The Fall of a Champion: Part 2

Erotica Aug 25, 2021

The crowd moved in, hungry to taste and lick and use the former champion in any way they could. Clara could barely move, already drenched in her own sweat, her pussy still dripping from the orgasms inflicted upon her just moments ago.

All she could make out were silhouettes, getting closer. The sound of belts coming undone, clothing being dropped carelessly on the canvas floor. Gazing to the corner was Alya, a smug smile on her face, her strap-on still soaked after being used to wrench the title from Clara’s hands.

Now, the crowd was upon her, ready to claim the once-mighty champion.

Weiss slid straight up to her, standing tall and smiling as she lifts her foot and places it against Clara’s lips.

“You know what to do, baby…” Weiss cooed as she ran her eyes up and down her body. Clara had no fight left, no resolve to try and push her off. Opening her mouth, her tongue slides out and caressed Weiss’s foot, moving delicately over her toes, sucking them as she becomes aware of others touching her.

Sasha and Mara hold her down, stopping Clara from moving, even if she had the strength to. Their hands slide across her body, groping and caressing her tits, teasing her skin as their fingernails move across her overly sensitive body. Her feet are repositioned and she hears the soft purring of an excited Kitsune. Foxy wasted no time in claiming his target, his tails swooshing from side to side as his hard cock moves in between her soles, moaning as he gently thrusts his hips.

Amber moves up against her Mistress on all fours, before smirking and crawling over her body, exposing her bare pussy as she hovers over Clara’s face, Weiss moving her foot as she sees her closing in. Looking up at her, the briefest moment of defiance enters Clara’s mind as she speaks weakly.

“K-kitten… no, don’t you dare. You’ll be in so much trouble if yo-”

Clara is cut off as Amber promptly lowers herself down and sits on her face. Weiss’s eyes fell on the new champion standing in the corner of the ring, moving over to her to congratulate her. This resulted in Alya shoving Weiss to her knees and slamming her wet strap deep into her mouth, making her take it in order to clean the strap-on of Clara’s juices. Weiss revelled in the taste and bobbed her head up and down on it, moaning in pure lust as she felt Alya’s hand on the back of her head, shoving her down harder and controlling the pace.

Maverick and Kip move either side of Clara, their cocks out and ready to put her to use. Taking her hands, they wrap her fingers around their pulsing shafts, making her stroke them as she lays on the floor, being fondled and used like a sex toy. Clara’s body betrayed her again, getting soaked as the crowd do as they please, her grip tightening on the gentleman and stroking them harder and faster. Muffled moans arise from underneath Amber’s pussy, who responds by grinding her eager pussy all over her face as she feels Clara’s tongue lapping at her.

TG, Winston and Neko watch the show unfold by the ropes, slowly stroking themselves as the smell of sex and lewd moans echoes around the ring. Shiky and Gabi moved over to Alya, who was so focused on making Weiss take her strap, you’d of thought she was in another match already. Her concentration was broken by Shiky yanking her hair and pressing her mouth against Alya’s, kissing her with pure ferocity as Gabi slips next to Weiss, running her hand in between her legs and rubbing her wet pussy slowly, before sliding two fingers into her, making Weiss moan on Alya’s thick strap-on.

Sasha and Mara, not needing to hold their new toy down any-more, focus their attention on every curve of Clara’s body. Mara slides her hand down to Clara’s already ruthlessly pounded and sensitive pussy, sliding her fingers deftly into her, amused when she feels her pussy walls clench to them, despite how much she had already taken.

“Looks like the former champion is a slut for punishment!”

Mara giggled as she fingers Clara fast, not caring that she had started shaking in arousal as soon as she felt those fingers inside her. With a wicked smile on her face, Sasha reached down and rubbed Clara’s clit, sending her into overdrive as she wails into Amber’s hot sex, barely able to take everything that was happening to her. Feeling the hard cocks in her hand, the scent and taster of Amber’s pussy, the feeling in her feet as Foxy pumps harder and rougher, knowing that the others were waiting their turn, her mind broke again and she came hard, gushing all over the hands of Sasha and Mara. Her own hands pumped faster and rougher as a result, making Kip and Maverick cum hard, spraying their cum all over her heaving chest as their hips thrust, overtaken in the moment of lust.

Cheers were heard by the on-lookers and from the corner, where Alya laughed as she watched her new slave get wrecked with pleasure despite having already been worn out. Gabi and Shiky turn and laugh with her, before turning their attention back to Alya. Weiss finally pulled off the strap, gagging a little as Shiky takes it in her hand, stroking it whilst whispering dirty words into Alya’s ears. Taking a moment, she moves back over to Clara, kissing Amber’s shoulder and up to her neck, whilst Amber’s hips rocked on Clara’s face. After some frenzied rocking, Amber cums hard all over her, soaking her in her juices, panting with arousal and excitement. Moving off of her, shaking with pleasure, Amber walks off with a huge smile on her face, not caring if she would end up paying for this later on down the line.

Weiss picked up where she left off, placing her foot back into Clara’s mouth, making her suck and worship her. All the while, Sasha’s and Mara’s fingers picked up speed, relentless in their assault on her sex. They leaned in and kissed each other intensely, moaning as they felt Clara’s body go wild underneath them. Her now free hands gripped the canvas, almost screaming in arousal as they all kept going.

*Fuck, they’re still going! I can’t take any-more… UNGH!! Fuck, her fingers! My clit’s on fire! I can still taste and Amber and now Weiss.. Gaaaahhh! Ngggghhh, fuck I’m gonna break again!!*

Clara’s mind was a whirlwind of pleasure, forced on her after a humiliating defeat. She quakes and quivers under the crowd, getting wetter still, finding herself in ecstasy being used like this. Trying to hold back. Yet yearning more and more, Clara feels her pussy spasm, looking down and shaking her head. She can’t, not any-more. There couldn’t be anything left…

She was woefully mistaken, as they rip another destructively huge orgasm from her, causing her body to shake violently as she screams in complete surrender. Mara and Sasha moan deeply as they once more get covered in her juices, before finally ceasing their attack and pulling out and away from her throbbing pussy. Licking ad sucking each other clean, they roll around together on the canvas. Weiss pulls her foot away, tingling from the experience as she looks evilly down at Clara.

“I don’t remember anyone here telling you that you had permission to cum, loser…”

Clara’s heart skipped a beat. Permission?? How could she not cum when her senses were under assault from sheer pleasure?

Alya walked over, standing on Clara’s pussy hard. Looking around the ring, she made eye contact with everyone present.

“Exactly! Not one of these horny fuckers gave you permission, loser slut! This requires a lesson be taught!”

Taking her foot away, Alya walked back to the corner, knowing that those present would take the hint. Clara uses what little strength she has to try and stand up, to plead for mercy, only to find her foot fall from under her as she is hoisted up by her arms and dragged to the opposite corner that Alya stood in, thrust against the turn-buckle hard, her arms and legs draped over the ropes. Gabi and Shiky tie the ropes around her limbs, securing her in place as her body is propped up for all to see. Beaten, covered in cum and still dripping wet. Trying to speak, she looks up to see Winston, Neko and TG advance on her, whilst Gabi and Shiky began toying with her breasts, not giving her a moment to cool off.

“Fuck… fuck no, please…”

Her pleas fell on deaf ears, as one of the men-folk walks right up to her, his cock hard against her slit as he presses his body against hers, her panting getting faster as she realises that this has only just begun…



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