Pump your p....ubbococcygeus. Yoga tips and tricks to intensify your sex life.

Guides Apr 24, 2021
The pubbococcygeus muscle in its natural environment.Its basically the same anatomy for all genders. From Margot Anand, The Art of Sexual Extacy (New York, 1989)

One of the most frequent instructions that I got when I first started yoga was: "now tighten your navel, genitals and perineum, press mulabandh."  That more than once caused signs of spontaneous arousal, which is rather inconvenient while struggling to maintain a perfect downward dog.  Of course, it wasn't long before I found out that this bandha (Sanskrit for lock) could also be applied in the bedroom, minus the downward dog...usually, by tightening and relaxing the muscle referred to as the pubbococcygeus.

But first, some anatomy.  The pubbococcygeus, or PC muscle, spreads out like butterfly wings at the bottom of your pelvis and connects the anus and genitals to the sitting bones and legs.  It's the basic muscle of the pelvic floor and helps control the opening and closing of the urethra, seminal canal, vagina and anus.  It's a muscle we rely on every time we urinate or defecate, or are trying to hold those things in.  Rhythmic contractions of this muscle also automatically happen during sexual intercourse.  It's like a valve opening and closing.  So in short, it's the fundamental muscle for some of the more base and basic functions of our body.

Most of these functions are rather automatic, but if consciously employed this muscle can do a lot to enhance sexual pleasure.  Margot Anand, creator of the Skydancing Tantra Method and author of books with imaginative titles as Find God in Bed and The Multi Orgasmic Couple put the PC muscle in the centre of her method of creating an ecstatic sexual experience.  According to the anecdotes in her books, it seems to work splendidly for her as well.

But now of course the big question: what can it do for me?  Well, in general training a muscle makes it stronger and more resilient, making you last longer on the track or on the mat.  So if you train your PC you will last longer in bed. But let's get to the real juice...

Imagine; you are in an EroFights game, you're on the verge of orgasm thinking you can't possibly last another second...

Or for some reason there is the need to put yourself in a state of arousal without using your hands...

Or for reasons that shan't be mentioned here, you need to maintain arousal without further stimulus...

Or you are playing the Dominant part and want your counterpart to endure an extra element of tease...

That's when pumping the PC consciously comes in handy.

And now for the people that can't wait to get going with this, here is a basic exercise to train your PC muscle.  So go pump that p.

Without prior practice at this you might need a little help in locating the muscle in your body.  So imagine this: you have a dildo up your behind and for some reason are at the same time performing the chicken dance.  Which muscles would you tighten to not drop the dildo on the floor while you are showing off your moves?

Exactly, you got it!  Now it's time to begin.

Step 1: Pulse

Prepare a cozy space and find a comfortable position: it can be sitting, standing, or lying on your back.  Whatever is most comfortable for you.  Take a few seconds to ground yourself.  Take a few slow deep breaths.

Now start rhythmically pulsing your PC muscle in quick short movements. Try to increasingly isolate the movement to the PC muscle, relaxing all other parts of your body. Continue for a couple of minutes while you maintain any breathing that feels comfortable.

Now, we bring the deliberate breathing in. Inhale as you contract the PC, keeping the rest of your body relaxed. As you exhale relax the PC.  Also repeat this for a couple of minutes

Step 2: Pump

As soon as you feel ready for the next step tighten the PC as you inhale and hold your breath in for a count of 12.  Relax the PC as you exhale.  Repeat this for about 5 minutes.

Step 3: Play!

Well, now it's up to you how you are going to employ your newly acquired superpower.  And if for any reason you want to include a chicken dance, check out this video:



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