So You Want To Start Blogging...

Guides Sep 4, 2020

Never fear, The blog team members are here to guide you on how to do just that!
First of all... you'll want to message one of us on either EroFights or Discord to get you set up with a writers account on this website and to have a brief chat about what you want to write about. Here's the complete list of blog team members:

- Winston
- ♡ Empress Gabriela ♡
- Brooke
- Will
- TG

Second! Pretty self explanatory, but write that post!! There's not much to say here - how you write is pretty much up to you. In addition to the main body of the post, all posts need a cool cover pic so that it looks great alongside the other blog posts! Don't use cover pics that are NSFW though - keep it clean, at least on the cover ;)

Third, look through your blog and apply Markdown formatting on it. If you use Discord, you'll be familiar with it already. If you aren't, you can try this handy guide:

Fourth! Dm any of us on EroFights or on the EroFights Discord to tell us you're finished!! Jazz Hands

We'll take some time to look over it before publishing it, so be patient as we'd like to ensure the quality of everything we put out there.

Fifth! If this is your first time posting, make sure you have a profile pic and bio on the website. This will be used for your little author's bio at the end of each blog post.
And that's all there is to it, folks! Happy blogging!



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