Meditations — With Romantic

News May 24, 2023

EroFights' Classic tournament is soon upon us, so we decided to sit down with a serial tournament contestant for a little chat on the upcoming competition! Romantic is of course, more than just a player in EF's tournament circuit he is also the maintainer of EF's Hentai mode, and back-to-back winner of the now-defunct December Sexfight Invitational of 2021 and 2022.

Not to mention the winner of last year's inaugural EroPets tournament...

Anyway, without further ado:

EroFights: Everyone's getting excited over the upcoming Classic tournament. Of course, we took a break a few months back to restructure our tournament calendar. How do you feel now that tournament season is back?

Romantic: Tournaments are one of the things I love the most about EF. I still remember how happy I was when a certain Daddy Jokes Maker entered a public room where I was and told everyone that soon there would have been an EU Tournament. I was a rookie in EF back then and that was my first tournament. I was as happy as a child in a toy store.

EF: On that note, what do tournaments mean to you personally? Why do you enjoy participating (and winning!) in them?

R🌹: Well, joining a tournament always gives me a chance to play with wonderful people. Gina, Eva, Silvena, Poki, Linlin, Stacy, Huhu, Merchant...I have met some of the EF finest in the ring of a tournament and I will always be grateful for time I spent with them and all the others.

Also, joining a tournament always gives me a chance to test myself at a different level. It pushes me to show my skills and my best roleplay. It also makes me see how good I can handle a defeat. Sadly, I have to admit that I haven't always proved to be mature in this regard and I want to apologise about that.

EF: And what, in your opinion and by whatever metric, is your best tournament match to date?

R🌹: Mmmm...hard to tell. I think that my best tournament games were the one I had with Silvena in the Eropets Tournament 2022 and the one with Linlin in the last Halloween Tournament.

For the first one we were able to make the game be part of a roleplay saga that myself, Silvena and Eva were having and it was simply a blast. The one with Linlin was one the best roleplay experiences I have ever had, with someone that I consider among the best-of-the-best of Erofights. And I lost both of those matches!!

EF: This will be the first tournament in EroFights' new tournament structure, and the upcoming Classic tournament will also feature some new rule changes. What do you think of the new structure, new tournament, and new regulations presented in the past blog post~?

R🌹: I have to admit that I wasn't that happy at the beginning. I mean, the idea of having tournaments separated by geographical area was fun, cause it made me remember of the international sports tournaments like the UEFA European Championship (this world totally needs an international sexfight league!)

But I understand why this decision has been made: I have many friends who come from areas that are not America or Europe and it is right that they have a chance to join tournaments.

At the same time, by having different tournaments for different game modes, it is possible to satisfy all kind of tastes for competitive people of EF, without forcing them to play a mode they don't like.

The new rules are good too: EF is young and tournaments are even younger, but I see that rules get better for every tournament we see. I think this shows how much passion people who organise them are putting into their work and how hard they are trying to make sure everyone can have the greatest fun in the safest environment possible.

EF: And of course, with the tournament just around the corner, we are expecting a hotly contested competition as always. Besides yourself of course, who do you hope to see in the final?

R🌹: How can I say it, if I dunno who will join?🤔

EF: You can just make a prediction, who knows, maybe that will push them to sign up! 🤭

R🌹: Mmmm...I have many people in mind, but maybe the one I hope the most to join is BDSM Stacy. We met at the December Sexfight Invitational of 2021 and, even if my team won that tournament, she gave me one of my hardest defeats ever with a royal ride that milked me dry.

After that we have teased each other many times and we even had a private game where I was able to even the score. Now it is time to settle this once and for all. Stacy, I am waiting for you: let's finally see who the true sexfighter is!

EF: Fantastic callout, and I too would love to see Stacy join the tournament! Now, teams are of course decided at random, but who would you love to have as your partner in this tournament?

R🌹: Mmmm...I would love to have with me people who I know and I know they are great team mates and able to give both great games and great roleplay. Like Saduharta, Jeanne, Andromeda Sterling, Linlin Mira, Silvena, Eva, Elena, Frikka, Shirley...the fact is that in EF there are so many great gamers that picking only one is really difficult!!!

EF: That's quite a list of heavy hitters, and I suppose given that we've had quite a few tournaments now, we've gained quite a lot of tournament veterans over the years! However, who are the male competitors that you consider to be on that same elite level?

R🌹: There are many hitters among males too. First of all, I think of Ruckus. I consider him the best male gamer of EF for his deep knowledge of the principal mods and his skills in roleplay.

Second, The Merchant. He is a really skilled gamer and great roleplayer, able to make stories that are both incredibly arousing and funny to read. Also, one way or another, he has defeated me or my teams in three different tournaments, so it has almost become a meme the fact that I am always destined to lose to him.

And let's not forget our Foxy. He may be a happy tackling kitsune, but there is a reason if I still call him "Sensei Foxy".

EFR: Thanks for the chat, Roma — see you at the tournament!

R🌹: Thank you, Winston. I hope to see you there too.



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