Play EroFights with the new Lovense Solace right now!

News Oct 13, 2023

In collaboration with Lovense, I am proud to announce the release of a new toy that will drive you crazy, and even more proud to tell you: it's already tested and compatible with the EroFights game! Shortly after announcing the Lapis, a new strapless strap-on double sided dildo, Lovense have announced another new toy for your collection, and this one is even better adapted to EroFights!

Let's cut the suspense right away and show you the new competitor for your right hand:

The Solace, by Lovense

Yes, you understand what it is, right? Solace is the successor of their "gaming bestseller", the Max 2. It has been designed for gamers to be a "hands-free" masturbator, so it made perfect sense for Lovense to send us one, right? What better usage for such a toy than getting teased and tortured by someone online and live during a game? 😏

Thanks to Lovense, I received one early to adapt EF code for it, so this new toy is compatible with all our functions, it strokes your cock during timers, it's directly usable by your partner during a game, and people can send you shivers while you play with an audience! Don't forget some of our game modes make good use of it...have you ever wondered what it feels like to wander in a lewd adventure dungeon unprepared? 😏

So, what is it like compared to the Max 2, which is now 4 years old? Well, let's start by the obvious: the thrusting. While the Max 2 was vibrating and pumping air to grip onto your dick, you were still doing the stroking by yourself. Not a huge deal, if you ask me, if you want to just enjoy some porn and keep control over your edging...but in the end, you were just stroking at the rhythm you wanted, and the vibration and pumping didn't matter much, a simple sleeve could have done the job, minus the vibration. On the other hand, it matters much more when you want to give up control to your partner, or to a game.

Remember those "Cock Hero" videos, Milovana webteases, and the sensation of giving up control over your rhythm to let something else drive you mad as you try to resist? Well, I guess I don't need to tell you how much better it is when it's actually someone real who is on the other side of that toy control! And, for those crazy innocent people who wandered here by pure chance: yes, EroFights is one of the rare place where you can actually find Dommes online, without having to pay for it; just because...they somehow enjoy the game! Community-maintained, it has thousands of actions, infinite play content, and is your best chance to connect with other naughty souls online 😊 But enough about EF, and more about this toy!

Thrusting? So yes, it does it, up to 240 strokes per minutes, with up to a 7cm amplitude... I did try it, despite the early days of No Nut November, resisted once, but it ended up making me loose the challenge. The orgasm was incredible, feeling more like a real-sex one than one by hand! When watching a video, I felt as if the girl was literally riding me on the chair, as it pounded relentlessly on my lap. The amplitude of the movement can be tuned too, so I can already imagine some "stroke only the tip" kind of actions coming to EroFights soon...really exciting stuff! I have a personal favorite for the slow speed-large amplitude, where you can really feel it going up and down the full length.

Fun fact though, to be able to sync the /beat command of EroFights with the toy speed, I had... Some troubles. Indeed, when you put a beat of one stroke per second of EF, it's better if the toy respect the clock! Lovense did provide me with some values (what beats per minute (bpm) given the parameters), but the table was not really matching the real toy. So I did try the toy speed, but when empty, it doesn't have the same speed than "full". So yes, I ended up doing some tests by myself, on myself. Yes, that does mean an insane amount of chronometers, toy thrusting, porn, and trying to count strokes for a full minute despite the constant edging... 🥵

Interesting discoveries: At full depth, the toy goes from 40 to 160 bpm (1 stroke every 1.5s to 1 stroke every 375 ms). This is also the most difficult mode to withstand, the full stroke really feels good: even on low BPM, I was able to edge easily. At medium depth, the toy is globally giving the same speeds, so you can use it for teasing. At short length, it was going to up to 240 bpm, not so far from the promised 280 bpm advertised by Lovense, but still: don't forget it's in short amplitude, so not the same sensation as the full length. When synced with a video, the toy adapts automatically the depth and speed depending on the current scene, and it feels way more engaging, as the variations add some spice to the action.

It comes with a desk mount for hands free use, and that makes all the difference. But let me just show you my set-up so you better understand:

The sensation of releasing control is total, the thing is just plugged to your cock, you have your hands free to chat, or control the speed through the app. And it's even more important because once lubed up, the toy doesn't need you to be hard to feel good. Really, it can stroke your non-erect cock better than your hand can 🥵 I have to admit I did try to just let it there, and hand over the control to my wife as I was working during the day. The feeling when it's just on is quite comfortable; knowing it can activate at any second can keep your focus blurred by horniness; and when it starts pumping out of the blue in the middle of your day, the surprise is just perfect, and the teasing also kind of act like a cage, as you're stuck under its presence...mandatory tool for couples into tease and denial.

As I tested it, I noticed the battery life seems to be better too. And it indeed is. The Max 2 had a battery charge of 3 hours, enough for a good edging session...but the Solace will send you gooning all day long with its advertised 12 hours of battery life 👀 (I didn't test it for that long, sorry! 😅 Tell me if you're intersted though.)

The toy comes with a neutral sleeve in the default packaging. The material is feeling good and smooth, with little nodules inside for a perfect stroke; easy to remove and clean, as usual. A vagina sleeve, optional, can be bought too. Good to know for people who like realism.

The two sleeves of the Solace

Aaand that's it for me! Now that I feel like a porn influencer, go buy some toys through my links, so it's actually worth my time writing this and developing the adapter 😅 And you should know that I'm truly hyped for this toy! Vibrators were good, yes, but IMHO a masturbator is just what was missing to the Lovense products to go further into the realm of JOI and Edging, and what were missed on EroFights. It feels way more natural to give up control to your partner or to a video or game like this, so I was really happy to try it out!

The official release video

The Solace will be in promotion during the full week, at a 55% discount, and you might want to wait a few more days or set a reminder if you want to catch their Black Friday sales to buy other toys too, as it will be starting in just four days on the 17th, where you'll have further promotion on the rest of their store! (I know I'll buy some Krakens 👀)



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