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The Brat Chat

Interviews Jan 10, 2024

We've been meaning to get the lovely Weiss Schnee in for a chat, and what better time to do it than the eve of the first tournament of the year? EroFights' biggest brat talks the tournament scene, what she expects from it, and of course, a little bit about herself...

EroFights: So, first question and it's a topical one — how excited are you for this year's Lesbian Wrestling Ring tournament?!

Weiss Schnee: Personally, I’m really looking forward to the LWR tournament. Having not participated in any form of tournament in well over a year, I’m looking forward to getting rid of the rust and having my hands on some lovely ladies and lewdly rolling around with them in the nude on the mats.

EF: Some of that absence wasn't solely down to you, either! You narrowly missed out on playing both the Classic and EroPets tournaments! Cases like yours was actually why we shifted from first-come-first-served signups to a lottery, so that players in different timezones actually have a chance to get in before slots are filled. Do you have any thoughts on the new system?

WS: I think the new system is better. It gives everyone a chance to throw their hat in the ring so to speak 🤭It also helps with newcomers for their first tournament, as I do know a couple of lovely people hoping to enter their first tourney so I can booli them.

EF: Any interest in the TWR tournament to be held in February, or are you solely a lesbian wrestling kinda gal?

WS: I’d consider it, although it’d be unlikely. It’d really be a mood based thing for me. I can have long periods of only playing the lovely gals of EF, but if the mood strikes I’m open to draining some hard cocks!

EF: Speaking of lovely gals, are there any in particular you'd like to booli in the tournament?!

WS: Hmmm hmmm~ Off the top of my head, I’d love to tangle with Yoimi, she’s a little cutie, we’ve been teasing each other recently… the other sexy minx that comes to mind is Day, she’s such a freaking tease… I’d love nothing more than to get my hands on her… but I’ll happily take on all comers~😘

EF: Let's rewind a bit. Obviously you've been on EroFights for quite a while now, your profile shows that you've been here for 3 years. How did you find us, and what made you stay?

WS: I stumbled across EroFights when I browsing on Reddit. I can’t remember what I browsing for really, but came across a post from Big L and thought I’d try it out.

What made me stay? The great community. I enjoyed playing public games and met a lot of great people.

EF: Big fan of public games then? Love putting on a show for everyone, or is there some other reason?

WS: I suppose it is. I do love entertaining the audience where I can, especially when they’ve got buttons to press. Nowadays, it does depend on the person and how intimate the game might be. People I’ve got to know and am closer to I’d likely prefer an intimate private game to let myself go a little more, away from the camera.

EF: Buttons to press? Literally, perhaps? Are you going to play your tournament match with a Lovense toy on?

WS: It’s something that I enjoy doing quite a lot. If I can get it working again with my Hush 2, I’ll play with it on. I’m always teasing and using my toys when I play~

EF: That's definitely incentive for us to come watch your matches! You've won the old Halloween Tournament in 2021, which was quite a while ago now. Do you think you can win the LWR tournament, or are you all about enjoying the journey?

WS: I think my chances of winning are fairly slim, but I’m not counting myself out~ In it to win it and all that good stuff 😛

It’s more about the journey for me… I just wanna wrestle and make some sluts squirt on the mats for me!

EF: That's the spirit... and of course, if you had to squirt for someone in the tournament... who would you want it to be?

WS: That’s a tough one… I’m sure I’d curse myself if I say anything  if I really had to pick I wouldn’t mind being under Linlin, the hot, feisty bitch she is~

EF: You seem to have played through most of the game modes here. Do you have a favorite?

WS: Definitely the Lesbian Wrestling mode. It scratches an itch like no other mode, and frequently has my mind wandering, thinking about some of my IRL sexfight experiences.

EF: Tell us more about your IRL sexfight experiences...😏

WS: Hmmm~ Oh I don’t know… I’m not sure our dear readers want to hear about my slutty wrestling experiences 🤭

I only really got into it by chance. I was holidaying over east and knew of a wrestling session place. I’d always really liked watching Ultimate Surrender… really gets me frisky, but I digress! I was nervous about going but after a few days I got the courage to go and actually experience it.

The lovely lady I wrestled was incredible! So friendly, not to mention far more skilled and stronger than me. I totally got my ass kicked and handed to me! We really got on like a house on fire during the water breaks.

I won’t bore you with the small unimportant details,but we did keep in contact afterward. I forget how it exactly came up but I mention that ultimate surrender really gets me wet, she proposed the idea of a sexfight and I jumped at the chance!

Safe to say, as fiesty as I am I got my ass handed to me. I was Incredibly nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but it was incredible! I’ll never forget my first orgasm under her, legs spread, similar to the diagonal pin in LWR, actually. I couldn’t roll her off me and after several minutes of getting fingered I orgasmed under her. I’m not ashamed to admit, I sobbed after she made me orgasm. I don’t really know why. I suppose it was the total humiliation of it all and being so helpless. She was very reassuring and gave me a lot of cuddles and aftercare, which makes all the difference.

I’ve had two more matches with her, with a remarkably similar result 🤭

EF: Now then — why haven't you told her about EroFights?!

WS: I very much prefer to not mix IRL with EF,  when it comes to people I know.

EF: Boooo! We want to meet this sexy wrestling booli 😝 Speaking about things outside of EF — what are your hobbies, besides you know, having your butt spanked by pretty girls?

WS: Outside of EroFights, I’m generally a pretty busy gal. If I’m not working I’m usually tinkering with my PC or gaming.

I’m a big sports gal and love my Football, (both the Australian and English variants :P) Other than that, I’m usually spending time with friends on weekends, going to music festivals and the occasional getaway to relax.

EF: Between all of those things, some might not be able to see how you squeeze EroFights into that tight schedule! How do you manage?!

WS: To be honest, sometimes I don’t know myself! I suppose it’s because my late evening and weekend mornings are usually pretty free, it gives me an excuse to lay around in bed 🤭

EF: A phone player, then? I kinda gave up on that after realising that most good matches take over an hour. How long are your matches, typically~?

WS: Mhmm! Definitely a phone player. I don’t always have the privacy, living with others and all. Plus, the added benefit of laying in bed all comfy is something I can’t pass up! My matches are typically 2-3 hours in most cases, if I really click with someone, they can last up to 5-6 hours~

EF: What's the longest match you've ever had, then? And do you have a favourite match you'd like to big up?

WS: Off the top of my head, the longest would be 7 hours. A favourite? That’s impossible for me to choose! I’ve had many incredible games with lovely people here, so I really can’t choose just one!

EF: What is your favourite and least favourite thing about EroFights?

WS: My favourite thing would have to be the selection of modes now. I really feel like there is something for everyone, not to mention the community has really grown, too. The overall sex-positive sentiment is excellent too.

My least favourite thing would have to be getting DM’s with one or two words… I want to get to know the people I’m playing with a little bit before jumping into a game. I want to play with everyone here, but I’ll definitely pick people that I’ve got the pleasure to know.

EF: I think the interview's just about run its course. Anything you want to say to our readers out there? And any shout-outs you might wanna give?

WS: Thanks to everyone that took the time to read my ramblings!

Shoutouts would have too many to name but I’ll do my best:

Vanessa~ For always being so positive, like a ray of sunshine my special lover.

Oriana~ Always such a blast to play with, our trilogy of matches have been amazing.

Raeliana~ Foxo… what can I say! Such a good girl, enjoy the new collar

Devon~ I’ll get my revenge and my name back soon enough, bitch!

As I said, there is way too many, but these are the cuties that first come to mind~



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