁸ will³ decide²⁷ dinner¹³!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!⁷ For³ justice²⁷ we¹¹ rise²² united²⁰ against¹³ raccons²⁵ united²⁹ football⁷ sucks² and²⁹ I¹ will⁷ not² write⁴ letters⁸ about¹⁴ your⁷ Game²² Boy³ Advance⁴ politics!²⁷

Anyway⁷ Christmas⁸ lewds²⁰ please⁶.¹ Tackle²⁷ Foxy²⁴ whenever²⁰ cums² inside⁸ slippers³¹.² Foxy&Winston¹³ sitting³ on³¹ each¹⁴ other²⁴'s laps⁸ everytime²² Alya⁷ poops 👀¹⁷.² I¹³ poop²⁰ sparkles³.⁷ Panda²² will¹³ destroy²⁰ the¹ IRS.² All¹³ cuties²⁰ must⁷ send³ some²² gifts³² of²⁰ Chrstmas¹³ to¹ sexy²⁰ slippers.⁶ Today²² in²³ our¹³ pants²⁷ back²⁹ to⁷ jail³⁰ we³³ go²²?⁷ Or²¹ wash¹³ your²⁰ ass² 🤦‍♂⁷ another²² thing¹ I³ think²⁷ bite²² be⁴ real¹³ good¹¹.⁷

Accordingly,²⁵ cats²³ hate¹³ Monday²² mornings²³.⁷ Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious³.¹² For⁷ Christmas²⁰ Pooh-bear⁶ eats²⁵ ass²!⁷ Love¹³ me¹ tender²¹ chicken²² nuggies⁴ dipped³⁰ in²⁹ grape³ syrup²⁴ or²¹ barbecue⁸ char².⁷

All⁸ around²⁶ the²⁰ world⁷ people⁶ fuck²³ because⁷ they²⁰ fuck²³ turtles³ (ninja)⁶go²² to²⁵ Shredder²⁷ of³ of⁷ dragons³³.³

If³³ you¹ like¹² cookies⁸, you³³ should⁷ try¹² masturbate³⁴.⁷com.³

Always²⁰ hope⁸ that⁷ malcontents²⁷ like⁶ my³ bicycle⁸ have³³ spokes⁶ made¹² of²⁹ dildos²³ and²⁵ jelly²² beans²¹.⁷ What³⁵ the³⁶ hell³⁷ is⁸ bitcoin²?²⁵ Can⁴ someone⁸ explain²⁰ please?²⁴ No.⁸

Gimme¹³ gimme³⁸ gimme²⁹ a²⁶ man³⁸ after²⁶ midnight³⁸ showing⁶ his²⁵ collection⁸ of³⁸ dildos¹³.³⁸

Dear⁷ Santa³⁸ all³⁰ I⁸ want²⁵ for¹³ Christmas³⁵ is²⁵ forlift² certified²² goth³⁸ twinks³ with²⁵ small⁸ brains² who²⁵ ride³⁹ motorbikes²⁰ dressed²⁹ like¹³ Adel⁷.³⁸

Sincerely,⁴ Santa⁷ the³ Grey.²⁰

Naughty³⁰ boy²² don't⁷ don't²⁵ cum.¹¹ Oops²⁷ I⁷ did¹³ it²⁵ yesterday³ and⁸ right⁶ now⁷ I²⁵ soaked⁶ myself²⁵ in²² jelly²³.⁸ Last¹³ night²³ I²⁵ drank³⁸ warm⁸ chocolate¹³ dip²².³⁸

Dear⁷ Maria³⁸, I²⁵ came²².²³ Would³⁸ you⁴⁰ shut² down¹³ the³⁸ sybian⁶ before¹³ it⁴¹ overheats³¹ Alya's⁶ nuggies³⁸ please?²⁵ No?² Yes?³

Good⁴² ebening⁷ may⁴ I²⁵ have⁷ edges⁶ to²⁴ take¹³ CBT³ right³⁰ on⁸ my²⁷ Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch⁷.²²

Dear⁸ Santa⁷, this³ never⁴ ending²² letter²⁴ is⁸ delightful⁷ to³⁰ depths²¹ unknown¹ but¹³ all³ my²⁵ options³⁰ are²⁷ wishes³ for¹¹ cummies¹ unfortunately²¹ inflation⁶ of³⁰ the² market²⁷ the⁷ Winstonians¹³ misbehaviour²¹ came⁸ over³⁰ to²⁵ Ekotl's⁷ booty¹⁴ and⁴³ Akii's⁷ royal³⁰.⁷ In⁶ the³⁷ last⁴⁴ year⁴⁵ we¹³ came² a lot⁴⁶ in⁷ our² quest³⁰ to⁴³ freedom¹.

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[14]Ace [32]Adel [43]Akii [36]Alex [3]Alice [31]Alissa [13]Alya [38]Andrea [12]Andy [39]Ashe [28]Benny [40]Callen [26]Cervantes [8]Charlotte [45]Chocolatinể [1]Clara [9]Diana [15]Driz [25]Ekotl [44]Elliot [16]En'Til'Za [37]Felicity [5]Foxy [4]Gaiba [2]Georgia [41]Iulia [18]Kim [20]Kip [22]Kobono [42]Lea [11]Lealust [33]lllusion [34]Matantzalik [21]Maverick [17]Maya [10]Milov [29]Miss Rose [30]Neko [35]Pavel [46]Phoebe [19]Power [6]Ruck [27]Tess [24]Tigre [23]Will [7]Winston



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