The Hotel Break: Part 1

Erotica Jan 26, 2022

Sometimes, the best way to de-stress is to get away from it all. As a spur of the moment situation, Miss Rose and I escaped to a hotel outside of the city. Checking in, we quickly made our way to our room, unpacked and got ready to relax. Looking at her in the corridor, I snapped my fingers and her coat came off, revealing the exquisitely sexy lingerie underneath. I hadn't allowed her to wear any clothes other than the coat and the underwear since we got in the cab to come here. Immediately dropping to all fours, she crawls up to me as I bring the collar and leash from out of my coat pocket. Gently placing it on her neck, I smile down as I fasten it in place, then lift her chin to kiss her deeply. Taking the leash, I lead her towards our room for the week.

In the room, I stand with my arms behind my back as she crawls after me. Waiting until she stops by my feet and kneels before me, she awaits instructions. She got none as I pushed her down suddenly, putting her on her back and stepping on her chest. Smiling with devilish intent down at her, I produce a ball gag from behind my back. Without hesitation, she opens her mouth, ready for whatever I wish to do to her. As I kneel, I take in her body, my eyes running over every curve of her, before placing the gag into her mouth and securing it in place. Wasting no time, I run my hands over her pussy, covered by the thing fabric of her silk panties and rub gently at first, kissing her neck as my fingers pressed hard against her folds, making her squirm.

Before long, I had abandoned the gentler rubs and pulled the panties off entirely, making Rose moan as I slid a finger into her and exposed her tits, using her body for my pleasure as her muffled moans filled the room. Watching her body grind against the rug, I pumped harder, feeling her need and arousal take over as she hit climax hard and fast, having needed release badly due to the previous teasing I had inflicted upon her. Keeping her plugged and denied for a few days before coming here was already beginning to pay off. Laying still, looking up at me and panting, she smiles up at me and moves closer, as if to try and cuddle in. My dear Rose... Don't get too comfortable. We have barely even begun...

Knowing the weekend away would be a long and pleasurable one for us both, I allowed Rose to rest after she succumbed to the orgasms my fingers inflicted upon her. Putting her to bed, I made sure she was tucked in and comfortable, before climbing into bed next to her, having already planned out our schedule for the day. The beauty of this particular hotel lay not in the views it afforded you, not in the pristine levels of service that every member of staff provided, but in the hidden treasures that lay just behind closed doors. All those that come here know of it and I intended to make full use of them, putting my darling Rose to her limits before the weekend was over.

She awoke the next morning to my cock in her mouth, her head immediately moving to accommodate my morning wood. No words exchanged, only grunts and moans, combined with looks of love and lust. I didn't focus on holding back her morning treat, only making sure everything went to plan. Thrusting hard into her mouth, moaning as her tongue wrapped around my shaft each it slid back into her throat. Grabbing her hair, my moans became louder as I could feel myself getting close, her eyes seemingly begging me to use her. It wasn't long before her amazingly talented mouth had bought me to orgasm, pulling out at just the last moment to cum on her face, marking her as mine once again.

Gasping and collecting her breath, she wore my cum with pride as I quickly collected myself and had her stand before me. Slipping her into a chain belt and fastening her wrists to the restraints, I put a ball gag in her mouth again, slapped her shapely ass and told her to prepare breakfast. You'd think it difficult, being restrained the way she was. But dear Rose is a good girl and made it look almost too easy, graceful in her movements. As she bent over to finish arranging the table, I came up behind her, snaking a hand into her hair and gently pulling her upright and turning her to face me, looking into her beautiful eyes as I slowly lifted a large butt plug. Needing no instruction, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, allowing me to glide it across and into her mouth, making her suck it to lubricate it enough to be slid into her ass. Bending her over the table, she spreads for me as much as she can, making it easy for me to slide the tip of the plug over her waiting hole, teasing her with it before slowly pushing into her, getting off on her exquisite moans as it slipped into place. Once plugged, I stood her back up, slapping her amazing ass and let her continue setting the table.

Sitting to eat my breakfast, she waited dutifully on the table, making it look infinitely prettier. Not once did my good girl make a sound, no whisper of complaint. Just a look of utter adoration in her eyes, one that I gladly returned. Once done, I removed her gag and had her sit down in my chair, feeding her breakfast as I stroked her hair softly. Once we were done, I attached a collar and leash to her neck and led her out of the room and to the elevator, down to the basement floor. Where the more... interesting perks of this hotel could be found...

