Octa Presents and Winston Tests: High Stroker

Guides Sep 8, 2020

Hello and welcome! Today We will be talking about a stroking game we found on Milovana called High Stroker! The idea will be for us to introduce the game briefly to the readers while giving our thoughts about it – nothing too in-depth as we want to keep the reading light!

High Stroker is a webtease with a points system, the goal of which is to score enough points to earn your release. This game features a huge library of over 100 mistresses to play and interact with, and every game will offer a different experience. Let's see what Winston has to say about the game!

Phew... it's certainly exciting. The game looks good and you can configure how tough you want the game to be, and the mistresses are certainly easy on the eye. The only issue I have is perhaps the robotic text-to-speech voice that issues the instructions, but that's a minor complaint. Is it a good game to play while waiting in an EroFights matchmaking queue? Sure.. you just have to lower the volume a bit so you hear the EF match bell, but it's definitely worth a try! I definitely recommend giving this game a few tries :)


Original Dev Thread can be found here
Download here
Password: milovanastroker2020



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