The Hotel Break: Part 2

Erotica Apr 20, 2022

Unable to tear my eyes aware from her, I took the leash that was still attached to her collar and pulled it downwards, bringing her to her knees. Still, she looked up at me, that delicious smile on her face, making my heart skip a beat. Walking to the other end of the room, I watch as she crawls to me on all fours, stopping next to me as we come to a large, incredibly comfortable looking bed.

Reaching down, I grip her hair and pull her up onto her feet, kissing her deeply once more before pushing her backwards, onto the bed. A small giggle escapes her lips as she gently bounces on the bed, lifting herself up slightly to look back at me.

"How do you want me, Sir?"

A smirk forms on my face as the question is asked, my heart pounding with anticipation for what I have planned next. Signalling with my hand for her to stay part, I walk over to the nearby wall, looking at the toy rack and the many toys that adorned it. Immediately, my eyes are drawn to the rope hanging from a hook. Strong, coarse and rough. Enough of it to hogtie every guest in this building. But only one good...ish girl had my desires right now. Removing the rope from the hook, I pull it taut in my hands, the linen flax stretching only a little. Happy with this choice, I turn to Rose and slowly walk back towards her, brandishing the rope, letting it hang from my hand so she could see it. Her eyes lit up, one of the few tell-tale signs she would give. Her love for being bound and tied was matched only be her love for teasing. Stopping at the foot of the bed, I place the heavy rope onto the bed, our eyes locking once more as we took in the moment.

Without another word, she spreads her legs and lays her arms by her sides, knowing just how I like her when the rope comes out. Picking the rope back up, I slowly begin binding her legs, teasing her inner thighs with my fingertips as I secure her in place. Tying her legs together, I ensure that she can't wiggle away even if she wanted to. Running the rope up alongside her body, I lean down to suck her sensitive nipples as I begin tying her arms down. Soft moans escape her lips as my tongue runs quick circles around her erect nipples. Bringing the ends of the rope to the foot of the bed, I tie them to the bedframe and secure her tightly in place. Making the rope tight enough to leave some lovely marks but not enough to hurt her, I kiss up her chest slowly until I reach her face, kissing along to her ear and nibbling it.

"Are you comfortable, my darling Rose?"

"Yes Sir... and so very wet"

Moaning as I look down at her, I take her hands and another length of rope, wrapping it around one of her wrists. Putting her hands behind her head to support herself, I tie her wrists together and tighten the bonds, leaving her spread and completely exposed to me. Throwing the leftover rope aside, I start kissing back down her body, moaning as I feel her soft skin pressed against my lips. Slowly working my way down, I come between her legs and run the tip of my tongue over her wet folds.

She tastes divine. I can never get enough of her. Without warning, my tongue plunges into her, probing and exploring her sex as she writhes, not expecting the sudden surge of pleasure. Pulling against her bonds, her moans start low but don't take long to build up as she starts to shake. Running my hand along her inner thigh, my tongue goes deeper into her pussy, only pulling out to pay closer attention to her clit, running circles around it. Her moans turn into pants, shaking harder as she gets closer and closer to the edge. Focusing on her clit, I lick and suck, taking what I want from her. As her body tightens and her pussy juices leak down her thighs, she thrashes against the ropes as she realises what I'm doing.

"Fuck...F-fuck, Sir... Sir, give me permission to cum! Unnnghh fuck! Sir, let me cum!!"

Only moaning into her pussy in response, I rub her clit with my fingers as I eat her out, not stopping as she wails in pleasure and frustration. Soon, her resistance falters for a second and I gently push her over the edge, forcing her to orgasm and explode all over my face. Her cries of ecstatic bliss rang in my ears as I felt my face become soaked from her orgasm. Not stopping, I take every last drop until just breathing near her inner thighs caused her to shake. Looking up, I see her quivering in the ropes, biting her bottom lip whilst trying to come back down. Walking away and back over to the wall, I pull a vibrating wand from among the selection and walk back over to the bed, plugging it in as she starts to breathe just a little faster.

"Please... Please Sir, I didn't mean to cum, I-"

"Did I give you permission to cum, my beautiful Rose?"

The tone was sharp but not harsh, leaving no room for back talk. She shook her head and awaited what was coming. Settling between her legs once again, I turned the vibrator on. Smiling down at her, I suck two of my fingers and slide them into her tight, wet pussy. Slowly sliding them in and out, her moans pick up again. Craning her head to look down between her legs, she sees me lower the vibrator to her pussy, pressing it against her already overly sensitive clit, rubbing her slowly to match the pace of my fingers. Her moans become grunts of pleasure as she tries to get used to the sensation.

