Trans Day of Visibility 2021

Personal Mar 31, 2021

Just a (very) brief word from me (me specifically, I speak for nobody else) today, for Transgender Day of Visibility.

So, I have a confession to make you guys


So, like…I, Brooke, whomst you’ve known and loved for ages……..I am actually like super trans and stuff, sorry I never told you explicitly >.<

A day as a celebration

For anybody not familiar with the day, it is a chance for a celebration of trans people in society, not only for the resilience and strength required to merely exist as a trans or gender diverse person, but also for the many accomplishments that trans people make in spite of that adversity.

A day to be seen

Additionally, it’s a day for us to not let ourselves be made invisible.  To be seen as part of mainstream society, and not something abnormal and hidden.

But also to be seen by people who might not otherwise register the transness of those around them.  We are everywhere (really, everywhere), so if you don’t think you know or see trans people regularly…well, that’s kind of the point, we’re just normal people trying to live our lives. But today is a time for us to raise our hands and say “yes, hi, I’m trans and it’s a good thing actually.”

Thank you (yes, you)

On this day I also want to say a huge thanks to the community here, that you are a part of. From the outset this has been an overwhelmingly accepting and safe place for trans people. This is thanks to lllusion as well as all the others that have contributed from the top-down fostering a positive culture here, but even more it is thanks to you for being awesome.

As a sign of the power that you have to improve the lives of trans people by being supportive, you can take me as an example. This is not something that I have shared with many people; but although I’ve known of my own transness for over 6 years, up until I joined this community I had always been petrified into inaction by the prospect of not only being a pariah for transphobes, but as being seen as inherently different and not entirely valid by everyone else. But being here, in this community has changed that. Having a community of allies showed me that I would be accepted and judged based on the person that I am, and nothing more.

Your contribution to an inclusive community that acknowledges the validity of everyone’s identity has changed my life in a very significant way.

Thank you.

Trans rights are human rights etc.

And if you want to hear what some other people with fun accents have to say about it, as well as have your retinae blasted with pastel colours, check out the link here



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