Erotica Jan 6, 2021

The water felt so good on her pussy. No - her cunt. Another infraction to add to the list. The water felt so good on her cunt. She raised her hips, thrusting it into the water. Today she knew she would cum, she had been so close the day before… it had been so long since she had known the pleasure of an orgasm. So close… it felt so good.

Beep beep beep, the alarm went off on her cellphone. The orgasm window had closed, time to stop. No, she was so close… she thrust her hips upwards again. This time she was going to orgasm.

Beep beep beep… the second alarm made her gasp and quickly turn off the water. Two alarms, this was bad. There was no way she could risk a third one. Stupid slut, giving in to her cunt like that.

She lay trembling in the empty bathtub for a bit, catching her breath, letting her cunt ease back from the edge. So close! She dried herself off slowly, dreading the punishment that she had incurred. Stupid slut letting her cunt control her.

She took out her phone. One additional mark in the punishment journal for not using the word cunt when referring to her vagina, that made 11 minutes kneeling on uncooked rice on Saturday if she managed to not add anymore marks before then. That only left the punishment for going past the designated cunt teasing time. She was much more hesitant about this. She opened her Instagram account and made a new post from the folder marked Greedy Cunt Punishment. She had been such a greedy cunt since the start of the year, she was already 20 pictures deep. She listlessly scrolled down the pictures, they were all of her in various poses and outfits. The one constant was that the higher the number, the more risqué it was.

Before her hesitation became disobedience, she quickly finished posting the picture. This one wasn’t too bad. Everything was covered at least, but her pose on her knees in the sand on the beach, looking up at the camera with her mouth half opened would definitely spark a reaction in her growing number of followers.

She forced herself to scroll through the pictures she hoped never to have to post. There was nothing to break the Instagram rules of course but as the number increased the pictures went from hot girl showing off her body to hot girl desperately trying to gain followers to just flaunting her body without any shame. Yes, picture 100 of her naked in the pool, covering her breasts with one arm and her cunt with the other hand was never going to be posted. She was sure of it; her hungry cunt would behave itself. But honestly she was a little unsure, she was already up to 20 and it was so long until January when the counter would reset.

She couldn’t even look in the folder marked Very Greedy Cunt Punishment. Those videos were for if she ever hit the third alarm. The thought of the humiliation from posting those as Stories had been enough for her to gain control of her greedy cunt before the third alarm hit. But they always hung in the back of her mind, the knowledge that one day she wouldn’t be able to control herself.

Maybe she had overdone it this time with the rules, the routines. She had pushed it too far this year, perhaps she should think about relaxing them a little bit. She tried to shove the thought out of her mind, but it was too late. She had questioned the rules.

‘I obey the rules. The rules are sacrosanct. Without the rules I am an animal. Questioning the rules will be punished.’

Great, stupid slut thinking of disobedience. That meant three hours of writing her rules out while a vibrator teased her cunt on the edge of orgasm. Which would make it so much harder to control herself tomorrow.

She groaned and looked at the clock. Time to start her exercise routine before she earned herself yet another punishment mark. Let’s not make this day any worse she thought. She repeated one of her favorite mantras  ‘Obedience is bliss.’



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