TWR Tourney Interview 2: Maverick

Games Feb 8, 2023

On our way to our second interview partner, we pass Cocklogne in typical german rain.

Ladies and gentlemen, it´s an honour and my very own pleasure to ask an old friend of mine a couple of questions. He doesn't need to be introduced further since he is here forever.


Frikka: First question. I know its hard to stay focussed on a topic at your old age, so I'll try to be quick. What is your experience with the EF tourney scene and how does the scheduling between the players normally work?

Maverick: Frikka my dear, I may not be the youngest player on this site but even if I forgot to close half of the buttons of your blouse, if you can take care of them I think I will be able to focus just enough. Now...what was the question? Ah right, scheduling! Indeed, that's sometimes the most challenging part of tourney games and more complex than winning one.

Bear in mind we feature players here from all over the world, and for example, me being a European means I am tugged back-and-forth between time zones with many players. Asians might want to play with us rather early in the day while our American friends usually prefer the European nighttime.

Then if you also have some social responsibilities it can become a real burden. Nevertheless, EF is a very friendly and open community and so far it has always been possible to find a slot suitable to both parties. What's important is to get in touch early and to talk. Being on Discord helps a lot here.

F: Eloquent as usual! That's a nice suit you are wearing by the way...anyway, next question! What is your impression of the EF tourney environment in general? You obviously enjoy participating in tourneys.

M: EF Tournaments are always a special time. Not only for the contestants who try their best to progress but also for the audience who bets on the games and roots for their friends. There is  always quite a crowd in the audience of tournament games and if you are not careful there you might even be pulled into the action. Tournament games are therefore much "louder" than usual games if you know what I mean. Also the contestants aim to serve the crowd and the RP in those tourneys is therefore often top-shelf.

F: What was it like to have sexfights in candle light when electricity wasn't invented? Did you bump your toes a lot?

M: Very funny my dear, you are aware that the electric light was invented back in 1854 and then developed further roughly 20 years later but an extremely interesting person named Thomas Alva Edison. Born in...

Ladies and gentleman: Maverick! Thanks a lot!



After falling in love with the EF community and spending way too much time with chatting and rp´ing, I decided to help out a little with texts and alike. :)