As the elevator door opened, her eyes went wide with what could be described as giddy excitement. The dungeon was spacious, with every single piece of BDSM furniture and toy that you could ever want or need. Tugging the leash, I had her on all fours to be led inside, stepping in to take in the sights before us. Well furnished and beautifully decorated, it was split up into 3 rooms. The main room before us served for comfortable but exquisite play. The other was a stark contrast of concrete walls, floor and ceiling, the door to it hidden by a large red curtain. This was for the more... rougher side of things. Cold, harsh and built to let delicious screams echo. The last room was by far the most important one, the aftercare room. Here there was comfort beyond comfort, with blankets and soft beds and stuffies and an ample supply of sugary food and water. All your fantasies could be made a reality on this one floor of the whole building.

Leading her further inside, I had her sit on her knees by the spanking bench as I examined the available toys. It was a kinkster's paradise. Anything that had been invented to inflict pain and pleasure, it could be found here. Grabbing a few choice items, I took Rose by the leash and positioned her on the bench, spreading her legs just enough that the crop I had in my hand could slide between her legs. Slowly, I let the tip of the crop run up and down her thighs, barely brushing her naked pussy, the plug in her ass jiggling as she moans with each touch. Placing the crop down, I come up behind her and start rubbing her ass with my hands first. Gently groping her utterly amazing ass for a few moments, I warm her up with some light spanking, slapping each cheek softly at first, then building up the strength and the rhythm. She likes it hard. We both do. But I'll be damned if I don't treat her right, from start to finish.

Spending time slapping her ass with a mix of light and hard strikes of my hand, she moaned and barely flinched as her cheeks started to turn a lovely pink colour. Satisfied that she was ready, I picked up the riding crop and started gently slapping her ass, though I quickly moved up to harder hits as she showed me she was eager for more. Bringing the crop down a little harder with each strike, I paused to take her in, admiring the view as she started to squirm on the bench. Locking eyes with me, she smiles gently, her body slowly gyrating in just the right way. Smirking as I lean in and kiss her, I felt it was time to slide things up a gear.

Ensuring she was okay and ready to move, I had her lie down on another bench, her legs spread and facing up. Taking her legs, I have her hold them up and apart. No restraints this time. She was to prove that she was a good girl for me. Wheeling over a strange-looking machine, I lined it up with her pussy and turned it on, standing back as the machine kicked into life and gently started flogging Rose's sweet pussy. She shook but held firm as the machine hit a steady pace. She shook and moaned some more as I turned it up. Not too fast, not just yet. As her moans become louder, I stand just in her eyeline and watch her take the flogging, gently increasing power to the machine until it reached a powerful pace, making her legs shake as the flogger hit her sensitive pussy with great force. Turning it up more and more, the machine roared into life, turning fast as it makes the flogger slap her pussy loudly, the sound of it resonating in the room we had to ourselves.

Before long, her screams of mixed bliss and agony filled the room, yet still, she held firm. Refusing to let her legs go or move away as the flogger hit her pussy hard, the slapping sound piercing just over the sound of her cries. It was her struggle and her pain that delighted me so, that made me want her quite so badly. She would do anything I asked, take anything I could give, all to make me happy. In turn, she was happy. Happy and used and beaten and fucked. And good deeds from girl girls should never go unrewarded...

Turning the machine down, I pull it away from Rose and to the side, appearing before her, in between her legs. Looking down, her pussy was convulsing and red from the flogger. And she was utterly soaked. Her pussy juices made her inner thighs slick with arousal, incensing me like never before. My fingers come up and slide between her folds, feeling the immense heat from both how horny she was and from all the slaps of the flogger. Her gasp escapes her throat, a brief break in her composure. I snap my fingers and she lets go of her legs and lets them fall to rest around me, lifting her body to meet me and look up at me.

"Yes, Sir?"

All she said, all she would need to say unless I wanted otherwise. Her hard breathing made her chest rise and fall, the smell of her arousal in the air, the sight of her gorgeous figure naked before me... I needed her, then and there.

"Are you ready for more, my darling Rose?"

She just smiles. That amazing smile always just... gets me. She nods, with no hesitation. We both craved more, nothing else mattered. Just that moment. Pulling her against me, I kissed her deeply, moaning into each other's mouths before I wrench myself away, panting wildly.

"Good girl... because that was just a warm-up. Your pussy is going to get very used and very... sore."



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