TWR Tourney Interview 1: Romantic

Games Feb 4, 2023

Ladies and gentleman, I promised to interview the most successful, stunning and sexy fighters in EF history to give you a glimpse into their hard fought tournament routine so you can decide if YOU have the guts to compete in the sharks' pools that are EF tournaments!

For my first interview partner I took EF's very own helicockter to Italy, where the gentleman fighter himself, Corrado "Romantic" Malaspina resides in his obscenely huge manor.

Frikka: Mr. Romantic! May I call you Romi? Romi! Your family is known for it's impressive success in the EF tourney scene. There is hardly any pot that wasn't kept in these gaudy walls a couple of times. What is the secret to your success?

Romantic: Training, Frikka. Reading guides, thinking about strategies, trying them against bots and then against people. Do it over and over again and you will become a skilled sexfighter. Luck may be important, but you don't become a champion without training

F: Ah. Very interesting! Your driveway starts just behind Milano and you host a whole squad of beautiful young women, which you seem to call "roses", here. Are you overcompensating a tiny bit? Maybe?

R: Absolutely not. I just like to remember people I faced. It's my way to honour them, both if they won and if they lost

F: Yes of course! What advice would you give newcomers in the tournament scene?

R: Give everything you have for this, but never forget to have fun. Even in the heights of competitiveness, remember that we all all here to have fun and to be excited, so respect others and enjoy. This will make you twice as happy for your wins and it will make losses easier to accept.

F: Thanks a lot for your hospitality, Romi.



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