Lili's Guide to Profile Writing

Guides Sep 4, 2020

Hey there! First off, I don't want to point any fingers - it's hard to make a good profile, and I understand that lots of you don't really care about your profile because you think it's not worth the time to work on them... But be absolutely sure - we girls check them before picking someone in the queue. So if you don't want to pass too much time in matchmaking here's some advice I can think of, because too often I've found myself looking at ten profiles in the queue and not even willing to choose one. It's not the absolute rule of profile writing, just some advice I can think of to help ;)

  • Avatars are mandatory. Don't mind what the website says about it being optional, you won't be picked, and at best, you'll have a few games but won't be remembered. We remember pics, we don't remember names.
  • Descriptions are also mandatory... Even if it's standard as shit, it's always better to pick a game with someone who can frame a sentence. The longer the better. Really, no limit there.
  • Use a description that matches the game you're queuing for. Make multiple characters if needed, with the same name, but if your profile says "I'm a sub and want to be dominated" and you are queueing for a Classic game... There is not a lot of hope for you, my friend :/
  • General advice if you play classic, don't be a total sub or dom, try to go back and forth between taking the lead and submission... It's just so much more fun for both players!
  • About avatars: If you pick a real one from the internet, at least find a good looking one. If it's a pic of you, same thing: Put some thought into it, don't just take a picture of your dick next to a bottle, that's actually against our site's Code of Conduct... Realize that to take the pics of the girls you look at in porn, they have to prepare a lot, use make-up, shave, prepare the lightning, the set-up, rework the shot... So please, try to put some effort in it too ;) You may be not really muscular, or insecure about your body, but I'm sure you can do something if you put the effort into it ;) Also, try a clothed photo. As Barney Stinson always says, "a guy in a suit is just soooo sexy..." I'm sure you have something you can wear that'll be totally appropriate for an avatar ;)
  • Maybe describe your kinks a bit, I know there is a list, but you have preferences too, we wanna know about that!
  • You can include a description of your body/of your character, that helps too!
  • If you speak about other people because someone collared you or because you want to brag about your games, separate it from the rest of your description, and give some original details and fun facts about the games ;)
  • You like bets? After matches? You have ideas about new ways to experience the game? Set of rules you like? Write it down! Every girl here would jump on an occasion to experience the game differently once in a while ;) You are OK with very quick games with not a lot of talking? Write it down! Lots of times I just want to do a quick game... and I wouldn't want to disappoint someone looking to play for longer!
  • You have things you are proud of? A good ratio? Kept the "Guardian of the Hill" title for 5 games? Hey, if you don't write it down, sorry, but your fame might not cross the hills to our ears alone! ;)
  • If you speak more languages, write it somewhere, maybe just a flag emoji in your pseudo? It's always better to play with someone who speaks your language ;)
  • Be original about your name, too, add some simple adjective, something to be remembered ;) Also check the members to see if someone more high level has already taken it - there may be multiple users with the same name!

That'll be it for me today, but I'm sure many other girls have nice ideas too on how they pick their prey ;) See you on Discord!


Pretty Lili

Competitive and bratty, I like to tease and get teased by you all. I play classic and enjoy all kind of funny ideas you may have to make each game special. I love roleplay,but also enjoy a quick game.