As her moans start to lessen, I up the pace with my fingers, fucking her tight pussy faster as I press the vibe against her clit harder. When her moans get too loud and her body starts to shake, I back off and let her come back down. Just a little bit. Then again. And again. Her body soon can't stop shaking as I feel her pussy gripping my fingers, her hips grinding uncontrollably as I edge her. With each edge, I let her get a little closer, letting her have just a sweet glimpse of the release that I continue to deny her. Her juices running down her thighs and all over my fingers and hand, her moans become cries of pleasure as I keep rubbing her clit with the vibe, constantly turning it up and down as the situation warrants. Her body, coated with a fine layer of sweat, writhes in orgasmic agony as she tries to both hold back and let go to the pleasure all at once.

Her moans were no longer cohesive, just noises and grunts as she gets achingly close again and again, her mind teetering on the edge of ecstasy, struggling to do as she was told, yet desperate for the denied orgasm. Propping myself up, I take the vibe off her clit and replace it with my tongue, running circles around it. Her cries of bliss echo in the room as she manages to look down, with almost pleading eyes, yet not daring to say anything. Smiling up at her, I kiss and lick up her divine body, stopping to kiss her hard and deep. Moaning into each other, I crook my fingers inside her to ensure I have her full attention.

"I'm going to make you cum, my darling Rose. And you will thank me for this pleasure when the time comes. You will thank me by being my hot little slut every day until we go home. Do you understand?"

Her head weakly wobbled for a moment, before nodding her head feverishly as I pushed against her clit with my thumb. Smiling, I lean in and kiss her again, the taste of her lips almost intoxicating, her scent driving me wild.

"That's my good girl..."

Pulling my fingers out of her, I take the time to enjoy her taste as I lick them clean, setting the vibrator down on the table next to us. As her chest slowly stops heaving and her senses return, I could see the question in her eyes. With a wicked smile, I walk over and untie her slowly, running my fingers over the rope marks that had been left on her skin.

"I said I was going to make you cum... but I didn't say when."

A brief look of shock swept her face before being replaced with a smile of her own, followed by the naughtiest of giggles. She knew me so well, she was probably kicking herself a little for not seeing that coming. But she also knew how much pleasure I took in making her cum and that the run up to that day was going to be so much fun...

Running my hands all over her, I take time to appreciate every curve of her body, every inch of her skin. Before long, my hand slips between her legs, making her moan some more. Without warning, I harshly slap her overly sensitive pussy, resulting in a satisfying yelp, a mixture of pain and pleasure. A second slap makes her yell louder, making her pant in anticipation. Looking over the table, I pick up a heavy suede flogger and position myself between her legs and spreading them as far as possible, giving her a look to say that any movement from this position would be unwise. She trembles but smiles up at me, barely able to contain her excitement. Without a second thought, I raise the flogger high and bring it down on her pussy, the crack of leather on skin echoing in the room. Her breathe catches in her throat as her eyes go wide, a shaky moan escaping her lips. I lift the flogger again and bring it down between her legs, catching her inner thighs as well as her pussy.

Over and over, the flogger hit her pussy and each time made her moan and shake. And made her wetter still, her mound and inner thighs glistening with her juices. Speeding up the flogger, I swing in a figure of eight motion, making the toy connect with my intended target harder and faster, watching her reactions to make sure she was handling this okay. But I knew she could take so much more than this. For us, this was just warm up.

I continued flogging until her pussy and inner thighs were bright red, hot to the touch and so sensitive that even blowing on her skin made her squirm uncontrollably. Setting the toy down, I slowly began untying her and checked her for signs of trouble. Beautiful marks adorned her skin from the restraints but that was all. Her pussy, aching and hot, would soon settle after a rest. Locking eyes with her, I pick her up and cradle her in my arms, kissing her deeply as I walked us to the main door.

"Where are you taking me, Sir?"

She was adrift in subspace, sinking into my arms as I stepped into the elevator back to our floor.

"To rest, my darling Rose. You've been a very good girl and deserve a little break"

Happy and content moans are all I get as she rests her head on my shoulder. Holding her tight, I exit the elevator as we get to our floor and within a few moments, I had her laid on the bed, a blanket over her and some of the softest pillows in existence under her head. Stroking her hair softly, I lean in and kiss her forehead softly, being careful not to rouse her as she settles.

"Rest now, beautiful. We have so much more ahead and I want you at your best before we play again"

She nods, a soft but delighted smile on her face as she snuggles into me. I pull her gently into my embrace and watch as the gentle rise and fall of her chest tells me that she is slumbering and safe. Looking around the room, my eyes fall on the toy bag, filled with all our combined delights. But a couple of items were lost as we had rushed to pack to get here. What was there, however, would come in most useful when the time came for me to do some toy shopping tomorrow. All other thoughts could wait for now though, as I felt the call of sleep in my mind. Adjusting to lay down, I keep her in my embrace as my head hits the pillow, falling into a sound sleep. My dreams flood with her image, tied to the table in the main room, bent over the bed, moaning and screaming in pleasure and pain.

The next few days were going to be interesting for us...



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